Garden Buildings Direct

It is quite tough for a company or business to consistently live up to its name, especially when similar products are offered almost anywhere and the competition to be on top and stay on top, gets tougher. However, we at garden buildings direct make sure that we always focus on the solution, not on the problem. The solutions that fit best, are what we proudly offer to satisfy you, our customers’ progressive search for perfection.

We have been, we still are, and will always be choosing to not only be amazingly unique, but also to be complete in providing all of your garden needs and wants directly. If it’s Garden Sheds, Log Cabins, Playhouses, or Summer Houses to Workshops and Storages we have them, jam-packed with accessories and features. Think of it and you can be sure that you’ll find it here! Because just like we always say, “We are for everything that’s Garden".

It’s normal for any business, particularly within our marketplace, to say that the products we sell are designed to withstand weather extremes, made with the most quality materials, easy assembly, and perhaps the most favourite—strong and durable. The list could go on and on.

We are no different from these, we use these catchphrases as well. However, the reason we can proudly claim to differ from the rest, is our everlasting commitment to always search for ways to further improve all those aspects. It has always been our goal to not only provide the best quality products to our customers, but to continue improving.

With this, we are bound to consistently discover ways to make all our products stronger and more durable, to last longer through time and to always raise their quality one step higher as well as stretching each products’ limits. This includes each of their premium features and varieties, to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction creating the best outdoor living experience that will last long without the hassle of spending too much. To reward our customers we also offer garden buildings direct voucher codes, to gift valuable discounts on products.

Garden Sheds

A home would not be complete without a garden that adds colour and life to it. In fact, most people believe that a garden often reflects the people living in the home, most, if not all, really take gardening seriously. Taking care of a garden and keeping it maintained requires a lot of effort. With this, having an outdoor garden shed almost becomes a necessity. Our products come in a massive range with different sizes, to fit everyone’s needs, starting at the lowest possible price but with the highest of quality. With our wide variety of sizes, there are options for these sheds to be workshops, storage, and a garden sanctuary all in one.

Log Cabins

Log cabins have always been used for multiple purposes. This has not changed and they have developed even more over time, including modernising. Formatively they might have been used as barns, utilised as storage for stockpiling wood, food, and shelter. Today, a log cabin can have multiple purposes. An extension, a home office, a personal gym, entertainment room or a private retreat house. With all of these, a log cabin needs to be strong and durable, but also to add culture and design to your garden. It is with pride that our products not only come with the widest of varieties to choose from. But their high accessibility and elegant attributes, which make them one of our best sellers worth every penny.


With the highest quality summer houses topped with sophisticated and classy designs, our products promise to make your family’s summer experience, astonishingly memorable year after year! Not only that, our list starts at a low price, so you don’t have to loosen the purse strings.


For those who love crafting or DIY workshops are ideal. With different size ranges specifically designed to fit your working space needs, these workshops are also ideal for storage at the same time. Having the option to have either a windowed or a windowless option will be perfect for those who require natural light.

Green House

Greenhouses are perfect for those who love to grow and care for plants and flowers which require shelter and protection. We offer these products in a stunningly wide range of sizes. In addition, all of these products are specifically designed to provide all that plants and flowers need. Appropriate heat and sunlight as well as proper ventilation, thus having them grow as healthy and productively as possible. With amazing quality and less complicated assembly, these gardening must-haves will be a perfect asylum for all garden lovers.


As part of our advocacy in providing nothing but the best to our customers, we want to help your children develop freely. With several different types of playhouses available, including a multitude of features, our products are more than capable of satisfying any child’s or parents preferences.

Garden Storage

Although many of our products are flexible enough to be utilised as storage. We greatly acknowledge the need to provide a product that’s sole function is garden storage. Avid gardeners accumulate high-costing large tools and equipment over time. So we want to provide you with a long lasting strong storage unit, where you can safely store items. With storage units available in wood, plastic and metal they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

We take a huge amount of pride in all of these products, which are all meticulously designed, to be the best in the marketplace. The addition you wanted for your garden, is available here!