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Polycarbonate Greenhouses for Sale

There are many advantages to polycarbonate greenhouses over a glass greenhouse. For example, did you know that plastic has better heat retention properties than when compared to glass? And, as less heat is lost through the polycarbonate material the greenhouse is able to maintain a higher average temperature than other greenhouses. Which, is of course essential for keeping plants warm.

Durable Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Furthermore, polycarbonate is a stronger material than glass, this means it is able to endure a large amount of damage before it can be classed as unusable. This is evident in the shatter-resistant feature. No matter if it's a football, hail, or rocks, a polycarbonate greenhouse is highlighly unlikely to have a smashed greenhouse window. However, in the occasion that the greenhouse needs maintenance, a plastic sheet is much easier to source and fit as compared to a glass sheets which can be awkward and may be difficult to find the required specifications.

In addition, plastic is thicker than glass. This means the horticultural glass will provide a more effective diffusion of light than standard glass. This means the sunlight is likely to spread evenly throughout the greenhouse, which is of huge advantage when growing plants.

Available in many sizes, there may even be space to house a small box with your gardening tools, and any hand tools that you may need inside your greenhouse. You could even create an organised system to separate your power tools and garden hand tools. For instance a box for each type, or a box with a divider, where your garden power tools could slot in one side with your garden tools in the other.

Greenhouse Maintenance

As with most outdoor building, maintaining your cheap polycarbonate greenhouse is essential if you want to effectively grow plants and vegetables inside. For instance, a broom with a sponge on the end, or pressure washers on a light setting may all be suitable. However, before cleaning your greenhouse it is important to remove any plants that may get in the way of the cleaning process. It is also crucial not to place your body weight against the greenhouse itself. This is for health and safety purposes.