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BillyOh Lollipop Junior Tower Playhouse

BillyOh Lollipop Junior Tower Playhouse

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BillyOh Lollipop Junior Playhouse

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BillyOh Peardrop Junior Playhouse

BillyOh Peardrop Junior Playhouse

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Perfect for larger yards and growing children, our 6 x 5 playhouses are just one size of a variety of styles. Check out some of our most popular models below:

BillyOh Lollipop Junior Tower Playhouse

The Lollipop Tower Playhouse provides a fantastic space for children to play in. Optional extras such as the slide further enhance its appeal. With its Tongue and Groove construction, it is guaranteed to be enjoyed for many years to come!

BillyOh Lollipop Junior Playhouse

Transform your garden space into an amazing playground with the Lollipop Junior Playhouse. Complete with Floor, Roof and Felt as standard, all you have to add is the fun extras!

BillyOh Peardrop Junior Playhouse

This two storey cottage playhouse will be sure to let your kids imagination run wild. With it's strong Tongue & Groove construction and the additional bunk, platform and picket fence options you can personalise the building to your liking.

Our wooden playhouses are sturdy and durable and are not necessarily meant to be dismantled unless you feel comfortable doing so. That being said, whilst they are heavy-duty enough to withstand harsh weather, you could check out this post on how to move a garden building.

Our BillyOh playhouses are built to last. Made from high-quality European sourced timber (with the option for pressure-treatment), we can offer our 10-year guarantee against rot, decay, and insect infestation. Regular treatment and maintenance may allow you to extend your wooden playhouse’s life beyond this point.

You shouldn’t need planning permission for any garden building so long as:

  • It isn’t higher than 4m at its highest point (for a dual-pitched roof).
  • It isn’t intended for permanent residence or built past the foremost front wall of your house.
  • It isn’t higher than 2.5m at the eaves (if closer than 2m to a boundary).
  • It’s not larger than 50% of your garden.
  • It’s not two-storeys (if higher than the above).

And, although wooden playhouses are excluded from some of these conditions by default, our BillyOh playhouses are still built to meet the height requirements. This means that, depending on where you plan to put your kid’s playhouse, it should fall under ‘permitted development’ and not require planning permission.

However, these rules may vary slightly depending on where you live so you can always check it out with the local council or read our guide to planning permission for more.

Our playhouses are not designed for children aged under 36 months as there are many small parts, which may be a potential choking hazard. Furthermore, there is often a maximum user weight of 50kg when tower playhouses and two-story playhouses are concerned. We also recommend keeping the playhouses a minimum of 2m clear from any obstructions or other structures.

Although our 6 x 5 playhouses come unpainted, we do offer the option to supply them with high-quality trade paint in a number of colours. We suggest using water-based, EN71-compliant paints if you’re planning to decorate your playhouse interior and to aerate and allow it to dry fully before children are allowed back in to play.