5 Things You Need to Plan Before Playhouse Installation

A garden playhouse offers an enchanting space for children to unleash their creativity. But before they engage in their imaginative adventures, proper playhouse installation is vital. Take note of the following prep up for a trouble-free assembly — and endless fun for your little ones.

1. Obtain planning permission (if necessary)

It’s safe to say that most garden playhouses don’t need planning permission. Although considered permitted developments, some areas have specific guidelines regarding size and location. Verifying regulations with your local planning authority (LPA) for this matter helps. Contact them to ensure compliance and prevent any setbacks or fines.

2. Prepare the tools

Having the needed tools on hand saves time and minimises frustration. This makes it easier to follow the instructions and complete the setup correctly. Here are some of the must-have tools you’ll need for a successful playhouse installation:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver and drill
  • Spirit level
  • Stanley knife


  • Step ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Safety goggles
  • Pencils

Note: If you purchased a playhouse from us, it will need to be assembled at home. The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions to guide you every step of the way.

3. Find a suitable location

BillyOh Junior Log Cabin Playhouse
BillyOh Junior Log Cabin Playhouse

You’ll want to make sure the playhouse is situated in the right location. This means a level ground (refer to #2), with good drainage, away from trees and obstructions.

Avoid placing the outdoor play area in a waterlogged area. Otherwise, rot can creep in and encourage water accumulation. Positioning it under trees increases the risk of branches falling onto the roof. For safety, sit the unit in an open area to maintain the visibility of your child during play.

4. Set the foundation

BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Wooden Playhouse
BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Wooden Playhouse

Proper playhouse installation begins with establishing a firm and level base. Given children’s propensity for active play, the foundation must withstand their energy. Without a stable base, the structure won’t endure long — with all those jumping!

Building a concrete base is recommended, as it provides a firm structure for the playhouse to sit on. If this task exceeds your expertise, consider hiring a professional. They can get the job done within the day and offer guidance on alternative base options if necessary.

If you’re up for the challenge, our guide on how to build a shed base might prove useful for the playhouse, so give it a try!

5. Assemble the playhouse

BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Wooden Playhouse
BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Wooden Playhouse

With the foundation in place, it’s time to put up the playhouse together. If it comes in a kit, follow the manufacturer’s manual for assembly instructions. Make sure you have the tools needed to start right away.

If constructing from scratch, expect a longer timeframe before your kids can enjoy it. You may refer to our ‘10 Steps to Build a Playhouse’ guide, especially if you’re new to this. It covers everything you need, so it should suffice whether you do it alone or with a friend’s assistance.

And there you have it — the five considerations to keep in mind for playhouse installation. We hope this guide proves useful as you start this project. Don’t forget to explore our selection of playhouses for sale while you’re here!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01909 768840. Up next on your reading list: 5 Best Kid’s Playhouse Decorating Ideas