• Premium Shed Roofing Felt offering great water resistance
  • Colour: Black Mineral (Range of colours available)
  • Tear resistant to provide long lasting durability
  • Standard Grade Felt, which can last up to 5 years!
  • Quick and easy to install with felt tacks included
  • Can be installed on older buildings to improve lifetime and looks
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Do you need to replace or upgrade your current roofing felt on your garden shed? Then look no further than the BillyOh Black Mineral Shed Roofing Felt

Our mineral shed roofing felt is traditionally designed, with building protection in mind. With a life expectancy of 5 years, our mineral felt will protect any garden building, such as sheds, playhouses or kennels, from the unpredictable British weather.

All our rolls of felt are manufactured and dispatched in the UK and are supplied with all necessary felt tacks. Installation is quick and easy, and will protect and weatherproof your garden building immediately after application.

The BillyOh Black Mineral Shed Roofing Felt is our premium roofing felt which is used on all of our premium BillyOh range buildings which provides superior roof protection and durability.

Key Features

Superior Quality: Ensuring BillyOh Quality in every product.

Easy to Install: Simply cut to size, lay it and secure to the roof.

Pent or Apex: With a range of sizes, just buy to fit your building.

Low maintenance: Once installed the felt requires little to no maintenance.

Waterproof: Protect your building from rain by allowing it to quickly run off the roof or into guttering.

Tear Resistant: Perfect for making your building more weather resistant giving you extra peace of mind.

Upgrade: Install felt on your older buildings to give them a fresh look and increase their lifetime.

Cost Effective: Compared to other roofing methods, mineral felt comes at a lower price while still offering great protection.


How do I install the roofing felt?

To install mineral felt you simply lay it over the roof and use roofing tacks to hold it down, the order in which you lay the felt is different depending on the roof type. For more information see our blog on How To Felt a Shed Roof

Pent: For a pent roof you work from the lower side upwards so that the water runs off the overlaps (100mm), usually towards the back of the building.

Apex: For apex roofs you start at the eaves and work your way up to the ridge of the roof overlapping as you go (100mm), your last piece will go over both sides of the ridge and overlap the pieces on either side.

How much felt do I need?

The best way to find how much felt you need is to take measurements directly from the building. Remember to take into account the overlaps of 100mm when laying each of the strips. Also take into account that the felt will need to be cut to length so it is better to measure how many lengths you will need rather than the Square metre.

Is this product suitable for playhouses?

Yes, at BillyOh we use this roof covering on a wide range of our buildings including the playhouse ranges. All playhouses are EN71 approved so you can be sure that this covering will be great for your little ones playhouse.

Why buy the Black Mineral Shed Roofing Felt?

  • Premium Roofing Felt
  • Provides Roof Protection & Durability
  • Colour: Black Mineral