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BillyOh Renna Tongue and Groove Corner Summerhouse
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BillyOh Renna Tongue and Groove Corner Summerhouse

from £888 £1,114 SAVE UP TO £226
BillyOh Picton Corner Summerhouse
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BillyOh Picton Corner Summerhouse

from £726 £995 SAVE UP TO £269
BillyOh Penton Corner Summerhouse with Side Store
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BillyOh Penton Corner Summerhouse with Side Store

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BillyOh Switch Pent Tongue and Groove Summerhouse

BillyOh Switch Pent Tongue and Groove Summerhouse

from £1,007 £1,119 SAVE UP TO £112
BillyOh Switch Apex Tongue and Groove Summerhouse

BillyOh Switch Apex Tongue and Groove Summerhouse

from £1,007 £1,119 SAVE UP TO £112
BillyOh Robyn Corner Cabin

BillyOh Robyn Corner Cabin

from £2,036 £3,614 SAVE UP TO £1,578

As long as your summer house shed is no higher than a 4m with a dual pitched roof (with an eaves height of no more than 2.5m) and no larger than 50% of the size of your garden, you should be able to build without planning permission.

Make sure to double check with your local councill or read our guide to planning permission.

Our range of BillyOh 7 x 7 corner summerhouses starts at just £1,244.

A summer house offers a whole host of potential uses, varying from the common and conventional to the decidedly outside of the box. If you’re looking for summer house ideas, you could use it for:

  • Garden storage if you go for a summer house with shed 
  • A workshop or tool shed 
  • A room for relaxation
  • Outdoor dining
  • A garden office
  • A home gym

With even a small summer house, the possibilities are endless. And if you’re still undecided, check out this post where we weigh up corner log cabins vs corner summer houses.

Generally, garden buildings such as summer houses are classed as ‘permitted developments’, meaning you wouldn't need planning permission. This is as long as your summer house shed isn’t:

  • Built further forward than the front of your house
  • Higher than one storey
  • Higher than a max height of 2.5m at the eaves
  • Larger than 50% of the area of your garden

Despite this, we’d strongly recommend contacting your local planning authority to discuss this. The larger your garden building and the closer it is to your property boundary, the greater the likelihood that permission for a summer house will be required.

For more information, read this guide on planning permission.

Our summerhouses allow you to relax in your garden, regardless of the season, temperature or weather. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, we're almost guaranteed to stock the summerhouse which is perfect for you.

Listed below are what we believe to be the best summer houses that we sell, so check them out today!

  1. BillyOh Renna Tongue and Groove Corner Summerhouse

The Renna Summerhouse is a versatile building with a modern, pent design. This stylish summer house offers a perfect space for the whole family to relax. A tall, corner design gives the building a spacious feel inside, while the building itself takes up minimum space in your garden by fitting into a corner.

  1. BillyOh Penton Corner Summerhouse with Side Store

The Penton Summerhouse with Side Store combines two garden buildings into one fantastic product; A stylish Summerhouse and a Garden Storage unit. With the Penton, you have a summerhouse in which you can relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and a storage unit that is ideal for storing away all of your garden essentials.

  1. BillyOh Picton Corner Summerhouse

Maximise your space with a building designed specifically for the corner of your garden. The large windows, fully glazed doors and tall roof offer an abundance of natural light while offering you a large space to relax or entertain in the comfort of your garden. 

And if you want, you can always see how other customers got on with their Picton Corner Summerhouse over at our customer stories.

A structurally sound base is essential in ensuring your summer house can last as long as possible. Your summer house base should be flat and level, so as to avoid cracking and breaking the timber or putting undue stress on window and door frames which could shatter glass. Your choices vary from a concrete base for your summer house to an ecobase or timber sub-floor. That’s why we offer many of these as add-ons upon purchasing your summer house.

If you’re not careful, condensation can rapidly build up in your garden summer house structure as a consequence of changing temperatures throughout the year. But with proper care and maintenance, you can stop damp in your summer house.

Make sure there is sufficient airflow through your summerhouse and be sure to aerate it even in the winter months. Leaving the doors and windows open will allow your garden building to breathe. To restrict the ability of moisture to penetrate the timber, and stop rot and mould:

  • Don’t store damp items in your summer house
  • Opt for pressure-treated timber or treat your summer house with wood treatment
  • Think about installing a vapour membrane if need be
  • Build your garden summer house on a raised base with no direct ground contact

For more on how to damp proof and insulate your wooden summer house, check out our comprehensive guide

Our range of BillyOh summerhouses are all designed to be easy and simple to assemble. Using the digital assembly instructions included in your order confirmation and with a team of at least 2 people, the handy pre assembled panels mean you will have your BillyOh building up in no time! You’ll just require some basic tools like a drill and bits, level, and hammer.

Our tongue and groove panelling provides a weather-resistance, tight interlocking seal to keep your warm in winter and cool in summer. However, to further insulate your summer house, you could consider:

  • Using a draught excluder
  • Installing a vapour barrier 
  • Installing floor ad roofing Celotex insulation sheets
  • Upgrading to double-glazed windows

This can be especially useful if you plan to use your summerhouse as a home office throughout the year or overnight. For more, read our guide to damp-proofing and insulating a garden building.