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BillyOh Bluebell 48” Fir Wooden Planter

BillyOh Flora Pair of Fir Wooden Planter Boxes with Lattice Trellis

BillyOh Heather 60” Fir Wooden Planter

Three-Tiered Cascade Wooden Planter

Wooden Planter Box

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Despite the fact that they're built for outdoor use - planters can take a bit of a beating over the years due to inclement weather. So, to combat dampness, rot, and decay - you may want to protect your planter before filling it. You can do this with the use of either plastic or fibre planter lining to protect from fungi growth. You can also treat the wood with a preservative.

To plant:

  • Prepare the plant itself by removing it from its plastic pot - Either by working your fingers around the inside of the pot, or cutting it away
  • Then, tease out the roots gently so that they can spread and draw nutrients when planted
  • Prepare your pot or planter with a suitable base layer of small stone or rocks for drainage and build the remaining space up with soil (allowing room for your plant)
  • Place your plant in the pot or planter and build up and lightly compact compost above the root head level
  • Lastly, water your plant

The term "planter" and "pot" is often used interchangeably to refer to any acceptable that houses flowers or a plant. Although, "planter" more commonly refers to raised housing for flowers and plants that are often larger than pots and designed for outdoor use.