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We want to take part in each and every parent’s goal to nurture their children the best and most effective way possible to prepare them for the future. For this, we offer a massive range of children’s wooden playhouses meticulously designed to develop a child’s potential.

Just like any profession where everything starts at training, we would like our range to be your child’s training ground to set them up towards adulthood. Since every child screams an abundance of wild imaginations littered with their unending urge to question and learn everything around them, allow our wide variety of products to be their friendly companion to further enjoy as they explore and make the most of their childhood.

Besides the numerous kinds for you to choose from, we are also committed to ensuring that these products are all made with utmost quality and distinctiveness.

Anything that flows in such profusion needs something to contain it, and every child overflows not only with imagination but also with a great sense of self or independence which makes it necessary for parents to provide a special place for their children to call their own—and nothing serves this purpose greater than a playhouse. Besides, it does not matter if you are an ordinary working class parent or an expert in child psychology, no one could object that it is really one of a child’s needs to have a special place to do just anything they want.

Each and every one of us, parent or not, had once gone through childhood and all throughout time, one thing has never and will never change, all of us would agree that a child’s only job is to play and be happy—as simple as it may seem, we all know that there’s definitely a lot more than just letting the child enjoy and have fun, the most important thing is that they learn whilst they grow, and grow whilst they learn without compromising their supreme right—to have fun.

A child’s most common, if not their only way to have fun is by pretend or dramatic play—this is a child’s main sport, if you will. Boys will most commonly pretend to be noble king, a prince, a knight or even just an ordinary but friendly next door neighbour like a carpenter. Whilst girls will of course, pretend to be queens, princesses and most commonly, a nurturing mother complete with her pretend babies and pretend kitchen tools as they pretend to cook and feed.

We may probably laugh at them at times when we see them engage in these pretend plays, but just try to ponder on it for a while, somehow, it is perhaps nature’s doing to make these pretend-role-playing-games to be a child’s main type of play, why? It is because all these common roles they play are what they would become someday. A boy pretending to be a king will perhaps be a successful company owner someday, a girl pretending to be a mother will probably give birth to and nurture the next Albert Einstein, and so on and so forth. (Don’t you think?)

In spite of what the reason is behind all of these, a kid that imagines he’s a king needs a castle and a girl pretending to be a queen or a mother needs a house for her pretend babies, and we do have a great variety of children’s playhouses to fit these, from Wendy Houses, Tower, Cottage, Log Cabin to even a Two-Storey playhouse! – all of these are painstakingly designed not only to be both technically and physically strong and durable, but also to make sure that they can all satisfy a child and a parents’ taste and preference.

Regardless of how and why children love pretend play, one thing’s for sure, they need a place to further exploit the limits of their imagination and creativity as well as their never ending curiosity, a place where they can be both safe and have fun, a place where they can train for the harsh reality of the world outside their innocence, a place to play with the comforts that only a home can provide—a playhouse. With all of these, again, we at Garden Buildings Direct want to have at least just a little part on you and your child’s journey in providing the most unforgettable and most fruitful experience that a child can have. So call out your kids and explore all of these breath-taking playhouses we have in store for you and let them speak for themselves. The best thing is we deliver for free to most of mainland UK! Shop now, yes?