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Making sure your shed has a reliable guttering system is essential if you are wanting to ensure that your building is kept long-lasting. Our universal shed guttering options from BillyOh offer you a screw on guttering system, that will not only catch excess rainwater but also add an authentic look to your outdoor garden building.

Why Is Guttering Important?

If you have a water butt for collecting rainwater then a guttering system for your garden building is the perfect way of gathering excess rainwater. Simply add a guttering shed pipe which can lead right into the top of your water butt, so that rainwater is stored and ready for when you need it. Our shed guttering kits have a universal fit, so should be adaptable to most outdoor wooden sheds. Guttering for sheds is a great way to add a finishing touch to your building and to further enhance protection against rainwater. As well as reducing the build-up of water on your garden building roof, gutters for shed are environmentally friendly and shed gutters are also a cost-effective rainwater saving solution.

BillyOh Shed Gutter System Kit

from £59