W4.0m x D4.0m - 28mm

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1. Customise

Transform your Log Cabin into your own bar with this garden bar unit

3. Add optional extras

Do you need high quality padlocks, paint, silicone and assembly kits?

This multipurpose wood stain is designed to provide protection to and weatherproof all types of timber, ideal for a garden building. With a number of different colour options available you can choose the perfect colour to compliment your garden. The wood stain is high quality and can be used on all types of timber products, such as furniture and buildings.
Delivers a high-quality decorative finish with a soft lustre that allows the wood grain to show through. A hard wearing, water repelling timber treatment that offers all year round weather protection as well as a mould and fungal inhibitor to protect the coating.
Cost-effective and waterproof wood stain that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It is used and recommended by professionals as, unlike a lot of competitor brands, it can be applied to old surfaces, planned (finished) and rough sawn timber.
Please note the colours are not pre-painted on the product before delivery, and are supplied in a tub of paint.
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Why you'll love the

BillyOh Eliana Pent Log Cabin

A Pent Modern Design Building

Optional Roof Thicknesses Available
Optional Floor Thicknesses Available
Fixtures and Fittings Included

BillyOh Eliana Pent Log Cabin Key Features

Central - Double

Pent Roof

Available in Different Sizes

Georgian and Modern Style

Single room

Extend Your Living Space

Solid and Strong Construction, Made in UK - Cladding Thickness Options

Increased Headroom

Multiple Size Options Available

Pressure Treatment Available For Low Maintenance

Modern Contemporary or Traditional Georgian Styles Available

Better Protection and Headroom

Premium Roof Options

Optional Floor Materials

Add there's more...


  • Optional T&G Interlocking Boards (28mm, 44mm)
  • Optional T&G Roof (11mm, 19mm)
  • Optional T&G Floor (11mm, 19mm)
  • Single (SAN) and Double Glazing (Glass) Options
  • Georgian and Modern glazed door options
  • Optional Green Mineral Felt Supplied
  • Pressure Treating Option


  • All Fixtures and fittings
  • Pressure treated bearers
  • Comprehensive instructions (Building/Windows/Doors)

Modern Pent Design

Modern Pent Design

Relax at Home

Relax at Home

Modern Front Overhang Feature

Modern Front Overhang Feature

Relax in a Modern Setting

Relax in a Modern Setting

If you’ve always wanted to create a home gym, or games room, then this summerhouse is the perfect space to do so. Offering a luxury space to relax and entertain, the BillyOh Eliana summerhouse is a modern building which will enhance the look of any garden.

The modern design and unique features provide you with a luxury space to relax and entertain all year round. You can customize certain features of the building. Choose from modern or classic window options, as well as a selection of strong T&G floor and roof options.

Modern Front Overhang

A unique feature of the BillyOh Eliana log cabin is the modern front overhang. The overhang provides welcoming shade during warm summer months, but also shelter from the rain during cooler months. This modern overhang enhances the contemporary look of the building and provides a unique feature which is stylish and modern.

Modern Front Overhang
Windowed Design with Style Options

Windowed Design with Style Options

The windowed design provides the summerhouse with a light and airy feel and also offers great views of your whole garden. A side window adds more light to the building and is perfectly suited to a corner.

Choose from a range of window options to suit your preferred style and budget. We offer modern or Georgian style windows to choose from, as well as different glazing options. Choose from double glazed or single SAN windows.

Solid Interlocking Cladding

The Eliana log cabin is constructed using a premium, interlocking double T&G cladding which provides the building with it’s strength and durability. The interlocking nature of tongue and groove works effectively to keep the building protected from harsh elements.

The cladding used is 44mm thick with a double tongue that is 57% thicker than 28mm T&G cladding. This premium construction technique means the building is suitable for use all year round. We also offer a 28mm cladding option on some sizes of this building if you prefer.

Solid Interlocking Cladding
Pressure Treating Options

Pressure Treating Options

For a completely protected building, you can also opt for a pressure treated building which is an effective way of keeping the shed completely protected from the elements.

The pressure treatment penetrates the wood leaving you with a building that is low maintenance and doesn’t need treating at home. This option is great for anyone who is looking for a building that is not going to take any effort to look after.

Strong T&G Floor Options

We offer a range of floor options for the summerhouse. Our 19mm T&G boards are supplied with pressure treated bearers which make the summerhouse floor equipped for heavy duty use.

We also supply a 11mm T&G floor with pressure treated bearers and this is suitable for standard domestic use. If you want to add your own floor to the summerhouse, you can also choose just bearers only.

Strong T&G Floor Options
Tongue & Groove Roof Options

Tongue & Groove Roof Options

We provide two different roof options for the BillyOh Eliana log cabin. We supply an 11mm T&G roof which provides standard protection from the elements.

Our premium, heavy-duty option is the 19mm T&G roof. This is well equipped for harsh weather and provides great protection for the building.

Roof Cover Option

We recommend roof cover for all of our garden buildings as this provides ultimate protection. Green Mineral Felt works effectively to keep the Eliana log cabin protected from harsh elements and also extend the lifespan of the building.

If you choose to add Green Mineral Felt to your order, it will be supplied in rolls with felt tacks included.

Roof Cover Option
Dimensions W4.0mxD4.0m - 28mm
Width 415.3cm
Depth 387.1cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 200cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 235.4cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 156cm x 187.6cm
Width (Internal) 383.4cm
Depth (Internal) 323.4cm
Window Dimensions 65.6cm x 121.1cm
Cladding Sizes Available 28mm
Materials W4.0mxD4.0m - 28mm
Glazing Material Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass)
Floor Material Tongue & Groove
Roof Material Tongue & Groove
Roof Covering Material Optional
Features W4.0mxD4.0m - 28mm
Cladding Style Tongue and Groove Interlocking Boards
Windows 3 opening windows
Factory Basecoat Treatment Optional - Non Treated or Pressure Treated
Roof Style Pent
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.