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BillyOh Storer Tongue and Groove Apex Shed

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BillyOh Tongue and Groove Tall Sentry Box Grande

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BillyOh Tongue and Groove Sentry Box Petite

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BillyOh 28mm Premium Motorbike Store

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BillyOh Heavy Duty Apex Windowless Log Cabin Store

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BillyOh Pro Apex Log Cabin Shed

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A windowless shed offers less room for water ingress, insect infestation, or prying eyes. Windowless sheds work well when added security and weather resistance is necessary.

To insulate and prevent damp in a shed, cover all areas of your thermal envelope by:

  • Installing a vapour membrane beneath your shed's foundation and its roof panels
  • Caulking any visible gaps
  • Using a draught excluder
  • Aerating or using a dehumidifier 
  • Install foil-backed bubble wrap of insulation batts into walls
  • Use Celotex sheets under floor joists

For more, check out our guide on how to insulate a shed.

For more, check out our guide on how to felt a roof.

Durable garden sheds can serve a number of purposes, with one of these being an outdoor workshop. There are multiple steps which can be taken to make your workshop as functional as possible. Some of these steps include installing proper electricity and lighting, setting up an appropriate work surface and providing proper insulation. These steps can be found in much greater detail in our perfect garden workshop guide.

Most sheds should fall under ‘permitted development’ and therefore, not require planning permission. This is on the grounds that:

  • No outbuilding on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.
  • Your shed is single-storey with a max eave height of 2.5m
  • Your shed doesn’t exceed a max height of 3m (for an apex roof)
  • Your windowless shed doesn’t exceed a height of 2.5 metres if its within 2m of a boundary
  • Doesn’t cover more than 50% of the area of your garden

However, depending on what you intend to use your windowless shed for, we’d advise you to contact your local council as rules may vary by area. And remember to build on a level base.