If you have the tools, experience, materials, and time, building your own shed could be cheaper. What you won’t get, though, is any guarantee of quality (either with materials or construction). Plus, you’ll need to consider if you’ll be waiting around on lead times for materials to come in. Whereas, with a BillyOh fast-delivery shed, you could have it in your garden and erected within a matter of weeks. Our sheds are made from sturdy tongue and groove pre-cut panels, so you won’t have to worry about measuring and cutting materials to fit.

We offer a range of garden sheds with fast delivery from sentry boxes to full-blown workshops. If we had to pick our favourites, we’d go with:

The Expert Apex with Dual Entrance gives improved access to your building, without compromising on space, perfect for a home workshop or storage. Complete with Floor, Roof and Felt as standard.

Designed to be fully customisable, adapt the Switch Apex shed to your garden and have full control of where the doors and windows are placed. The Switch Apex shed is pressure treated as standard for longevity and extra protection. Complete with Floor, Roof and Felt as standard.

Designed for adaptability, the switch pent allows you to layout your doors and windows to best suit your garden. You can be sure of a lasting building with a strong tongue and groove roof, and floor included and pressure treatment as standard for extra protection. Complete with Floor, Roof and Felt as standard.

Designed to fit perfectly in the corner of a garden, the Expert Corner Workshop is great if you’re looking for a small footprint modern style workshop, shed or storage solution. Complete with Floor, Roof and Felt as standard.

Depending on what you plan you use your fast-delivery shed for, you should able to build under ‘permitted development’ (without needing planning permission) so long as:

  • It isn’t built past the front of your house
  • It’s a single-storey shed with maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and maximum overall height of four metres with a dual pitched roof or three metres for any other roof.
  • It doesn’t exceed a maximum height of 2.5 metres if it’s within two metres of a boundary
  • Doesn’t exceed 50% of the area of your garden

These rules may vary depending on where you live, though, so it’s always safest to check with your local council.