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BillyOh Swindon Plastic Garden Storage Box Grey

Lifetime 12.5ftx8ft Heavy Duty Plastic Shed

BillyOh Ashford Apex Plastic Garden Storage Shed Including Foundation Kit Grey

from £537

Duramax Cedargrain Durabox 416 Litre Plastic Storage Box

Lifetime 15ftx8ft Heavy Duty Single Entrance Plastic Shed

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Duramax StoreAway Horizontal Shed 1200L Arc Lid

Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet

BillyOh YardMate 5ftx3ft Pent Shed

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BillyOh WoodBridge II Plus 10x8ft Apex Plastic Shed with Foundation Kit

Saffron Lean-To 4ft×8ft Vinyl Shed Including Foundation Kit

BillyOh Kingston Apex Plastic Shed Light Grey With Floor

from £316

BillyOh Newport 6ftx4ft Lean To Plastic Shed Light Grey With Floor

A garden log store can be a space saving solution to having logs all over the place. But, with a waist-height store, you’ll only be able to use it for that purpose. Plus, you may have to search around for a large enough, or covered option. Instead, why not check out our range of BillyOh log storage solutions?

Our BillyOh garden storage sheds offer high-quality materials and construction at an accessible price point. Plus, unlike when building your own shed, we can offer our BillyOh 10-year guarantee against rot, decay, and insect infestation. But if you want to read more about whether it’s cheaper to build your own shed, check out this post we wrote.

But with sturdy and weather-resistant tongue and groove sentry boxes starting from just £209, we don’t think we’ll be beaten on price! 

Even our larger storage sheds shouldn’t require planning permission as they do not exceed:

  • A max height of 4m for a dual pitched roof
  • A max eaves height of 2.5m

However, you will need to make sure that your storage shed isn’t:

  • Larger than 50% of your garden area
  • Being built past the front edge of your house
  • Higher than 2.5m if within 2m of a boundary

If you satisfy all of those, then your storage shed shall fall under ‘permitted development’ (without needing planning permission). This can vary by area, though, so be sure to check with your local council if you have any concerns. And for more, check out our guide to planning permission

Luckily, even our largest garden storage sheds come as pre-cut tongue and groove panels. Simply follow the assembly instructions provided with your order and you and a friend (with some basic tools) can have your garden storage unit assembled in no time.

Our storage sheds are available in either wood (tongue and groove or overlap clad), plastic, or metal. Wooden storage sheds offer a traditional-looking design and boast the potential to be utilised in a number of different ways beyond storage, such as a workshop. Metal sheds are incredibly heavy-duty, thanks to reinforced galvanised steel. They also offer maximum privacy and security with windowless designs. Plastic sheds are long-lasting with a uniquely modern design that will compliment the vast majority of gardens.

Often cited as one of the biggest advantages of plastic storage sheds, they pose few maintenance requirements as they don’t corrode, rot or develop rust. As a general rule, the main upkeep for a plastic shed involves scrubbing it with warm soapy water to make it look as good as new. With this in mind, you can expect a plastic shed to comfortably last for at least 20 years, and well beyond this timeframe.

Nobody wants a storage box full of essential gardening tools, cushions, toys and so on. And whilst the vast majority of outdoor storage boxes sold by retailers are water-resistant, waterproofing is hard to guarantee. However, many of our BillyOh wooden storage sheds come with options for things like more heavy-duty waterproof roofing and thicker flooring to protect even further against damp. The interlocking panels of our metal and plastic sheds also protect them against even the harshest weather elements and water ingress.

If you want to keep your outdoor furniture looking pristine for as long as possible, then keeping it protected from rain and frost is highly recommended.

This can either be achieved through buying a cover large enough to entirely shelter all necessary furniture, or through a garden storage unit. Garden Buildings Direct offers many storage solutions which can comfortably house your furniture and much more!

Outside of having individual covers for cushions which can be taken on and off as required, the most suitable solution is to merely move your cushions on and off your patio as necessary, placing them in your new BillyOh storage unit during times of extreme weather such as heavy rain or biting cold.

Although our BillyOh garden storage sheds feature tightly interlocking panels, space for heavy-duty locks and even windowless options, security will always still be a risk. We’d advise against storing personal or valuable items. Also, never store damp items in your shed as this can form condensation in metal sheds and damp in wooden sheds. For more on how to damp-proof your shed, check out this guide.