6 Tips and Ideas for Decorating Your Playhouse

There are so many ways to make your children’s playhouse more homely and colourful looking — one of them is to decorate and add accessories to the outdoor building with the things they love.

Painting is also a lovely way of putting a unique finishing touch to the building. Adding little details such as shelves, curtains, and picture frames can make all the difference.

For today’s write-up, we have included some top tips and ideas to transform your playhouse into a more exciting home for your children! These are tips which can apply to all varieties of playhouse, whether it be a wooden playhouse, such as the Bunny Playhouse, or a tower playhouse like the Bunny Max Tower Playhouse.

Painting Your Wooden Playhouse

Playhouse decoration

Coating it with colour, sprinkling on some glitter and creating fun feature walls are some of the marvellous ways to touch up the playhouse.

If you wish to paint the building, be sure to let your kids choose whatever colour they want and get painting together. This will make the playhouse look great both inside and out with block colours, especially if you own a wooden playhouse.

Tip: Our experts suggest to paint the window frames and door last, especially if you’re painting them a different colour.

On the other hand, if your kids want to add a bit of sparkle to their little home, glitz it up with some glitter paint. You could choose gold glitter paint, silver or maybe rose gold – any colour that will bring joy to your kids and get the creative juices flowing!

Adding fun feature walls, such as a blackboard feature, is also a great choice as this will allow your child to draw and write to their heart’s content. See, writing on the walls doesn’t have to be bad. Let their imaginations run wild!

Home-made Curtains

Playhouse decoration

Make your kids feel at home by having home-made curtains as a display in the playhouse! Haven’t you got any old curtains to put in your kid’s little home? No problem – we’re here to help. This is how you can DIY curtains.

Simply find a piece of material and cut it to a size that is slightly longer than the window, and twice the width of the window. Then cut tiny holes three inches apart along the width of the clothing piece.

You can use iron-on hemming tape to prevent the holes from fraying. Then find a piece of rope or any thick string that can act as a curtain pole. Screw-ended hooks or flat-based hooks is ideal, depending on whether you opt to drill the hooks into the playhouse wall or just glue them on.

Tip: Choosing a fabric is a fun activity to do together with your kid, so make sure to allow your little one to pick their favourite colour or patterns.

Shelves and Storage

Playhouse decoration

Providing your little ones with a playhouse also translates to providing them with their own world. Your children couldn’t be any happier having their own space, where they can be whoever they want.

For instance, a playhouse could be transformed into a small house wherein some shelves for drink-holders or a dedicated spot for their small kitchen could be added! Just think of it as a tiny home, complete with miniature furniture, some shelves and storage.

Note: Make sure to check the shelves to see if they have rough edges or split wood. If so, you can sand them down to make the material smooth and safe.

Kids Outdoor Furniture

Playhouse decoration

If the playhouse has shelves and storage then why not go even further, furnishing their little home with a table and chairs. This will surely spark lots of enjoyment, especially if your children are dreaming of an area more substantial to sit with their friends.

Not only that but a table and chairs, whether plastic or wooden, is a brilliant addition for children who love to host tea parties and dine with their friends.

Tip: If you own a tower playhouse or two-storey playhouse, you might as well consider adding slides or other play accessories, such as a bell, binocular, steering wheel, to name a few!

Cushion and Blankets as Finishing Touches

Playhouse decoration

If you’re looking for some cute alternatives to furniture, blankets and cushions are your best bet, especially if the playhouse has limited space inside ensuring your kids still have a comfortable place to sit. 

Not only that but both blankets and cushions can be scooped up and take indoors right away! They are perfect for making the playhouse even more homely.

Consider Outdoor Lighting Like Fairy Lights

Playhouse decoration

Fairy lights can indeed make anything beautiful, including your kid’s playhouse! Make it more a magical place to play by decorating the outdoor building with sparkling lights.

You may opt for green and red fairy lights this Christmas season to transform the playhouse into Santa’s little grotto, whilst lovely white lights can create a cosy cabin in a winter wonderland.

Note: When choosing fairy lights, consider where you’d like to put them as this will both determine the length, size and colour of the lights and you will need to consider how you’re going to power them.shop-playhouses

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