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Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we're constantly striving to provide the best products and service to our customers. We want to make sure that we always focus on the solution, not on the problem. And garden buildings solutions that fit best are what we proudly offer in a range of styles, sizes, and garden building types to suit all tastes and budgets.

So whether it's something as specific as a 10x6 shed that you're after, or something more general like log cabins and summer houses to playhouses, garden workshops and storage sheds, you'll find them all here at Garden Buildings Direct. Our range of outdoor buildings features everything from bespoke summer houses to overlap storage sheds, all in various sizes with an array of customisable features.

And we don't just claim to offer weather-resistant and durable garden buildings, we back up those claims. With our commitment to product and design development, we're always working on something new, be it a log store, 12 x 8 storage shed, or one of our new premium Insulated Garden Rooms. And with each of our outside roomsquality and longevity are the two pillars that support us. That's why we can offer our BillyOh 10-year anti-rot guarantee on our wooden garden buildings.

And with wooden sheds and summer houses made from our high-quality European-sourced timber, we're always looking for new ways to make our products that much stronger and more durable. So with premium features including options for pressure-treated garden buildings, you can purchase the man shed or she shed that you've been dreaming of while we can offer our customers the utmost satisfaction. And keep your eyes out for Garden Buildings Direct voucher codes that offer discounts on our premium products.

Garden Sheds

Our BillyOh garden sheds are built with care and precision to offer you long-lasting quality at an affordable price. So whether it's garden sheds to use as a log store that you're after, or something to convert into a man cave, you're in the right place! 

With windowed or windowless options for added security features, our garden sheds come in all shapes and sizes. Just take our popular 12x8 sheds, for example - the perfect medium-sized tool and log store for any garden!

A home wouldn't be complete without a garden that adds colour and life to it. And maintaining that garden requires tools and equipment. That's why we want to help you tidy up and beautify your garden today. So browse our range of garden sheds in popular sizes like 8x6, 12x8, and even our 4x6 shed models to find an outbuilding that suits you.

Whether it's a lifetime plastic shed, a Lotus metal shed, an overlap apex shed or one of our tongue and groove garden sheds, you'll find that we have a massive range of models on offer. We've got different sizes to fit everyone’s needs, starting at the lowest possible price with the highest quality. With our wide variety of sizes such as 6x4 sheds, 10x8 sheds and 8x6 sheds there are options for a timber shed with assembly to garden offices, workshops, tool sheds, wheelie bin storage, and bike sheds. At Garden Buildings Direct, the possibilities really are endless!

And it's not just shed sizes that we offer. Our garden sheds are also available in many different roof styles with either a pent shed, apex shed, or reverse apex roof across our wooden sheds and even metal and plastic sheds. We also offer overlap and tongue and groove sheds as well as storage units. By purchasing one of our affordable wooden sheds you'll gain access to a building that has a multitude of uses. One month, when it is cold and miserable, it may be your store. But when the weather's warmer maybe your shed will become a home office or even a home gym. Man caves and she sheds aren’t out of the question, either! We think we have a shed available for everyone's needs. And, if you're unsure on what garden shed to buy, we even have a helpful buyer's guide to help you decide.

Within our range of sheds, we offer overlap cladding and tongue and groove timber construction, all made with the highest-quality materials and the utmost care. So from 7mm overlap garden sheds to 11mm tongue and groove cladding, you can find an insulated and weather-protected shed that suits you. And with choices for windowed or windowless options, wide-opening double doors, pressure-treatment, interior shelving and more, there are tons of customisable features. Pressure treatment, for example, is best suited to those who are looking for a wooden garden building where the timber construction will require little maintenance. That's why we can extend our BillyOh guarantee to 15 years on pressure-treated models.

Tongue and Groove Garden Sheds

Made with tongue groove cladding, our T&G sheds offer a premium in construction and quality. Using tongue and groove panels gives our sheds a weather-resistant tight teal that protects against water ingress whilst ensuring a sturdy build.

Just take our BillyOh Master tongue and groove apex shed for example. Built using 11mm tongue and groove boards, this apex-roof shed offers fantastic protection at all points (including the roof, floor, and walls). And if security is more of a concern, you can even opt for our windowless BillyOh Storer tongue and groove apex shed. For a more contemporary shed design, check out the BillyOh Master pent shed with a single plane sloping roof.

And, for more information check out our ultimate guide to cladding types.

Overlap Garden Sheds

For more budget-friendly options, we also stock high-quality overlap garden sheds. Perfect for first-time homeowners or those with smaller gardens, models like our BillyOh overlap windowless apex and our BillyOh Mini Keeper overlap pent store offer garden storage solutions at an affordable price.

Metal Garden Sheds

Our fantastic range of metal sheds built with galvanised is perfect for those looking for security sheds or a lower-maintenance option. Models like our BillyOh Partner Eco apex metal shed and BillyOh Ranger apex metal shed are not only rust and corrosion-resistant but incredibly sturdy and available in a range of sizes from 7x4 and 9x4 to 9x8.

For more information, check out this post on the advantages of metal sheds.

Log Cabins

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, our garden cabins are some of our most popular outdoor buildings. And it isn't hard to see why. With options for pressure-treated log cabins, you can invest in something that is bound to last you for years to come. And if you're worried that you don't have enough garden space for an outdoor cabin, fret not - we even have a range of small log cabins to accommodate all budgets and gardens.

Log cabins have always been used for multiple purposes and this hasn't changed. Whilst garden cabins have developed, though, they have modernised and their uses have proliferated. What was once used as perhaps a log store or wood store is now the perfect place for a man cave or she-shed. Our premium log cabins can quite easily become a home extension, a home office, a personal gym, an entertainment room or even a private garden retreat. And with all of these uses, a log cabin needs to be strong and durable whilst adding subtle style to your garden.

That's why models like our BillyOh Devon log cabin and BillyOh Dorset log cabin feature thicker tongue and groove log cladding available in a variety of options. Our log cabins' sturdy design and construction mean they're protected against even the harshest UK weather conditions. But construction isn't everything, that's why our modern and modular cabins come in a range of styles including the BillyOh Carmen log cabin summerhouse for a modern take on log cabins and as models with side sheds.

An outdoor building ever growing in popularity, you could say that log cabins are a life-changing investment. For instance, if you own a small business or are lucky enough to work from home, a log cabin could become the perfect home office. Requiring only a few steps to get from work to home, depending on the size of your garden, a log cabin can cut down on travel costs and office rent. Imagine getting to kick your shoes off and relax thirty seconds after finishing work. We can’t think of anything better! The fantastic attributes which make our BillyOh log cabins are some of our best sellers are the same ones that make them worth every penny.

Summer Houses

If you're looking for a quiet retreat without ever getting on a plane, then be sure to check out our huge range of garden summer houses. If it's a smaller garden that you want to make the most of, then our Penton corner summer house is sure to make the most of your garden space. Or, with larger 12x10 models, you can create a space to relax with the whole family in the perfect garden building.

With our high-quality summerhouses, you'll find contemporary and modern designs made from durable materials to make your family’s summers memorable each year! Just have a look at our BillyOh Harper tongue and groove apex summerhouse for a traditional style at an affordable price. Or, check out our BillyOh Darcy log cabin summerhouse for a modern take on the log cabin style.

Imagine being able to enjoy the warm weather without having to worry about the looming dark clouds quickly approaching. A summer house could easily become a home office, art studio or even just a comfy hideaway where you can snuggle up and watch your favourite films. On the other hand, why not use a summerhouse to store your outdoor furniture during the colder months or when the rain inevitably begins to pour. Whatever your intended use, a summerhouse can be a highly versatile outdoor building. And with everything from corner summerhouses to summer house sheds on offer, you're sure to find a style to suit your garden.

Garden Offices

Our range of garden rooms and offices have been carefully designed and constructed to meet a demand in the market. With so many of us transitioning to work from home, we're aware that people need a dedicated space for work. So with our huge range of garden offices with options for base sizes, cladding thicknesses, and more, you can find your new home set-up with ease.

We've also added our premium insulated Garden rooms to our range. The amazing BillyOh Studi, and the reliable BillyOh Outpost are the best-of-the-best of what we have on offer. With revolutionary features such as in-built insulated panels, double-glazing, and uPVC windows, these garden miracles make the perfect Garden Office.

To spark some ideas, why not check out this guide to garden office interior design?

Garden Workshops

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, our wooden garden workshops are the perfect place for a man shed or she-shed. A traditional apex workshop is an ideal space to pursue DIY projects without making a mess in the house.

So for those who love crafting or DIY, workshops are ideal. With different sizes available specifically designed to fit your working needs, from 8x6, to 12x8, the massive 20x10, our BillyOh workshops can also double as storage at the same time. You can easily store garden and power tools in your workshop or have it double as a log store. Having the option of apex and reverse apex workshops means you can also choose windowed or windowless options depending on whether you want to maximise on natural light or security.

Workshops are highly convenient as you are only required to walk into your garden before entering your own DIY world where you can have access to all of your hand tools and power tools. This gives you the freedom to tinker or finish your arts and crafts whenever you feel inclined. 


Our range of greenhouses for sale is sure to feature something to suit all needs. From mini and small greenhouses to our larger BillyOh polycarbonate greenhouses, there's something for everyone.

Greenhouses are perfect for those who love to grow and care for plants and flowers which require shelter and protection. We offer greenhouses in a wide range of sizes and materials, including traditional wooden greenhouses. In addition, all of these products are specifically designed to provide everything that plants and flowers need. This includes appropriate heat and sunlight as well as proper ventilation. With amazing quality and easy assembly, these gardening must-haves will be the perfect retreat for all garden lovers.

Garden Furniture

And at Garden Buildings Direct, we don't just stock high-quality sheds. We also have a range of garden furniture on offer. So whether it's garden dining furniture to bring out of the shed in summer or storage boxes, we've got you covered.

When you think of warm weather, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it’s sunbathing and getting a glowing tan. Or, what about simply walking your dog around your local park? When we think of warm weather we think of barbecues and relaxing outside. That's why we're not simply limited to outdoor buildings. From dining sets and relaxing seating areas to barbecues, there's a product to suit every occasion.

To us, nothing is more important than spending time with friends and family. Getting to enjoy some tasty food at the same time is a bonus. Either dine on stylish patio furniture, lounge around on a garden sofa or flip some burgers on the barbecue, our garden furniture is chosen with you in mind.


Shop today from our fully customisable range of children's playhouses. As part of our mission to provide nothing but the best to our customers, we want to help your children develop freely. With several different types of safe and secure playhouses available, including a multitude of features, our products are more than capable of the whole families needs!

By purchasing a garden playhouse you are opening up a whole new world your children can experience. From princess castles, spaceships, pirate ships, a pretend school or even as pet houses, a wooden playhouse can allow your child’s imagination to move to new extremes. And, with the options of slides on models like our BillyOh Lollipop Max Tower Playhouse to picket fences on our BillyOh Peardrop Extra Playhouse, you can customise your garden playhouse however you'd like.

Give your children a space to play and go wild with a BillyOh Bunny Max Tower Playhouse for more adventurous children. Or update your playhouse with our gorgeous modern log cabin playhouse. Just check out our BillyOh Junior Log Cabin Playhouse and BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Wooden Playhouse models.

Our BillyOh wooden playhouses are built with children's safety in mind and are rigorously tested to be EN71 compliant. This includes features like gaps around door hinges, anti-slip ladders on tower playhouses and SAN shatterproof glass. Shop in confidence for kid's playhouses from Garden Buildings Direct.

Garden Storage

We have a huge variety of garden storage units available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials and uses. If you are in desperate need of cheap garden storage then look no further. Whether it's for gardening equipment and gardening tools or overflow from the house, our tool storage options are designed to quick you quick and affordable storage solutions.

And whilst many of our garden buildings can double as storage, we thought we'd cut out the middle man for you and dedicate a category just to garden storage. For gardeners and DIY specialists with lots of precious tools, we wanted to create a range of high-quality, yet affordable storage units, from garden storage boxes to full-blown sheds. And, with storage units available in wood, plastic and metal all our storage sheds are designed to withstand keep your possessions in and everything from harsh weather conditions and keep intruders out.

No longer will you need to worry about where you are going to store your garden chairs and garden furniture when the weather gets cold. With our bike stores and sheds for lawnmowers and garden tools, wheelie bins and more, there's a solution for everyone. Storage buildings can be the perfect solution for the belongings you want to put in outdoor storage or even for wood storage. And, we understand that often what you want to keep locked away in storage is important to you. That’s why our storage sheds also come in windowless options.

And More!

That's not all! We've got all the things your garden could ever want in our stock, including a great range of bespoke Greenhouses. Whether you want a more conventional metal greenhouse, a wooden greenhouse, or a greenhouse with polycarbonate sheeting, we have everything you might ever want out of a grower's paradise.

We also have a range of Aluminium gates on offer, so you can keep your property protected. And have you seen our new children's toys? But we don't stop there. Whatever you need for your garden - whether it's a gazebo, a fire pit, a garden bar, or even a patio heater to sit outside your new Insulated Garden building - we have it in stock!


At Garden Buildings Direct, we're dedicated to offering everything from bespoke summer rooms to storage sheds in a range of sizes that suit all garden spaces and budgets. Shop from an array of sizes from popular models like a 10x6 shed and our 12 x 8 models to 4x6 sheds, 9x9 models all the way up to larger 12x10 and even 14x8 models.

Roof Styles

Across our extensive range of products, you'll see distinct roof styles that all offer excellent weather resistance and runoff.

Apex Garden Shed

Take our BillyOh Partner Eco apex metal shed, for example. An apex roof, comprised of two sloping panels that meet at the highest point (ridge) on the shed's face (where the door is). And no selection of garden buildings would be complete without apex models.

Reverse Apex Garden Sheds

For a different take on the traditional apex look, our quality sheds also feature reverse apex models which offer the highest point of headroom down the length of the building.

Pent Garden Shed 

Models like our BillyOh Master tongue and groove pent shed fall into the category of our garden sheds with pent roofs. A highly contemporary garden shed design, the pent roof is comprised of a single plane that slopes away from the highest point at the shed's face (where the door is) to the back of the shed. For more, check out our BillyOh windowless pent log cabin and the Fraya pent tongue & groove cabin.


At Garden Buildings Direct, we're dedicated to offering you high-quality products at an affordable price. That's why our garden buildings come with a 10-year guarantee against rot, decay, and insect infestation. And with pressure-treated models, we can extend this guarantee to 15 years.

Garden Buildings Direct

We take a huge amount of pride in all of these products, which are all meticulously designed, to be the best in the marketplace. This is because we understand how important spending time in your garden is for your mental and physical health. We want to ensure you can do whatever you please in your garden in both comfort and style. You're bound to find the garden building you've always wanted right here!

And if you don’t believe us, by taking just one quick look at our customer stories. See what other customers have to say about their experience with Garden Buildings Direct from the shopping experience to delivery and their purchase. For more help, guides, and useful information, take a look at our Blog site!

And with fast and free delivery to most of mainland UK with no additional charges, you can have your BillyOh garden building with you in no time. For more information, check out our FAQs or get in touch with our awesome customer service team.

There are three main types of garden shed to choose from, these being:

  • Wooden
  • Metal
  • Plastic

Wooden Garden Sheds

The popularity of wooden sheds has stood the test of time, thanks to their ability to complement almost any type of garden. This shed type is available in traditional and modern designs, meaning that wooden sheds are able to suit a wide range of wants and needs. And with sizes ranging from smaller 6 x 3 models all the way up to 20 x 10 sheds, you're bound to find something to fit your garden.

Metal Garden Sheds

Metal sheds represent the perfect secure storage unit or DIY workshop, thanks to galvanised steel which results in a product that's highly durable and sturdy. Metal sheds are well protected from the elements, preventing the formation of rust, whilst offering an option that's thoroughly versatile, without breaking the bank.

Plastic Garden Sheds

Plastic sheds offer a similar degree of strength to that of their metal counterpart, but are also incredibly lightweight, making the task of moving them around your garden far less of a burden. Plastic sheds are also virtually maintenance-free. Rust and rot aren’t an issue, and cleaning is very easy.

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we offer a vast scope of shed sizes, ranging from the BillyOh Master Tall Store (3 x 2 ft), to our wooden workshop selection, some of which are available as a 20 x 10 ft shed, such as the BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Apex Workshop.

One of our most popular shed sizes is 6 x 8, a size specification which includes sheds such as the BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Apex Shed, as well as the BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed.

When it comes to determining the shed size which is ideal for you, it’s vital to consider how you plan to use the shed, how big your garden is, and which style of shed you wish to pursue. 

Popular sizes include: 8 x 6 or 6 x 8, 12 x 8, 10x6 sheds, a a shed 6x4, 7 x 6, 6 x3 or 4x6shed. You can find all of these across our extensive range of products.

The lifespan of a wooden shed can greatly vary, according to numerous factors:

  • Type of wood used
  • Type of cladding used
  • Quality of construction
  • How well weatherproofed it is
  • Location within your garden

As wood is a natural product, wooden sheds can be prone to warping and rotting over time if they aren’t properly treated and maintained. If your shed is properly maintained and of a high quality, then it will be more than capable of lasting up to and beyond 15 years! 

If your log cabin has direct contact with the ground, it can absorb moisture, which in turn can lead to rotting and decay. When placed on a level, sturdy base, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your log cabin has proper water drainage and ventilation underneath, increasing its lifespan.

There are various base options to choose from when it comes to log cabin bases:

Concrete base

Concrete bases are great as they’re very durable and more than capable of supporting the weight of a timber building. You can ensure that the ground is completely flat and level with this type of base. It will cost more and require some expertise, however.

Paving slabs

This is a base which can be constructed without much prior building knowledge, whilst remaining relatively inexpensive. Paving slabs are also brilliant for delivering a timeless and rustic feel to your overall garden aesthetic. Simply dig out your proposed site and sink levelled paving slabs in builds sand along the edges.

Ecobase Fastfit

This is a quick and easy-to-assemble base which is environmentally friendly. This base is a great alternative to the above options, and is robust enough to provide long-lasting protection for your log cabin, whilst being extremely cost-effective and time-saving. This base type is offered as an additional extra with many of our log cabins.

The short answer is yes! A garden office absolutely will add value to your property. If you’re working remotely, a garden office can offer a dedicated workspace to ensure maximum focus and productivity. Because of this, garden offices are becoming increasingly popular for those who are starting up/own small businesses and don’t want to pay for rented office space. Garden offices have been said to add around 5% value to properties.

This means that properties which include a garden office naturally represent a far more appealing prospect to business owners than those who don’t. Garden offices also improve the overall aesthetic of an outdoor space, whilst adding additional floor space and extra room. In the future, potential buyers may even wish to convert this space for a different use of their choice.

The cost of a garden office is dependent on size, material, the thickness of log (in the case of a wooden office), as well as additional extras such as pressure-treatment, window glazing and the type of flooring. Generally, you can expect to pay in excess of several thousand pounds for a high quality garden office.

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we offer a range of garden offices, all available at excellent prices - especially when considering the level of quality and craftsmanship which goes into designing these fantastic garden buildings. Take our BillyOh Mia log cabin, for example, starting at just £1,515.

Summer houses are available in numerous shapes and styles, each possessing its own unique set of benefits:

Contemporary Summer Houses

If you have an inclination for a bespoke summer house with a stylish and elegant design, then these ultra-modern takes on conventional garden buildings are your best bet. Interlocking tongue and groove boards provide a unique aesthetic appeal which is sure to give your garden an edge.

Traditional Summer Houses

Many people are drawn to these classic silhouettes as opposed to the contemporary models. For those people, a traditional summer house is absolutely perfect, thanks to Georgian windows and the popular apex roof.

Corner Summer Houses

Finding space to accommodate a garden building such as a summer house can be a tricky task. This is where corner summer houses come into their own. They’re designed specifically to fit into a corner, whilst offering side windows and double doors to ensure a panoramic view of your garden. And with popular models like 7x7 and 11x7, you're sure to find something to fit your space.

Small Summer Houses

This is a great option for those with limited space, but who still wish for an area separate from their house where they can relax and get away from the hectic nature of modern life. Small summer houses are not only convenient, but also highly budget friendly.

Log Cabin Summer Houses

If you have an appetite for a luxurious style of summer house, then this is the one for you. Log cabin summer houses will look brilliant in any garden, whilst providing plenty of structural rigidity and weather-resistance.

Summer House Sheds

These are the ultimate solution for those who want two different garden buildings but don’t want to compromise on space. A summer house shed or summerhouse with side store can operate as an area of relaxation as well as a convenient place to store your garden tools. This is a garden building which is more than capable of doing both simultaneously, thanks to additional side stores.

Converting your shed into a summer house will present you with a garden area which will be excellent for relaxing and unwinding in after a long day. There are several steps which can be taken to ensure the maximum use is made of your garden building:

  • Remove the clutter - If you’re redesigning a shed that's been in your garden for a number of years, then chances are it’ll be full of garden tools and other miscellaneous items. The more space you can make for your summer house, the better, so have a really good think about what you do and don’t need.
  • Paint your shed - Pick a colour for your summer house, based on your desired aesthetic and garden surroundings. Ensure that your chosen paint includes wood treatment, in order to protect it from weather damage and rotting in the future. Lots of our garden buildings come with options for trim and wall colours.
  • Fill your new space - Turning your shed’s interior to that of an idyllic summer house is no mean feat. Decorate the interior of your garden building, according to the style you wish to attain. Painting the inside with lighter colours will give an added sense of space, and some comfortable furniture is absolutely essential!

No matter how you intend to use your garden summer house, you should ensure it’s built in a suitable spot. There are a number of considerations to think about when determining this location:

Check the terrain

It’s essential that your summer house - or any type of garden building for that matter - is built on a level surface. Building on a base is the optimal way to ensure this is the case.


Having a pathway leading up to your summer house can help it become the centrepiece of your garden. A further benefit is that there’ll be no chance of the area in front of your summer house being caked with mud and you won't ruin your lawn by walking across it. Make sure any garden entrances are big enough for your summerhouse panels upon delivery. Also, try to keep your summerhouse off any boundaries to give you access around the entire building.

Natural lighting

You’ll want plenty of natural light to pour into your summer house. So, it’s best to avoid placing the summer house in a dark corner with overhanging branches. However, you also want to avoid direct sunlight. The goal is to locate an area with the perfect balance of light and shade, in order to ensure an enjoyable temperature throughout the year. That's why our summerhouses feature wide-opening double doors and large windows to maximise on natural light.

You should consider insulating any type of wooden garden building. Doing so will result in superior heat retention, meaning improved energy efficiency. In many cases, insulation can be inexpensive, while offering something which can save you hundreds of pounds in additional heating bills over time.

Insulated summer houses also tend to have longer lifespans than their non-insulated counterparts. Sudden changes in temperature, as well as high levels of humidity and moisture, can damage a summer house’s structural integrity over time, leading to rotting wood and the growth of mould. This will become less of an issue if insulation is installed.

Condensation can be a common problem in metal sheds, though not one which you should necessarily worry a great deal about, provided the proper steps are taken to tackle this. Condensation can occur in a metal shed when surface temperature and outside temperature differ, allowing water vapour in the air to condense, resulting in droplets of moisture covering walls, ceilings and other internal surfaces.

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, this issue is largely negated by the intricate design of our metal sheds. The vast majority of our metal sheds feature vents for added air circulation. Simply allowing air to freely flow in and out of your metal shed will go a long way to negating the effects of condensation.

Beyond this, you can check your roof for leaking. Providing ventilation and caulking any gaps in your ceiling can help prevent moisture build-up. For more information, check out this guide to stopping condensation in a metal shed.

While it isn’t essential, insulating your metal shed/metal workshop will aid in preventing a build-up of condensation, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of rust. Moreover, insulation will allow your metal or wooden shed to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the year. This will keep it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Fibreglass batts

These are most commonly used in larger houses in the walls and roof. They offer a high R-value (the level of resistance to heat flow) without being particularly expensive. However, they aren't very moisture resistant and are uncomfortable to work with.

Mineral wool

Instead, opt for mineral wool batts. Mineral fibre is highly resistant to moisture and fireproof. Though, this can be an expensive alternative to fibreglass.

Rigid foam boards

This is often considered the most popular option, courtesy of excellent moisture resistance, a solid R-value and not being too expensive. Brands like Celotex make boards that can easily fit in between wall studs and roof and floor joists. 

Yes - it’s highly advisable to have any kind of garden building built on top of solid foundations. A great foundation will protect your building from variable ground conditions, thus minimising the risk of rot/rust in the future.

In the UK especially, the weather can often be unpredictable, lurching from drought to consistent rainfall in a matter of days. When this occurs, any garden building which has an inadequate foundation, or no foundation at all, will likely suffer and find its structural integrity compromised as a result. Not building on a suitable base can also cause uneven pressure on things like windows and door frames leading to cracking and, eventually, a broken shed.

There are a number of viable base options to consider, such as concrete slabs, stilted foundations and concrete plinths. The main aspects to review are whether or not the ground is level (as your garden building should always be constructed on a level surface), will it be able to support the weight of your garden building, and, if your garden building is wooden, will it be effective in stopping damp seeping into the timber?

As a general rule of thumb, the majority of garden buildings are classed as ‘permitted developments’, meaning that the use of the building is ‘incidental to the enjoyment of the main dwelling house’, so won't need planning permission.

The larger your garden building and the closer it is to your property boundary, the greater the chance that you’ll require planning permission. How you intend on using your garden building also affects the potential for requiring planning permission. If you intend on regularly sleeping in or using it as an office, then the need for planning permission becomes more likely.

To be safe, we’d recommend checking with your local planning authority (LPA). Before that, you can always check this helpful resource on UK planning permission

The most obvious and effective way of treating wood is through pressure treatment. Pressure-treating wood introducing preservatives and chemicals to wood in a vacuum, allowing them to penetrate the surface. This, in turn, better protects it against things like rot, decay, and insect infestation. That's why we can offer our BillyOh 15-year guarantee on our pressure-treated garden buildings.

However,if pressure treatment isn’t the route you wish to pursue, then a number of other options exist. Wood treatment and preservatives are widely available online and only need applying every 1-2 years. Wood preservers are great as they can make garden buildings far more water-resistant, thus preventing mould and mildew in the long run.

Water and oil-based treatments are another possibility. Water-based treatments are cheaper but less effective and require regular re-application, while oil-based treatments provide strong weather protection and only need to be reapplied every five or so years.