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Do you need high quality padlocks, paint, silicone and assembly kits?

A multipurpose and versatile wood paint that is weatherproof and protects all varieties of outdoor timber.
Delivers a high-quality decorative finish with a soft lustre that allows the wood grain to show through. A hard wearing, water repelling timber treatment that offers all year round weather protection as well as a mould and fungal inhibitor to protect the coating.
Cost-effective and waterproof wood stain that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It is used and recommended by professionals as, unlike a lot of competitor brands, it can be applied to old surfaces, planned (finished) and rough sawn timber.
Please note the colours are not pre-painted on the product before delivery, and are supplied in a tub of paint.

Protek Stain Blocking Primer - Effective at blocking tannins chemicals and rust (from a metal such as nails) bleeding through to the topcoat. Water-based primer coat designed to be applied to bare or pressure treated timbers.

Protek Wood Preserver Plus - Effective against wood destroying fungi, wood discolouring fungi and wood boring insects. Penetrates easily into the wood and gets deep into the layers. Moisture regulating and provides an adhesive surface for applying finishing paints.

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What you need to know about the

BillyOh Penton Corner Summerhouse with Side Store

Dual Room Building, Modern Summerhouse and Shed

11mm Tongue & Groove Sections
Tongue & Groove M&T Door - Double
All Fixings
Comprehensive Assembly Instructions
11mm T&G Pre-assembled Roof and Floor
Sand or Mineral Felt Options

BillyOh Penton Corner Summerhouse with Side Store Key Features

T&G Panel Construction

Customisable Options

Modern M&T Constructed Doors

Modern Window Option

Dual Room Building Corner Design

Stronger T&G Roof Cladding Option

Dual Room Modern Corner Pent Summerhouse Design

Heavy-Duty Tongue & Groove Build

Penton Summerhouse Key Dimensions - Extra Tall

Designs to fit either Garden Corner

Pressure Treatment Available For Low Maintenance

Modern-Designed Windows and M&T Double Doors

Better Protection and Headroom

Supplied Pre-Assembled Tongue and Groove Roof as Standard

Supplied Pre-Assembled Tongue and Groove Floor as Standard

And there’s more...

What's Included

  • Optional Felt Options: Sand or Mineral
  • Optional Pressure Treated
  • 11mm T&G Sections
  • Modern M&T Door - Double
  • 11mm TG Pre-Assembled Floor
  • 11mm TG Pre-Assembled Roof
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Comprehensive Assembly instructions

Extra High Multi Room Design

Extra High Multi Room Design

Strong T&G Build and construction

Strong T&G Build and construction

Dual Room Designed to fit into a corner

Dual Room Designed to fit into a corner

Tall Unique Pent Summerhouse Design made in Great Britain

Tall Unique Pent Summerhouse Design made in Great Britain

Take a look at the Penton summerhouse, unique in design and style. Built with two separate rooms, the Penton has a cosy summerhouse space with shed storage attaching to either the left or right hand side of the unit. Perfect for relaxing, without having to sacrifice any storage space.

The outdoor unit has a total size of 11x7ft, meaning it fits directly into a corner. It’s an ideal space for couples, new homeowners or small families. With a 4x7 side storage section attached, it’s also a great space for avid gardeners to store any equipment or goods. The summerhouse room is 7x7, so for any of those busy days outside, you can quickly tidy up and easily store your goods away, then dive into a good book!

Included 11mm Assembled Floor as standard

The Penton Summerhouse utilises 11mm tongue and groove flooring. This gives the outdoor garden unit an all-compassing smooth finish. The floor is designed to withstand all domestic use, with both the summerhouse and storage shed using T&G construction.

The wooden boards interlock together providing long lasting strength and durability. T&G gives the best possible protection against the weather, with no water entry, meaning there is no moisture damage to the joints.

The floor could easily be the most abused part of any building. This is why Picton is meant to have T&G floor and thick bearers. Ordering your Picton Summerhouse with Pressure Treated option further enhances the longevity and protection against elements of the whole building including the floor. Save money and free your maintenance worries.

Included 11mm Assembled Floor as standard
Included 11mm Assembled Roof as standard

Included 11mm Assembled Roof as standard

For the best protection against the elements, the Penton roof is also designed using tongue and groove construction. With a pent design, water is able to run off the back of the building preventing any rainwater entry.

To maximise headroom within the building there are no truss and roof supports needed, creating an airy space perfect for long summer evenings.

Experts say that the roof would have to be one of the toughest yet most bombarded sections of the building. We recommend all our customers to enhance the defensive capability of their roofs further by ordering their Picton summerhouse pressure treated. The treatment dramatically increases the durability of your roof and frees you of your maintenance worries.

Tall Windowless Pent Side Storage

With the Penton summerhouse, you can choose to either have a left or right sided pent shed. Instead of having both a summerhouse and a shed, we have decided to incorporate both into one. Utilising garden space, the side store is 4 x 7, with a deep storage space you can transport any of your outdoor furniture, or fill it with any gardening equipment. The braced double door opening is specifically located to enable the maximum opening, and not compromise the summerhouse room. The wide opening and deep storage space means it’s perfect for bikes or lawn mowers.

We want to make sure you don’t have to compromise when it comes to having either a garden shed or summerhouse, so we’ve given you two in one. If you’re trapped for garden space, or have one corner taken up by a tree, you can select which side to place your storage shed on. That way you can have your Penton facing your garden.

Tall Windowless Pent Side Storage
Relax with Panoramic Views

Relax with Panoramic Views

With the building fitting perfectly into your garden space, take advantage of the panoramic window design and enjoy glorious garden views all year round.Fantastic during the summer months, the sun lights up the entire building, creating a warm cosy space.

Take advantage of having the shed attached, on either side and keep your summerhouse clutter free, moving in any rattan furniture, barbecues or outdoor dining sets! With the 7x7 added storage shed, you don’t have to utilise your summerhouse as storage. You can go into the Penton with your cosy summerhouse room already organised and not have to worry about any untidiness!

Strong T&G Build and construction

The Penton summerhouses has been designed using the extremely durable wooden tongue and groove panels. The classic T&G style adds to the authentic, rustic style of the outdoor unit, incorporating a smooth engineered finish.

The boards interlock together to give the unit it’s incredible strength, whilst giving incredible weather protection. With no rain entry, water simply runs down the building, with no damage on to the joints, preventing any long term moisture damage.

The T&G engineering keeps out water--but not moisture. Moisture is the perfect growing environment for moulds. This is why we treat wooden buildings. Taking advantage of the Pressure Treated option with the Picton Summerhouse, coats each wood with treatment not only on the surface area but inside out. This option is perfect for us who specifically want a building that does not require a lot of maintenance and at the same time save money in long run.

Strong T&G Build and construction
Modern Door and Window Design / Double Shed Door

Modern Door and Window Design / Double Shed Door

Sticking to a contemporary, sleek design the Penton has a modern door and window design. The stylish building uses 1.8mm styrene for both the doors and windows on the summerhouse section of the unit. .

The pent side storage uses 11mm tongue and groove braced double doors. With a 4ft opening this gives you plenty of space for manoeuvring goods, ideal for moving in and out your summerhouse goods, the storage is perfect for safely keeping expensive power tools and gardening goods.

Designed to fit perfectly into a Corner

We appreciate that as garden spaces change, fitting both a shed and summerhouse can be difficult. To make the most out of your garden room the Penton has been designed to fit perfectly into a corner. You can enjoy being tucked away, comfy and cosy in your summerhouse.

Here at garden Buildings Direct we don’t want you to have to compromise on style or quality because of garden size or style. With a perfect fit into either the left or right hand corner of your garden, the summerhouse remains central, with double doors opening up into the centre of your garden.

Designed to fit perfectly into a Corner
Fits Through a Standard Door

Fits Through a Standard Door

We understand that not every back garden is accessible. With this in mind, we have pre-engineered each one of our 11mm tongue and groove wooden panels to be able to fit through a standard door..

We want to make sure that delivery and handover is as stress free as possible. We do the hard work so you don’t have too .

Dimensions 11 x 7 11 x 7 Pressure Treated
Width 215.2cm 336.3cm
Depth 336.3cm 215.2cm
Width (Internal) 208.4cm 332.3cm
Depth (Internal) 332.3cm 208.4cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 209cm 209cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 176.1cm 176.1cm
Ridge Height (Internal) 199.7cm 199.7cm
Eaves Height (Internal) 175.4cm 175.4cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 117.2cm x 172.6cm 117.2cm x 172.6cm
Door Width 58.3cm 58.3cm
Door Height 172cm 172cm
Window Dimensions 126.1cm x 363.5cm 126.1cm x 363.5cm
Materials 11 x 7 11 x 7 Pressure Treated
Glazing Material Styrene Styrene
Floor Material Tongue & Groove Tongue & Groove
Roof Material Tongue & Groove Tongue & Groove
Features 11 x 7 11 x 7 Pressure Treated
Windows 4 windows (all fixed) 4 windows (all fixed)
Factory Basecoat Treatment Red Cedar Water Based Treatment for Transit Pressure Treated
Shed Type Storage Shed, Windowless Security Shed, Bike Storage, Potting Shed, Corner Shed, Summer House Storage Shed, Windowless Security Shed, Bike Storage, Potting Shed, Corner Shed, Summer House
Roof Style Corner Pent Corner Pent
Cladding Style Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.