Size measured in feet

2. Select Treatment

Spray Treated

Treated with a beautiful golden brown spray treatment which colours and protects during transit. Designed to last through shipping and assembly, we do recommend treating the wood after installation to protect it.

Pressure Treated

For increased longevity you can opt for pressure treatment. In a pressurised tank chemical preservatives are forced deep into the wood’s fibres to resist rot or decay. Upgrading to Pressure Treated means you also get an extended 15 year guarantee.

2. Customise

BillyOh Greenhouse Pressure Treated Base

You will be required to raise your Greenhouse off the floor to prevent it being in contact with the ground. We offer you an effective solution to help protect your building.

Our Pressure Treated base provides you with a platform that securely anchors your building into the ground, giving you with extra stability. It is pre-treated to resist moisture.and also it gives you additional headroom.

Shelving is a great way of increasing the usable space in your building by giving you another storage level. Whether your building is for tools, gardening equipment or your own personal workshop shelving will help you keep a tidy, organised space. Depending on which option you choose, your shelving will cover one side, two sides or all around. Each shelf is 21cm deep and can be placed at any height.
Keep rainwater away from the walls with one of our guttering systems. Protect your building from harsh weather conditions and water damage with these great yet simple solutions. Single sided guttering is great for smaller buildings or upgrade to dual gutters for increased protection on larger buildings. Collect the rainwater and use it to water your garden as a cheap and more economical option.

3. Add optional extras

Discover our range of BillyOh accessories that allow you to customise your very own garden building to very last detail.


  • Styrene glazing windows and Polycarbonate roof
  • Strong Tongue and Groove frame
  • Opening roof vent for air circulation
  • Wide opening double doors for easy access
  • Available pressure treated for longevity
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 1.93m (6ft4)
  • (B) Depth: 0.92m (3ft)
  • (C) Ridge: 1.52m (5ft)
  • (D) Eaves: 1.52m (5ft)

Why buy the Lincoln Clear Wall Greenhouse?


Protects the wood on your building against rot and decay.


Over 20 years of experience in design and production.

Easy<br/>To Assemble
To Assemble

Made of pre-assembled panels, this Greenhouse is simple to assemble.


Crouch free design, giving you the ultimate space.

What is it made from?

European Sourced Timber

Our carefully sourced timber is purposely selected to ensure dependable quality, creating a robust and reliable building.

Wide Opening Double Door

Giving you easy access in and out of your building, ideal for storage and growing spaces.

Robust Glazing

The walls of the greenhouse are built with styrene sheeting, a clear durable and strong plastic, a safer alternative to traditional glass. The roof is made using a hard-wearing polycarbonate that allows plenty of natural light in, ensuring your greenhouse is light, bright and well ventilated.

What is it made from?
Strong Frame

Built with a strong timber frame, the Lincoln Greenhouse has been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for years to come.

Opening Roof Vent

Allows you to better control the ventilation and air circulation inside your greenhouse.

Pre-Assembled Panels

The Durable panels create a strong structure and good weather protection, while still being simple to construct.

And more....

  • Styrene windows
  • Polycarbonate glazed roof
  • Double doors
  • Galvanised Ironmongery
  • Generous height
  • Adaptable to any garden
  • Attention to details
  • Fixtures and fittings included
  • Easy to install
  • Protected during delivery
  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Easy access
  • 20 years experience

BillyOh Lincoln 4000 Clear Wall with Roof Vents

The Lincoln 4000 is a classically beautiful wooden greenhouse suited to a range of garden spaces. The tall apex design with wide opening double doors gives you a great walk-in greenhouse for easy access to all of your plants and planters. The greenhouse is wrapped in clear styrene glazing, giving you clear views and 360 lighting keeping your plants happy and well-fed with light throughout the day. Small guttering runs down the edge of your roof, helping to keep the rain away from your building; although larger guttering can be added as an optional extra to improve the buildings weather resistance further, water from this guttering could easily be collected and used to water your plants.

This greenhouse comes in various sizes offering larger greenhouses for those who love their gardening space or a slim greenhouse for smaller gardens or patio areas, perfect for hobbyists. Shelving can be added to make the most of your space, increasing your vertical storage and allowing you to grow more on the ground level while storing equipment up high. The included roofing vents give you great control over the temperature of your building, allowing you to easily regulate the heat and moisture within the building during the summer months.

The building's main construction is made from strong framework and 11mm tongue and groove cladding, offering a traditional style and robust construction. These panels come pre-assembled, allowing you to quickly and easily install your greenhouse. Customers love to customise their greenhouses with accessories or paint their building to suit their garden style; we offer many different paints to suit your specific needs.

See how others have used the 4000 Lincoln Wooden Clear Wall Greenhouse with Opening Roof Vent:

Dimensions 3 x 6 6 x 6 9 x 6 12 x 6
Width 192.8cm 192.8cm 192.8cm 192.8cm
Depth 92.3cm 180.2cm 268.1cm 356cm
Width (Internal) 176cm 176cm 176cm 176cm
Depth (Internal) 87.9cm 175.8cm 263.7cm 351.6cm
Eaves Height (External) 151.7cm 151.7cm 151.7cm 151.7cm
Ridge Height (External) 197cm 197cm 197cm 197cm
Eaves Height (Internal) 153cm 153cm 153cm 153cm
Ridge Height (Internal) 195.6cm 195.6cm 195.6cm 195.6cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 88.3cm x 158.5cm 88.3cm x 158.5cm 88.3cm x 158.5cm 88.3cm x 158.5cm
Door Width 43.7cm 43.7cm 43.7cm 43.7cm
Door Height 157.5cm 157.5cm 157.5cm 157.5cm
Window Dimensions 38cm x 100cm 38cm x 100cm 38cm x 100cm 38cm x 100cm
Glazing Thickness 0.18cm 0.18cm 0.18cm 0.18cm
Base Width 181.2cm 127.9cm 189.2cm 189.2cm
Base Depth 87.9cm 183.8cm 125.2cm 242.4cm
Minimum Base Width 184cm 184cm 184cm 184cm
Minimum Base Length 89cm 176cm 268cm 356cm
Materials 3 x 6 6 x 6 9 x 6 12 x 6
Glazing Material Styrene Styrene Styrene Styrene
Wood Finish Treated Treated Treated Treated
Roof Material Polycarbonated Glazing Polycarbonated Glazing Polycarbonated Glazing Polycarbonated Glazing
Features 3 x 6 6 x 6 9 x 6 12 x 6
Number of Opening Vents? 1 1 2 2
Cladding Style Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove
Factory Basecoat Treatment Optional - Dip Treated or Pressure Treated Optional - Dip Treated or Pressure Treated Optional - Dip Treated or Pressure Treated Optional - Dip Treated or Pressure Treated
Greenhouse Style Apex Greenhouse Apex Greenhouse Apex Greenhouse Apex Greenhouse
Shed Type Potting Shed Potting Shed Potting Shed Potting Shed
Roof Style Apex Apex Apex Apex
Locking System Turn Button Turn Button Turn Button Turn Button
Pre-Assembled Side Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supplied with Fixtures and Fittings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.


No, this greenhouse does not have a base or floor. To further improve the structure of the greenhouse, a base is available, providing a sturdy foundation. All garden buildings should be assembled on a firm and level base. A base will ensure your building has a solid, long-lasting and well-drained foundation.
To aid with organisation of your plants and tools inside of the greenhouse, shelving is an optional extra, available on one side, both sides or to go all around your greenhouse. When growing plants, water is vital, and with the Lincoln you can add guttering. The Guttering will collect any rainwater for you to use when watering your plants, a great cost-efficient option!

Spray Treated: Our greenhouses get a beautiful golden brown spray treatment before leaving the factory in order to preserve the quality of the wood up in until the delivery. As this only lasts through the transit stage, we do advise treating the wood after installation to protect and preserve it, as well as annual maintenance.

Pressure Treated: For an extra level of protection, you can opt for a pressure treated building which is an effective way of keeping the wood long lasting. This is an extra step in the manufacturing process where the wood is treated in a pressurised tank. Chemical preservatives are forced deep into the wood’s fibres to resist rot, decay and termites. When you upgrade to Pressure Treatment, the guarantee is extended from 10 to 15 years.

Yes, a great feature of the Lincoln Greenhouse is the Adjustable Roof Vent installed on the roof. The opening roof vent allows you to better control the ventilation and air circulation inside your greenhouse, helping you to effectively grow your plants. The vent also allows you to regulate the temperature, so you can prevent overheating and help your plants to cultivate healthily.
The walls of the greenhouse are built with styrene sheeting, a clear durable and strong plastic. a safer alternative to traditional glass that is essential if you have a busy garden or young family. The benefit of styrene is not only does it allow natural light to flood the interior, promoting photosynthesis, it also protects your produce from harmful UV rays. The roof is made using a hard-wearing polycarbonate that allows plenty of natural light in, ensuring your greenhouse is light, bright and well ventilated.

If your building is shorter than 2.5m you should not require planning permission, (unless it’s more than 50% of your garden or will be placed in your front garden). Planning permission rules can vary by area so we would strongly recommend checking your local council rules before purchasing a garden building from us.

We do not offer an installation service on any of our buildings, as they are designed to be easy and simple to assemble. Using the digital assembly instructions included in your order confirmation and with a team of at least 2 people, the handy pre assembled panels mean you will have your BillyOh building up in no time!

Our sheds, greenhouses and summerhouse are delivered in easy to assemble panels. For your convenience the panels are no wider than 4ft so they can be easily maneuverable and fit through a standard doorway. Glazing and any additional wood is delivered in separate, clearly labeled packages.

Your order can be tracked through the account section on our website or by contacting us directly. You will be contacted after your order via your online account, email or text to provide updates on delivery dates.

We offer a pay by finance option on any purchase over the value of £560.

Our simple finance options allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 24, 36 or 48 months.Read more about our Pay by Finance option here.