Garden Screening: 10 Wonderful Screening Ideas

Enhance your garden with a perfect touch of privacy and style through screening. Carving out cosy corners for relaxation or secluded dining spaces? Our garden screening ideas have you covered! They not only shield you from prying eyes but also add a charming aesthetic to your outdoor haven. Ready to transform your garden into a private retreat?

1. Bamboo screens

Bamboo screens used as fencing in a garden.

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Embrace the beauty of bamboo screens for both privacy and an enchanting touch of the tropics! These screens effortlessly conceal worn fences or define a tranquil relaxation spot. Opt for a clump-forming bamboo variety. Plant them in containers to curb invasive root growth. This approach prevents rapid expansion, allowing for a peaceful and balanced ambience. To enhance the exotic allure, surround the screening area with tropical plants. Doing so will create a lush haven in your own backyard.

2. Use natural materials

Create an eco-conscious haven in your garden where functionality meets environmental mindfulness. This easy-to-make, natural garden screen uses saplings cut from trees. Fixed together with wires, the outcome can provide optimal privacy and shade. Even better, it blends into a natural environment.

It comes at a minimal cost, but it will weather over time – gracefully, enhancing its rustic charm. This DIY mirrors the concept of a ‘dead hedge’, using dead wood to construct a protective barrier.

3. Grasses

Feather reed grass serving as garden screens in a lush outdoor setting.

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Grasses can serve as both a textural delight and a low-maintenance garden screen. Consider feather reed grass for their early-season blooms in June. This variety, for one, can add a touch of vibrancy to your outdoor space.

Achieve a natural and varied garden screen by incorporating grasses of different heights. Opt for smaller varieties for compact garden screens, ensuring a proportionate look. Carex ‘Evergold’ is a low-maintenance option. In contrast, taller grasses prove ideal for larger gardens. They provide not only visual interest but also an effective privacy solution. Go for Miscanthus sinensis ‘Giganteus’, offering impressive height and privacy.

4. Steel fencing

BillyOh Madrid Pedestrian Decorative Aluminium Garden Gate
BillyOh Madrid Pedestrian Decorative Aluminium Garden Gate

Enhance your garden’s modern look with stylish steel fencing for a contemporary feel. The industrial edge beautifully contrasts with vibrant plants, creating a striking visual balance. Ideal for modern gardens, this screening option harmonises seamlessly with metal furniture.

Enhance the aesthetic by adding a diverse range of plants and shrubs for a pop of colour. This technique helps ensure your outdoor space exudes a modern yet welcoming atmosphere. A clever way to strike the perfect balance between urban chic and natural beauty, indeed!

5. Luscious fruit trees

Orange fruit tree serving as a vibrant garden screen in a sunny outdoor space.

(Image Credit: Pxhere)

Espalier-trained fruit trees work incredibly well as a natural garden screen. Beyond aesthetic appeal, they offer blossoms in spring and fruits in summer or autumn. So, if you wish for a vibrant garden atmosphere, you know what to plant next.

For a touch of tradition, apple or pear trees are quintessential in English gardens. In a Mediterranean-inspired garden, consider cultivating exotic lemon or orange trees. This versatile screening idea not only adds charm but also yields delicious rewards. Ensure proper training and pruning for optimal results. And voila – you can create a fruitful, picturesque, and seasonal garden screen!

6. Bug hotel alternative

Bug hotel in a garden, providing a habitat for insects and promoting biodiversity.

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Introduce an engaging and educational element to your garden with a bug hotel. It’s a creative alternative to traditional garden screening that kids especially adore. Construct a simple wooden frame and fill it with logs, twigs, bricks, and garden debris. This unique garden screen truly serves as a fascinating project for the family. Even better, it contributes to a thriving and balanced ecosystem in your garden!

7. Trellis arches

Pantheon Atlas Garden Arch
Pantheon Atlas Garden Arch

Achieving privacy from neighbours is simple with the right approach. Use trellises by encouraging your favourite climbers to grow. This growing method creates an effective and aesthetically pleasing garden screen. Plus, it’s ideal for enhancing the height of a low fence.

Witness the beauty of climbing plants adorning the trellis with blooms. Opt for evergreen, fast-growing plants like ivy for a low-maintenance, lush garden screen. Ensure proper care and occasional pruning to maintain the desired level of privacy and visual appeal.

8. Mirrors

Expand the perception of your garden’s size with mirrors or mirrored objects. With this tactic, you can create the illusion of more space and a unique garden screening. Position mirrors to reflect greenery and open areas, enhancing the sense of depth. Doing so also imparts a spacious feel to specific zones within your garden. Experiment with different mirror placements to optimise the illusion of space. It’s a smart way to make your outdoor area feel larger and more inviting.

9. Reed screening

Available in rolls, reed screening can be effortlessly attached to fences or stakes. It provides a quick solution for dividing and beautifying different garden sections. Drive the stakes into the ground, using them as posts to secure the reed screening securely. This practical approach adds an instant touch of privacy and aesthetics to gardens.

Explore the diverse options in reed screening to find the perfect match for your style. Opt for the classic charm of willow reed screening. Or explore bamboo cane screening for added texture. Choose a height that suits your privacy needs!

10. Paint your fence

Man painting a garden fence, enhancing the outdoor space with a fresh coat of paint.

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Fencing the fence adds a visual upgrade without compromising privacy. Consider coordinating the colour with garden structures for a cohesive look.

Prior to painting, confirm fence ownership; if it’s your neighbour’s, seek permission first. Choose a high-quality Protek fence paint for durability. Prep the surface by cleaning and repairing any damage. Apply a primer for better adhesion, and consider using a sprayer for an even finish. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and touch-ups, ensures longevity. This simple yet impactful project not only enhances your garden’s appeal. It also fosters good neighbourly relations through communication and consideration.

For more upkeep information, our guide “Why You Shouldn’t Delay Garden Fence Repair” is worth a read.


Enhance your garden for privacy and style. Choose based on your garden’s size and your preferences. From bamboo to bug hotels or mirrors, there’s an option for every garden. They can turn your outdoor space into a private sanctuary embracing nature’s beauty.

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