Creative Garden Mirror Ideas for Illusion of Depth and Space

Mirrors are often brushed aside as indoor furniture. The truth is, they also work in outdoor spaces, especially in small gardens.

A garden mirror gives the illusion of depth and space. It reflects light and the effect makes it look like a window opening to another world.

Many UK homeowners love the idea, and so, garden mirrors have grown in popularity in the country. Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite garden mirror ideas. We’re certain that you’ll find something you love in this mix, so keep reading!

1. Gothic-inspired

Inspired by Gothic arches, the tracery adds a decorative element to outdoor spaces. The design is simple and enough to bring some character to your garden. This mirror can also be used to create a feature wall.

Gothic-inspired garden mirror

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2. Go convex

Curved outwards, convex mirrors give an upright image and provide a wider field of view. This mirror is great for reflecting light to plants with lower light requirements.

The light reflected is spread out to a wider space.

Convex style garden mirror

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3. DIY mosaic

A do-it-yourself garden mirror featuring a floral and leafy design. The mirror is positioned in a way to catch the light while the tiles spice up the aesthetic.

DIY mosaic garden mirror

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4. Church window mirror

A traditional window design with a distressed wood effect, but it’s actually metal. A timeless piece that can boost your garden appearance and can stand up to UK weather.

Classic church garden window

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5. Combine with greenery

Make your backyard even more serene and enchanting with a wall mirror matched with vines. A perfect cottage garden idea, the design concept adds an exquisite feature to the space.

Tip: Add a console display and decorate it with more plants and candles.

Curved garden window with greenery

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6. Full exterior mirror

Full-length garden mirror designed with arched window-pane and an antiqued finish. Ideal for both small and large outdoor spaces

It visually expands your garden and gives a unique perspective to your outdoor design.

Full-exterior garden mirror

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7. Faux door window

An arched garden window framed with metal featuring two openings. The design makes it look like a door, but clearly, it’s not, hence the name. What a way to add illusion and creativeness to your space!

Faux garden door window

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8. Round architectural style

A rustic garden mirror with intrigue design featuring sectioned panels. The size is big enough to create the perfect illusion you want for your space.

Round architectural garden mirror

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9. With shutters

Bringing back the classic, a shutter garden mirror can be a great addition to your corner garden idea. The shutter style adds to the mirror trick while creating a sense of light and space in your backyard.

Garden mirror with shutters

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10. Mirror and statue

Adding a statue in front of your garden mirror can make your space feel like you’re entering the forest of the gods. Draw inspiration from this design.

The statue makes an elegant addition to the space. Meanwhile, the mirror behind adds interest and reflects the garden.

Garden mirror and a statue

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11. Integrate mirror into the pond

Creating a double effect, the design highlights the pond with tremendous effect. The concept also makes an excellent garden pond idea. But make sure nobody walks in!

Garden mirror integrated to pond

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12. Small framed mirrors

Use more than one mirror and create a show-stopping display with garden mirrors en masse. A variety of shapes, sizes and coloured frames are displayed, breaking up the dense conifer hedge.

The number of mirrors is enough to help bounce light around the garden.

Small framed garden windows

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13. Blur the boundaries

Simple but effective, this trick uses a large-scale mirror to stretch the small yard visually. A smart concept to stick with if you have a small, urban courtyard. Climbers and raised beds in front soften the edges and enhance the illusion.

Garden mirror trick that blurs the boundary

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14. Salvaged mirror

With old window frames coupled with vintage beadboard, you can recreate this project. The process includes cutting the windows down and removing the broken muntins.

This created the perfect opening for mirrors. Use this guide for in-depth instruction.

Garden mirror made from salvaged materials

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15. Moroccan magnificence

A riad courtyard look isn’t complete without a classic Moroccan-style mirror. Displaying gorgeous arches, the curvy shapes imbue a sense of calm, as opposed to straight lines.

Check our Moroccan garden ideas to add a new slice of paradise to your space.

Moroccon style garden mirror

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16. French chic

A French chic garden mirror is for lovers of an effortlessly put-together scheme. The graceful curves make a perfect backdrop against a sophisticated garden set. The elegance and simplicity say it all.

French chic garden mirror

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17. Once upon a time mirror

A castle-like mirror piece attached to a garden wall, surrounded by a vine. There’s a magical scene going on here, all thanks to the addition of the antique marble top, tree branch, and candles.

Enchanted garden mirror

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18. Black and gold

The rusty gold-ish mirror and displays stand out most because of the black backdrop. The concrete privacy screen is extended with a console table holding the mirror.

Garden mirror with black and gold concept

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19. Interesting shapes

A smaller and pleasingly-symmetrical design that adds as much impact as larger mirrors. Perfect for a more classic-style space, this quatrefoil shape gives an architectural nod. It’s a great addition to brightening up any small garden or patio.

Small garden mirror with unique shape

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20. Shed mirror

A windowless garden shed isn’t always a problem. You can create one with mirrors! Have a look at this one; a mirror designed with strips of wood and shutters.

Shed mirror

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21. Mirror-polished stainless steel leaves

A design that embodies unique and beautiful mirror sculpture. The mirror-polished stainless steel leaves sit atop adjustable rods. This forms an enchanting display, reflecting the surrounding space.

The painted bold colour adds an extra dose of vibrancy.

Mirror-polished stainless steel leaves

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22. Lawn mirror for a focal point

Now have a look at this water droplet mirror! Its convex curves reflect the surrounding garden, adding visual interest to the lawn. If you want a mirror piece that offers an other-worldly vibe, consider this concept.

Lawn mirror

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23. Waterfall fountain with mirror wall

Waterfalls are wonderful additions to both large gardens and small patios. But choosing a mirrored style is a surefire way to boost the visual impact. 

It also feels effortlessly contemporary while giving off a dramatic flair.

Waterfall fountain with a mirror wall

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24. Window illusion

This window mirror looks like an opening to a secret world. But mind you that it’s not really open; it creates the illusion of a window, at the same time, adding depth to the space.

The concept also provides a focal point and brings natural light to an otherwise dark corner of the garden.

Window mirror illusion

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25. A prop on a potting bench

When it comes to decorating your potting bench, mirrors always make a great prop. Secure one above the table, and the scene will become a little airy and brighter.

Make sure to pick a style that complements your garden for a cohesive feel.

Mirror prop on a potting bench

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26. Garden sofa with built-in mirrors

Take inspiration from this creation of the custom sofa + mirror combo. This project features an outdoor sofa with three mirrors mounted to its back wall.

The mirror wall reflects the sun as it rises over the patio. The addition of climbing plants injects more liveliness and colour into space.

Garden sofa with built-in mirror wall

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27. A matching set

Why have one garden mirror when you can have a matching set? On this rooftop patio, the two mirrors add a chic and industrial tone.

The similar look also offers a harmonious, contemporary vibe. If you prefer a more eclectic style, mix them up – whatever works best for you.

Matching set metal mirrors on a rooftop patio

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28. Mirrored facade

This approach will especially look breathtaking for courtyard garden ideas. The mirrored facade reflects the whole backyard, from the pool, patio and the sky!

Imagine having an ever-changing view of the clouds while relaxing on your patio or garden?

Mirrored facade for a dramatic effect

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29. Mirror garlands

Bring a jewel-like mirror to a favourite part of your patio for a touch of the unexpected. Small but effective, this mirror garland is certain to draw the eye and reflect light.

Fix them on a gazebo, pergola, trellis, or from the branches of an overhanging tree so they can dance in the daylight.

Mirror garlands for gardens and patios

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30. Chrome steel fountain

These aren’t mirrors, but the chrome steel reflects the garden like actual mirrors! This fountain with mirrored spheres will certainly add something special to your space.

It can sit happily on a patio, nestled amongst pots and plants, or at the centre as a focal point.

Reflective chrome steel fountains

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31. Repurposed door mirror

An old door makes for a creative repurposed door mirror for gardens and patios. The recessed panel is perfect for insetting the mirror, full-length one is ideal. 

The bright paint and framework keep the focus on reflection.

Repurposed door mirror for patios

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32. Creatively layered

If you want your patio scheme to make a spectacular impact, layering mirrors is a unique idea. Vintage or reclaimed designs with various styles will help you recreate this setup.

A series of mirror frames painted in the same colour also works well.

Creatively layered garden mirrors

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33. Double-purpose mirror tray

Glass mirror trays are a timeless piece for both interior and exterior design ideas. They’re a classic way of displaying items, such as flower vases, patio candles, and other things.

Paired with a glass table, it’ll bring a lot of style and light as both are naturally reflective.

Double purpose mirror tray for patios

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34. Heart-shaped addition

This small heart-shaped mirror makes a splendid decorative piece, despite the size. It reflects light in specific areas and brightens up some darker landscape spots.

If you have a wooden fence, consider hanging one and see how it makes a difference to the space.

Heart-shaped mirror on a wooden fence

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35. Blend in with the greenery

Strategically placed mirrors can create a new perspective line that alters the feeling of a space. Take this hedge-looking mirror, for example.

The sculptural form unexpectedly adds movement and interest. A clever trick to make a statement in your garden.

36. A burst of colour

Small but colourful, add one on your wall planter to inject fun while reflecting greenery. Hanging a mirror in sight lines of plants can also help grow plants where they won’t usually grow.

Fix the planter and mirror on a bare garden wall or fence for a sturdy installation.

Small garden mirror with a burst of colour

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37. The natural approach

Water in the garden is a great natural mirror, reflecting the sky and the landscape that surrounds it. Ponds like this one are great for this, but even puddles can make a scene interesting.

Circular stones create a horizontal mirror and a great DIY project for small gardens.

Natural approach garden mirror idea with a reflective pond

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38. Mirror fencing

Mirror fencing gives the appearance of an entry to another space. The visual effect is as bizarre as it is diverse.

In some landscapes, the fence seems to be camouflaged. But in others, it serves as a surreal extension of the environment around it.

Mirror fencing style

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39. Acrylic type

If you want a safer than glass and lighter weight option, acrylic mirrors are your best bet. This type of outdoor mirror is about 20 times stronger than glass, and they are well suited for garden/patio use. It’s child- and pet-friendly, too!

Acrylic mirror for patios

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40. Mirror artwork display

This mirror wall looks like a piece of artwork you’d usually see in an art exhibit. The idea of the design is the positioning of each little square mirror.

The reflected landscape will appear to be part of a larger garden. Meanwhile, the person opposite will only be visible when they’re right in front of the frame.

Mirror wall display design

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41. Baroque-style garden mirror

For a vintage-style atmosphere, opt for antique mirror frames. Old mirrors painted in gold also give a chic secondhand effect. For added interest, hang some vintage chandeliers to reminisce about the period.

Baroque-style garden mirrors with chandeliers

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42. Mirror-like garden archway

A natural mirror approach with a hint of Japanese garden ideas. This garden entrance features a round archway in oriental style.

The concept gives you an idea as if you’re looking at a mirror, except without your reflection. Even so, it makes the space look more open and inviting.

Mirror-like archway on a Japanese garden

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43. Mirrored wall garden room

Give your garden room idea a fresh and reflective look by fixing a huge mirror on the wall. Take a cue from this design. It opens up the space of a small garden/patio while being functional by offering a room for relaxation.

Mirrored wall garden room

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44. Salvaged broken mirror

Got any broken mirrors banked in your shed or the garage? They’re not safe to have around, especially if you have kids and pets.

But there’s a way to make use of some of the pieces, such as this DIY glued onto the fence with clear silicone caulk.

Salvaged broken mirror turned into a wall art

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45. Decorative flower piece

This daisy garden mirror makes a lovely bespoke design! Using an acrylic mirror, the flower was made most simply and adorably.

It may be small, but it serves its purpose well. Do you see the yard pool reflecting on it?

Decorative daisy mirror

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46. Rustic festive display

Looking for Christmas garden ideas? The elegant lines of this rustic mirror echo the classic styling of the urn and shrubs.

A graceful arch of greenery frames the composition. Complete the look by hanging string lights.

Rustic festive patio display with a mirror and greenery

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47. The tree of life

This large tree carving and mirror wall decor was made to both create an illusion of space. The scheme also adds life to a rather plain side of a room. Great for interior and exterior design ideas.

The "tree of life" mirror design

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48. Inside styling

Just as you would hang art above an indoor fireplace, do so on your patio. Here, the mirror and its ornate framework as a centrepiece on a bricked wall. 

This kind of setup will look amazing above somewhere around your patio fireplace mantel.

Inside styling patio mirror

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49. Artistic element with a porthole

Flesh out the loveliness of your green space, even if it’s small, with the presence of garden mirrors. This porthole effect of this mirror, for one, makes an impact on the space. Inspired by ships’ portholes.

Artistic element mirror with porthole effect

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50. With a backlit effect

This wooden framed mirror gives a whole new dimension while creating a cosy light at night. Usually, the backlit feature is powered by a solar panel. So when the night comes, it’ll create a soft, warm glow with a backlit effect.

Garden mirror with a backlit effect

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Garden mirrors make a great addition to gardens. Best for jazzing up a dull-looking wall or fence or adding a new dimension to your garden design.

Pair with outdoor furniture, you can extend your living space outdoors! But there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind.

First, when positioning the mirror, make sure to place it with care. Birds can get confused by mirrors, so pay close attention to their flight paths. Choose an area where birds aren’t likely to fly towards.

Second, avoid a potential fire hazard, such as a glare that can reflect into your home. Ensure your outdoor mirror isn’t placed in direct sunlight; shady areas are ideal.

We hope our list of ideas will help you revamp your garden scheme in a show-stopping style!


Yes, of course! We recommend opting for a weatherproof garden room. You'll want to make sure it can survive whatever the UK weather throws.

They are a great addition to outdoor spaces as they help bounce light into dark corners. Most importantly, a garden mirror gives the illusion of depth and space, ideal for small backyards.

On the wall, especially those mirrors with a shape of a doorway or window. The reflection will give the illusion that the garden continues to another area.


Highlight the illusion by framing it with plants or putting a gate in front of the mirror.

Yes, they are, but as long as you avoid placing the mirror under direct sunlight. A mirror can magnify the heat it receives.


If it constantly receives sunlight and the heat gets projected to an object, it can cause a fire.