Take a look through our range of building accessories. We sell a wide range of garden buildings accessories, so you add those extra bits or make any security or design changes. If you want to improve any products, or simply need some repairs, this is the place to look. We have building accessories supplies, for additional lock security, shed flooring, wood treatment, garden tools and storage accessories.

What Can I Get?

With plenty of building accessories available, Garden Buildings Direct is the place to come to for all of your DIY needs.

As additional flooring options, you can buy a pre-cut base for your wooden shed. If you need to replace or repair your base, you can choose from 11mm tongue and groove panels, solid sheet flooring or alternatively an Eze base.

To improve the weather protection elements of any outdoor building, we have a BillyOh shed gutter kit available. It’s a case of simply attaching the piping, so water can successfully run off the building. We also have the a BillyOh silicone gun available, which is perfect sealant for windows and actually prevents fungal growth.

If you want to increase your building security, take a look through the padlocks we have available. With easy installation and using galvanised steel, we have two safe and secure padlock options to further enhance the safety of your garden building.

To further improve the finish on your garden shed. We have different wooden panel treatments available, for giving further water protection, as well as colour options to further decorate your shed.

To add additional storage in your garden shed, we have extra shelving units available, which work very well with our windowless sheds. To enhance our log cabins and if you’ve installed a television, we have several TV bracket wall mounts also available.