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Garden Buildings Direct Reviews UK

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we're proud of the reviews we receive from our family of customers. That's why we continue to put 100% effort into our products and services in order to guarantee you have a pleasurable experience with Garden Buildings Direct UK. Right from the moment you hop on to our site, to ordering a product that's perfect for you, and even up to the moment it is delivered to your door, we aim to provide a quality experience. We do this because we believe it is an essential part of being a good retailer.

However, we know that, sometimes, things go wrong. That's why we've built a quality, trustworthy customer service system to provide all the support you need with your building or sale. Whatever issue you have, from your building to your delivery date, we will be determined to fix it. Find out more on how to contact us here, and get in contact with a call or email.

In addition, receiving reviews and ratings are highly valuable to us. Why? Well, they help us get into the minds of our customers when purchasing from our huge range of garden buildings or outdoor furniture. We especially want to hear your complaints. This is because hearing from customers like you directly, allows us to develop our ever-changing product lines to suit customer needs. These are just a few of the reasons why receiving reviews on Garden Buildings Direct is so important to us.

Customer Stories

One of our favourite types of reviews is when we get the chance to hear from our customers directly. We personally love it when customers share their Garden Buildings Direct experiences with us, either directly or through social media and we encourage them to do so! Some people even go as far as to include pictures of how we've helped improve their garden, which we love! This gives us the opportunity to see for ourselves where our products end up, as well as all the many different ways our customers choose to utilise them.

Not only do we enjoy reading them, but we're also keen to share them with you. That's why we think our customer stories can not only benefit us but you too. Just think how much more reassuring is it to see what your recently (or soon to be) purchased garden building or outdoor furniture could end up looking like? Get real-life stories and pictures to see how your outdoor building will look. Seeing examples can even set off your imagination with amazing ideas as to how to decorate your outdoor building.

Or alternatively, you might figure out where the best place to position your outdoor furniture could be. Should you convert your new shed into a home gym to save money on memberships? Or should it be turned into a home office allowing you to escape to the quiet and save on travel costs? Which part of your garden is the best spot to position your outdoor dining set for soaking up the sun? There are loads of questions you may be asking yourself before or even after making a purchase. That's why we champion stories by Garden Buildings Direct customers for customers.

So why not check out customer stories about our Kirsty's Fraya log cabin home office? See how Rachel turned her BillyOh Gingerbread Max playhouse into the perfect princess' castle.

Or go read about Ian, who decided to turn his BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse into a new playroom for his children!

brett's storer T&G apex shed

Thank God the sun is out! The snow last late Feb was a bit too much. Anyway, it's that...

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Jennifer's Winchester Log Cabin Gym

Jennifer converted her Winchester log cabin into a home gym...

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jamie's dorset log cabin

Fighters, athletes, Olympians like Muhammad Ali, Micheal Jordan, Tiger...

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christine's wooden greehouse

Artists draw inspiration from almost everything. This inspiration...

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Claire's Bunny Max Tower Playhouse

See how Claire decorated her Bunny Max playhouse...

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Reviews on Garden Buildings Direct

In addition, to receiving reviews from our customers we also find writing product overviews an enjoyable experience. We produce our own overviews and guides in the hopes that you will find them useful when working out what product is best suited to you as well as helping you to find the answer to any questions you may have. For instance, our shed guide will give you all the information needed when trying to decide on the best type of garden shed for you to buy.

Do you need a metal shed, wooden shed, plastic shed or a heavy duty shed? We understand this can be hard to decide, especially if it's your first time buying a shed. That's why we've listed out the pros and cons of all types of shed as well as pointing out a few of our favourites. After reading our shed guide, you'll nearly be a shed expert yourself! Once you've picked a garden building from our range of products, it'll be time to assemble it.

That's why you'll also find loads of helpful guides and resources on DIY tasks like how to build a shed base. We pride ourselves on being by your side during and after you make a purchase from Garden Buildings Direct. Just stop by our blog anytime you need a helping hand!

Our blog also has loads of articles on maintenance and decorating the products you may buy from us. One example is our great guide on how to damp proof a shed to get the maximum life out of it! We've got everything from guides on tackling condensation in metal sheds to a step-by-step guide on how to decorate a kid's playhouse. You'll find posts and guides on transforming your outdoor garden building into whatever you want - home office, gym, or relaxation room.

Garden Buildings Direct UK

We understand that reviews can be an essential part of the customers buying experience. Just like us, our customers like to research products before they make a decision. Unfortunately, many companies pick and choose the reviews they publish to give a false impression of what they offer regarding products sold and the service provided.

But here at Garden Buildings Direct, we believe that total transparency is key. That's why our customer stories are verbatim - even the little hiccups! Not only that, our team endeavours to monitor all reviews received with the aim to help any less than satisfied customers. That's because we don't see Garden Buildings Direct as a business, we see it as a family. And we take a great deal of pride in making sure everyone in our family is happy.