Suncast Adlington Four Plastic Storage Shed
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Suncast Adlington Five Plastic Storage Shed
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BillyOh StoreMax Plastic Shed Inc Foundation Kit
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Suncast Kensington 4 Horizontal Plastic Shed
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Billyoh DuraPlus Plastic Shed Inc Foundation Kit
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Garden Storage Ideas

Garden Furniture Store

Outdoor storage cabinets can be used in many different ways. For instance, as a place to store garden cushions. A highly convenient solution to reduce the chance of stress in the common situation of rushing to find somewhere to store them when the rain begins to pour. A garden storage unit can provide a safe space to store your garden cushions which is suitably weather protected.

Gardening Equipment Storage

Keeping your garden clean and tidy is one thing, but finding a space to keep the tools and equipment needed to do that is another. That's why we have a large selection of our outdoor garden storage is suitable to housing gardening equipment. This will help your plants look well cared for, your grass look freshly trimmed with no sign of the lawnmower or spade lying around.

Bike Storage

We understand that investing in a bike can be a big deal, whether it be a motorbike, moped or push bike. For ultimate reassurance your bike is unlikely to get damaged, being to rust, or even get stolen, you may want somewhere safe to store it. We offer purpose built bike stores built to comfortably house whatever form of bike transport you require. They will help protect your bike against the colder months and harsh weather conditions. Not only will they fit your bikes and your kid's bikes, they may also be big enough to operate as a workspace in the event you need to perform tasks such as changing tires and more.

Log Store

Outdoor garden storage units could act as the ideal storage bin for log cabins. A log cabin store is a place where you store all the logs needed to keep you warm during the cold weather. Not only will they allow you to hide them away during the Summer, when stored in the outdoor building the logs can make a wonderful garden feature. Place the store fairly close to where ever you will require the logs for optimum convenience.

Outdoor Toy Store

If you have children or grandchildren, you may find that your garden is littered with outdoor toys that take up much desired space in your garden. One easy solution to this is investing in an outdoor toy store. This could either be a large shed if housing larger outdoor toys such as trampolines, slides or climbing frames. Or alternatively it could be small storage sheds deck boxes suitable for housing smaller toys such as footballs, inflatable paddling pools, frisbees and more. No longer will your garden need to be a mess after investing in an outdoor garden storage unit.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

If you need that bit of extra space, but want a cost effective unit, our cheap plastic garden storage provides great weather protection. This is as Polycarbonate plastic ensures that the storage shed has maximum protection against the elements. This means that any stored goods are able to stay safe and secure.

On the other hand, our wooden storage buildings offer a more classic, authentic design style. With varying feature options, you can turn your wooden garden storage unit into a more versatile garden shed, with multiple functions.

In addition, we also have metal outdoor storage boxes available which offer a long lasting storage solution for bigger families, or avid gardeners. Using galvanised steel, metal outdoor storage units require very little maintenance. This is as the pre-engineered material is especially designed to combat rust and corrosion.

Therefore, with an amazing array of materials, sizes and designs available, there could be plenty of space allowing you to safely store away anything you need. Easily pick out the right outdoor storage deck box for you, which meets your budget.