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BillyOh Studi Insulated Garden Room

Our stylish Insulated Garden Building will give your garden the ‘wow’ factor whilst transforming it into a place that can be used all year round. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, this garden building is a fully insulated, structurally efficient building that, unlike timber buildings, is virtually maintenance-free. The uPVC doors and windows, structural insulated panels and high-performance EPS insulation make the Studi our most advanced garden building.

14ft x 8ft (4.0 x 2.5m)

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Complete your building with optional shelving, guttering, base options, assembly kits and more.

This is a low cost, convenient solution, perfect if you don't already have your own tools. This kit includes: Hard point saw, Safety goggles, Paint brush, Pocket level, Claw hammer, Rigger gloves.

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  • Advanced Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • High 2.2m eaves height
  • Fully integrated 65mm walls with EPS foam insulation
  • Pre-primed ready-to-paint interior walls
  • Heavy duty 44x88mm and 44x44mm framing
  • uPVC 27mm double glazed doors and windows
  • 19mm log floor foil insulation and 45mm foam roof insulation
  • Protective EPDM rubber roofing as standard
  • High-security multi-point locking system
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 4.13m (13ft7)
  • (B) Depth: 2.96m (9ft9)
  • (C) Eaves: 2.28m (7ft6)
  • (D) Ridge: 2.40m (7ft10)
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Year Round </br> Use
Year Round

Fully insulated roof, floor and walls

Fast  </br> Installation

Handy pre-assembled wall panels

Highly </br> Efficient

Low energy use, eco-friendly design

Hand-crafted </br>in the UK
in the UK

Over 20 years of experience in design and production

Studi Insulated Garden Building

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cut out the noise

Key Features

Easy Assembly

Made up of pre-made and ready-insulated panels and support posts that have been measured and cut by our expert craftsmen.

Multi-point Locking

The Studi Insulated Garden Room includes a multi-point locking mechanism that ensures maximum security to your building and the content inside.

Low Maintenance

This building is supplied with a rot-resistant composite finish, which is easy to paint in any colour of your choosing and requires very little maintenance.


The UPVC Doors and Windows and included EPDM Rubber Roof help to prevent any water ingress or leaking giving you a low effort building for years to come.

Pre Primed Interior Walls

Supplied with a white finish, ready for you to paint in any colour of your choice.

Double-Glazed uPVC Doors and Windows

27mm double-glazed doors and windows as standard with uPVC window and door frame for peak energy efficiency.

Cut Out The Noise

Stepping inside the Studi means cutting out the noise. It means breaking free from distraction, and finding focus that can’t be broken. With the insulated comfort and natural soundproofing offered by this premium building, you can break into your stride and find the productivity you’ve been seeking - whether that means taking control at work or breaking ground on a new passion project.
Cut Out The Noise

Premium Insulated Garden Building

Our most premium insulated garden building is designed for when you need more in your life than just some extra space - for when you need the perfect space. Whether it's to run a business or a home cinema, the Studi's multi-point locking mechanism with anti-pick, bump and drill door locking cylinder will keep your garden room safe.
Premium Insulated Garden Building

Modern SIP Construction

In the Studi, you’ll find a building that meets your highest standards - no matter what those are. The innate quality of this top of the line building melds with the unrivalled versatility of choice, putting you in control. Tinker your Studi to suit the aesthetic you’ve envisioned, with a selection of smart colour and design options that let you create a contemporary profile that is unrivalled in its sleek style.
Modern SIP Construction

The Perfection You’re Seeking

In the Studi, you’ll find a building that meets your highest standards - no matter what those are. The innate quality of this top of the line building melds with the unrivalled versatility of choice, putting you in control. Tinker your Studi to suit the aesthetic you’ve envisioned, with a selection of smart colour and design options that let you create a contemporary profile that is unrivalled in its sleek style.
The Perfection You’re Seeking

How your Studi is constructed...

1. EPDM Rubber Roof

Gives unparalleled water resistance and year-round protection against water ingress and leakage.

2. Sturdy 11mm T&G

The same high quality easy to install T&G boards that we have tried and tested across our wide range of buildings, designed to give water protection and a stylish pent roof.

3. SIP Roof Panels

The same style of panels as the walls themselves, these use the same great materials for the same great features. 45mm EPS insulation and a pre-primed interior make these easy to install and protect against any weather.

4. Strong 100x44mm Purlins

These give the roof boards a sturdy base, preventing sagging and making installation even easier. Ready to paint inside or leave exposed for a classic style.

1. 19mm T&G Boards

Provides an additional layer of insulation, a sturdy floor to walk on and an ideal base for laminate flooring, carpet or just leave it uncovered for a gorgeous wood finish.

2. Ecofoil Insulation

Easy to install and protects against cold weather. Heat can easily be lost through the floor of your building, so our foil protects against this, making a cosy space for all seasons.

3. Pressure Treated Bearers

Make for a sturdy base on which to assemble your building, protecting against moisture and rot.

1. Pre-Primed Interior Walls

A perfect base for you to decorate the interior of your building, ready primed to be painted or wallpapered however you prefer.

2. 45mm EPS Insulation

Guaranteeing a comfortable building, year-round; cool and relaxing in the summer, warm and cosy through winter.

3. Sturdy 44x88mm Timber

Designed to give you a strong long-lasting building, that is easy and quick to assemble.

4. Rot Resistant Composite Cladding

Designed to protect your building with little maintenance required.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • 65mm foam-insulated walls (including pre-primed interior MDF walls)

  • Heavy duty 44x88mm and 44x44mm timber framing

  • uPVC 27mm Double Glazed Doors and Windows

  • 19mm foil-insulated log floor

  • 38x38mm pressure-treated bearers

  • 45mm foam roof insulation

  • 11mm T&G roof boards

  • EPDM rubber roof cover

  • Multi-point locking mechanism

  • All fixtures and fittings

  • Comprehensive assembly instructions

Because the building is fully insulated it can be used all year round for a variety of uses including but not limited to, home gym, gaming room, salon, home office, gin bar or general family outdoor living. Whatever you use it for, in winter you’re going to be cosy and cool in the summer thanks to the Multi-foil insulation.
The composite cladding on the exterior of this building is a 2 layer panel, designed to be stylish and durable. The interior is made up of wood chips and fibres glued together and compressed to form a solid sheet designed to be tough and hard-wearing. The exterior is a resin coating that creates the grooved shape that helps to disperse rainwater and give your building a beautiful finishing touch, with a wood grain effect. This resin is also formulated so it is super easy to paint in any colour with our optional Protek paint range.

  • 65mm EPS foam-insulated walls (including pre-primed interior MDF walls)

  • uPVC 27mm Double Glazed Doors and Windows

  • 19mm foil-insulated log floor

  • 45mm foam roof insulation

The building comes with pressure treated bearers as standard but can also be upgraded to our robust and simple to use EcoBase. This will provide you with a firm, long-lasting foundation with suitable drainage for your garden building. It’s quick and easy to install through the use of snap connectors that link the grids to each other. All garden buildings should be assembled on a firm and level base. A base will ensure your building has a solid, long-lasting and well-drained foundation. If you want to build your own base, from a sturdy material such as concrete or flagstones, you can find minimum dimensions for each size of this building in the tech specs. In order to protect your building from moisture, you should leave a 2ft gap around the exterior of your building, so remember to take this into consideration when laying any sort of base.
The weather-resistant composite cladding means that, unlike conventional wood, the insulated garden building is designed to be almost maintenance-free! Pressure-treated bearers protect your building from rot spreading through the floor by raising it off the ground. The walls are coated with a rot-resistant composite finish, which only needs painting to be fully protected. And the waterproof EPDM roof covers means that your garden building will be protected at all points of construction. If you want to treat the wooden Tongue and Groove floor and roof boards we suggest doing so within 4 week of delivery and repeating annually.
We do not offer an installation service on any of our buildings, as they are designed to be easy and simple to assemble. Using the digital assembly instructions included in your order confirmation and a team of at least 2 people, the SIPs of your garden building slot over the connecting studs of the included heavy-duty frame and are then screwed together to form a sturdy long-lasting structure for your building. The UPVC fascia covers visible screw holes and all fixtures and fittings that are required to assemble the building are included.
The Studi Insulated Garden Room is delivered as handy modular floor and roof panels. The walls are made up of pre-assembled panels with pre-installed foam insulation. The modular construction is designed with panels that can be carried through your home if you don't have exterior access.
Yes, the Studi Insulated Garden Room has extremely high levels of insulation to enable use for 365 days of the year, no matter the weather. The insulation is placed into all elements of the building; the floor, the walls and the ceiling to ensure excellent thermal retention. The double-glazed doors and windows provide extra insulation. Profile 22 Optima systems. This profile is known for its thermal capabilities, providing U-values as low as 0.9 W/m2K & WER values up to A+.
The Studi Insulated Garden Room is highly secure with tough, double-glazed glass windows and doors that feature a multi-point locking system with security measures like anti-pick, bump and drill door locking cylinders. With no exposed fixings, the garden building is both aesthetically pleasing and well-sealed.
A structural insulated panel (SIP) consists of an insulating foam core sandwiched in between interior and exterior cladding panels. SIP buildings are high-performance and offer increased energy efficiency and structural integrity.
Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a highly durable and low-maintenance building material alternative to timber. It’s used around window and door frames.
Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is the rubber material used in the garden buildings roofing. EPDM is both strong and weather-resistant whilst remaining flexible withstanding temperature variations. The EPDM rubber roofing contributes to the 10-year guarantee we offer on this building.

We offer a pay by finance option on any purchase over the value of £560.

Our simple finance options allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 24, 36 or 48 months.Read more about our Pay by Finance option here.

Why Buy a Studi Insulated Garden Building?

At Garden Buildings Direct, all of our cabins have a wide range of uses: from garden rooms to office space, but none so much as the BillyOh Studi Insulated Garden Room.

Perfect for creating usable space in gardens of any size, the Studi Insulated Garden Room is a blank canvas that’s designed to last. The structural insulated panels used to construct the SIP Insulated Garden Building mean that it’s ready for immediate use year-round. Whether you’re building the next big business from your garden, or you simply want somewhere to relax after work, this cabin caters to all needs.

From the moment you set eyes on it, the Studi Insulated Garden Room’s ultra-modern and contemporary design stands out beautifully. The colour-customisable uPVC fascia and window frames not only keep every section of your office sealed and snug but offer a lovely accent to this building.

The surrounding windows allow you to look out on your gorgeous garden or your children playing, whilst letting in natural light to work or relax by. And the muted but clean design of the Studi Insulated Garden Room has been lovingly created to blend naturally with any garden.

The high-raised eaves, measuring 2.2m, mean that transporting all your office, band, gym, or even home cinema gear in and out is a smooth process. And with a large 4x2.5m blueprint, there’s ample space to fit everything you need into your dream garden room.

Build your perfect garden space with confidence that your Studi Insulated Garden Room won’t require planning permission due to its height or size. And for whatever wonderful idea you have in store for it, your possessions will be kept safe overnight or when you’re away with high-security multi-point locking mechanisms.

The Studi has been intuitively designed to effortlessly fulfil any purpose you're looking to use it for. However, one thing that it is especially suited to is use as an insulated garden office. Transform the comfortable insulated interior and modern design of the Studi into a dedicated workspace that you can use throughout the year.

Once you’ve constructed your Insulated Garden Room, using our helpful digital assembly instructions and the easy-to-fit, ready-made SIPs, you’ll be ready to customise it. Whatever purpose your Studi Insulated Garden Room finds, you can be sure that fully-insulated walls, windows and doors, and roofing will keep the weather out and you and your family in.

Buying from Garden Buildings Direct means investing in a guarantee of quality with every purchase. That’s why the Studi Insulated Garden Room also comes with a 10-year guarantee against rot for peace of mind.

Width 413cm
Depth 296cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 228cm
Eaves Height (Excl Floor) 222cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 240cm
Ridge Height (Excl Floor) 235cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 176cm x 162cm
Door Width 85cm
Door Height 180cm
Width (Internal) 399cm
Depth (Internal) 235cm
Window Dimensions 53.5cm x 0cm
Glazing Thickness 2.8cm
Cladding Sizes Available 66mm, Insulated
Minimum Base Width 411cm
Minimum Base Length 246cm
Glazing Material Double Glazed (Glass)
Veranda Available? No
Cladding Style 9mm Composite Timber Cladding
Windows 5 Opening Windows
Roof Style Pent
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

The Studi vs Typical Wooden Garden Rooms

What makes the Studi stand out from the crowd?