Size measured in metre

2. Select Treatment

2. Customise

Choose Your Strength

We have a selection of different cladding options from the list below available on our buildings. Not all are available on all styles.

•44mm & 70mm – Thick profiles Double T&G Profile for additional strength and durability. Great for Large Buildings all year round.

•28mm & 35mm – Solid profiles Single T&G for strength and durability. Great for Medium to Large Buildings all year round.

•19mm - Solid profile Single T&G for strength and durability. Great for small buildings with seasonal use in mind.

Our Thickess Floors

Increase the fllor thickness for a much stronger platform to support your interior items.

•11mm Flooring Standard flooring that gives you a platform and is suitable for medium intensity use.

•19mm Flooring This will suit a studio,music space,simple storage or a fuctional garden shed. It is 1.7 times thicker than our standard 11mm flooring.

•28mm Flooring This would suit a home gym, a heavy duty workshop or a heavy duty steel racking to store items for home or business use. This floor is 2.5 times thicker than our standard 11mm flooring.

Add More Storage

Add additional storage space to your log cabin with this simple interlocking Lean-To Option. Put those garden tools, mowers, garden furniture out of site keeping your cabin free from clutter. This Option can easily be reversed to suit your needs, and is assembled at the same time as the main cabin before the roof is fixed.

The Lean to can be placed in the positions indicated above, for detailed sizes and floor plans check the download in the documents tab below. Main building dimensions do not include the lean to.

Whats in The Box: Cladding of your choice (19mm/28mm), Solid sheet Roof, Solidsheet floor, Boarded Door, Green mineral felt, Padlock and Hasp, plus all fixings.

Modern or Traditional

Give your building a classic look or contemporary feel.

•Double-glazing offers better insulation for all-year-round use and our best noise reduction for your building. Glass used is toughened for your safety and is fitted before delivery to you.

•Single-glazingis made from shatter-resistant plastic (SAN) and suitable for seasonal use. SAN is used for its UV properties and the tougher finish avoids breakages, when compared to the properties of glass shattering.

Add More Strength

Retain more heat with a thicker roof, giving you greater comfort in the winter months.

•Premium roofing is heavy-duty and supports our premium shingles. Recommended for large buildings. 19mm tongue and groove boards are used.

•Standard roofing is suitable for mineral felt, but can also take the weight of shingles on small and medium cabins. 11mm tongue and groove boards are used.

Protect from the Elements

Keep your building in excellent condition with our choice of weather protection.

•Premium - Shingles offer you the highest level of protection. They are long-lasting, waterproof, UV resistant and carry an SAA fire rating.

•Standard - Mineral Felt is quick and easy to apply and adds a standard level of defence against the weather.

•Basic - the cabin is supplied with no roof covering. You will be required to source your own roofing material if other options are not selected.

3. Add optional extras

Discover our range of BillyOh accessories that allow you to customise your very own garden building to very last detail.


  • Multiroom Reverse Apex Building; Modern or Georgian Style
  • Versatile Building; Use as a Gym, Office and More
  • Extra High Doors and Opening Windows for Convenience
  • Available in Two Sizes
  • Strong T&G Structure: 44mm and 70mm Options
  • Pressure Treated Option Available
  • Optional Extras and Upgrades; Double Glazing, Lean to Storage, Guttering
Overall Dimensions (Includes Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 5.08m (16ft8)
  • (B) Depth: 4.39m (14ft5)
  • (C) Eaves: 2.04m (6ft8)
  • (D) Ridge: 2.49m (8ft2)


"I was truly impressed with what I received. Exactly what I wanted at the fraction of the price I was expecting to pay, added to this the delivery service was first class. I'll be recommending your service to my friends."
Pressure Treated Log Cabin

Why you’ll love the

BillyOh Kent Garden Office

Modern Multi Room with Recessed Door Feature

Optional Roof Thickness's Available
Interlocking Boards
Optional Floor Thickness's Available
Comprehensive Assembly Instructions
Fixtures and Fittings Included

BillyOh Kent Garden Office Key Features


Double Recessed Door

Available in Different Sizes

Optional Additional Storage

Apex Building

Work from home or bring the office to your garden

Solid and Strong Construction, Made in UK - Cladding Thickness Options

Safe and Secure

Increased Headroom

Multiple Size Options Available

Pressure Treatment Available For Low Maintenance

Reasons to Upgrade to 70mm

Modern Contemporary or Traditional Georgian Styles Available

Better Protection and Headroom

Premium Roof Options

Optional Floor Materials

Add More Storage

And there’s more...

What's Included

  • Optional T&G Interlocking Boards (28mm, 44mm, 70mm)
  • Optional T&G Roof (11mm, 19mm)
  • Georgian and modern glazed Door options
  • Optional T&G Floor (Bearers, 19mm, 28mm)
  • Optional Roof Cover
  • Pressure Treating Option (28mm, 44mm)
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Pressure treated bearers
  • Comprehensive instructions

One Garden Office, Multiple Rooms

One Garden Office, Multiple Rooms

Solid, Interlocking Timber Construction

Solid, Interlocking Timber Construction

Front Overhang Building Feature

Front Overhang Building Feature

Expansive Building with Multiple Rooms

Expansive Building with Multiple Rooms

The BillyOh Kent Garden Office is a large, durable building with an expansive internal space. Available in 2 Sizes: 5.0m x 4.0m and 5.5m x 5.0m, the office has capability to accommodate different room divisions. The multi-room feature allows you to separate the building into different rooms for you and your family to enjoy.

The BillyOh Kent is available with 2 different cladding thicknesses depending on your needs and preferences. The 44mm and 70mm cladding each provide thick walls which help to keep the heat in and are durable against harsh weather conditions. The 70mm option offers the thickest cladding available in our range of buildings and therefore provides the strongest structure which will keep the building warm during the colder months.

Tongue & Groove Cladding

This BillyOh Kent log cabin is supported by extra-sturdy Double Tongue & Groove cladding with optional 44mm or 70mm thickness. This means that you and your colleagues can comfortably work inside the building, safe in the knowledge that it can withstand the worst of the British weather and other harsh external elements. The premium build means that you will have a stunning building for years to come, without worries about weather damage.

For ultimate protection and longevity of your building, we recommend opting for a pressure treatment. Pressure treatment is an extra step in the construction process where the wood is treated in a pressurised tank and chemical preservatives are forced deep into the wood’s fibres to resist rot, weathering and pests.

This protects the wood inside-out which is better than regular treatment spraying or using rollers which only coats the surface of the wood. By pressure treating the wood, you are left with a building that is low maintenance and cost-effective. You will save money in the long run and free yourself of maintenance worries.

Tongue & Groove Cladding
Designed for Convenience and Comfort

Designed for Convenience and Comfort

The Kent Office has been designed with a variety of features such as double doors, opening windows and an overhang entrance feature.

The building features wide opening double doors, making it easy for you to transport items in and out of the building; perfect when changing furniture and kitting out your office! Directly above the double door, you get the overhang which will certainly provide you with cover and shade from the elements.

Depending on the selected size of the cabin, you get a number of fully opening windows, allowing for lots of natural light into the building, ideal for those spending long periods of time inside working or relaxing. The windows give you better control over the temperature inside and allow fresh air into the office. The windows are available with single or double glazing; we recommend the double glazing option to help keep the warmth in during the colder months.

Additional Storage

If you're planning to transform your Kent home office into a bigger workspace area or thinking of having an additional storage space for your office supplies and equipment, you can choose from our selection of sturdy lean-to storage units.

The lean-to has a compact design measuring 1.5m x 2.0m and is available in 19mm and 28mm thickness depending on your preference. Additionally, you have the choice of selecting the placement of your extra storage either on the back of the cabin, or leaning to the right of the building.

Additional Storage
Pick your cabin's style

Pick your cabin's style

With the BillyOh Kent log cabin, we give you the choice of two stunning building designs, letting you get the window and door styling that's right for you. Both styles are available in styrene-glazing and double-glazing, so you can choose the right level of insulation for your building.

The traditional style features Georgian crosses upon the doors and windows, giving the building a classic British feel. Choose Standard for single styrene-glazed windows if you just have a seasonal summer house in mind, or Premium for an upgrade to double-glazing that will help keep you warm all through the year.

If you'd prefer a more contemporary design for your building, then the Modern Style is for you. This offers a clean, minimalistic feel without Georgian bars. Once again, you'll also have the choice of Standard single glazing or Premium toughened glass to suit the intended use of your log cabin.

Solid under foot

A premium floor is the perfect choice for higher intensity usage of the log cabin. The construction uses thick 19mm tongue and groove timber, which gives you not only the strength, but insulation against the cold weather, making the log cabin easier and cheaper to heat during the colder seasons. This specific floor is the perfect option if you’re planning on using the cabin as an everyday use office, gym or games room with heavy objects.

We offer the standard floor option for less demanding and frequent usage, suitable for lighter intensity purposes like summer houses and other living spaces containing light furniture. The 11mm tongue and groove timber makes this a solid yet suitable, economic option.

If you're a DIY expert with specific requirements, we offer you the basic option. The building will be supplied with the bearers only, letting you build the base completely from scratch to your liking.

Solid under foot
Sturdy overhead

Sturdy overhead

The Kent's roof panels are constructed from high quality tongue and groove timber, consistent with the rest of the log cabin. This helps to increase the building's weather resistance and its overall longevity, making sure that it's built to last.

The roof purlins for the log cabin are solid and thick, giving the roof plenty of strength and support for your peace of mind. This also gives it the strength necessary to support more substantial roof covering, meaning it's able to take the weight of both roofing felt and roofing shingle for added protection from the elements.

Protect the roof

Due to its position on the building, the roof is the part that's most exposed and vulnerable to the weather and therefore needs good protection. Choose one of our great roof weather protection options to make the Kent water-tight and keep it in great condition from day one.

For the very best weathering capability available, fit your Kent garden office with premium heavy-duty shingles, available in a selection of green, red, grey or black. These are far thicker than our standard option, providing the building with extra durability and value, as well as adding style. Our roofing shingles are UV resistant, water-proof, carry an SAA fire rating and are very long-lasting.

The Standard weather protection option offers green mineral felt, of which is used for our premium garden sheds. This is quickly and easily applied to the roof, giving your log cabin a basic level of defence against the elements.

Protect the roof
Dimensions 5.0m x 4.0m 44mm 5.5m x 5.0m 70mm
Width 508.4cm 568.4cm
Depth 439.295cm 525.707cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 204.283cm 204.741cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 248.966cm 251.751cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 156cm x 187.6cm 156cm x 187.6cm
Width (Internal) 473.4cm 528.2cm
Depth (Internal) 383.4cm 468.2cm
Window Dimensions 65.6cm x 121.1cm 65.6cm x 121.1cm
Front Roof Overhang 69.3cm 69.3cm
Cladding Sizes Available 44mm 70mm
Materials 5.0m x 4.0m 44mm 5.5m x 5.0m 70mm
Floor Material Optional Optional
Glazing Material Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass) Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass)
Roof Covering Material Optional Optional
Features 5.0m x 4.0m 44mm 5.5m x 5.0m 70mm
New Overview

10 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

Why you’ll love the

BillyOh Kent Log Cabin

A Home Extension Wise Investment

Roof Material
Interlocking Boards
Users Manual Included
Fixtures and Fittings Included

BillyOh Kent Log Cabin


Double Door

Available in Different Sizes

Double Tounge and Groove



More Than Just An Extra Space

Solid Quality and Sturdy

Traditional and Modern Style

The Choice is Yours

Up To The Task

Superb Extra Storage

Extra Layer of Protection

And there’s more

Plain White Wood
Fixtures and Fittings
Pressure Treated Bearers
Georgian and Modern
Timber Roof Supports

What’s Included

  • Optional T&G Interlocking Boards (44mm,70mm)
  • Optional T&G Roof (11mm, 19mm)
  • Optional T&G Floor (19mm, 28mm)
  • Optional Roof Cover
  • Single and Double Glazing Options
  • Georgian and modern glazed door options
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Pressure treated bearers
  • Comprehensive instructions
Overhang Style Traditional Styled Overhang Traditional Styled Overhang
Veranda Available? No No
Cladding Style Tongue and Groove Interlocking Boards Tongue and Groove Interlocking Boards
Roof Style Reverse Apex Reverse Apex
Windows 4 opening windows 5 Opening Windows
Pre-Assembled Side Panels No No
Factory Basecoat Treatment Optional - Non Treated or Pressure Treated Untreated
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.