5 Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses UK (2020)

Be it a commercial greenhouse or one for personal use, polycarbonate glazing is viewed as one of the most beneficial features that greenhouses may come with. With its shatter-resistance and excellent heat retention, many horticulturists and growing enthusiasts are now favouring polycarbonate greenhouses over their glass counterparts.

If you’re on the hunt for the best polycarbonate greenhouses in the UK, then you’ve come to the right place!

5 Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses UK (2020)

There are a variety of reasons to love polycarbonate greenhouses. Other than often representing a cheaper alternative, polycarbonate material also boasts rigid and flexible grades, which provides the structure with plenty of impact resistance.

With Garden Buildings Direct’s Polycarbonate Greenhouses collection, you can reap a number of fantastic benefits.

These then, are what we believe to be the best polycarbonate greenhouses sold by Garden Buildings Direct.

Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses #1: BillyOh Polycarbonate Lean-To (Price: £395.00)

best polycarbonate greenhouses

Ideal for those with a small garden or limited outdoor space, the BillyOh Polycarbonate Lean-To Greenhouse takes pride in being a great example of an efficient, high-quality garden building.

Boasting a tough, rust-proof aluminium structure, the Lean-To is equipped with aluminium framing and brackets with a galvanised steel base. This ensures that the overall structure will last for years, keeping your plants, herbs and vegetables healthy and well-protected throughout the year, including the colder seasons.

In terms of aesthetics, this design features a smooth, green outer finish, allowing it to easily blend into any garden. Thanks to its UV protection and hard-wearing materials with which it’s constructed, this greenhouse unit will require little maintenance.

If you want to experience guaranteed durability, then our lean-to greenhouse represents an ideal investment i! If you’re interested in this product, here are the other benefits you can take advantage of:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • UV Protected Twin Wall Polycarbonate Glazing
  • Water Gutters for Drainage
  • Roof Vent for Air Circulation and Good Ventilation
  • Sliding door for ease of use
  • Includes all fixtures, fittings and instruction manual

Available in:

  • 4×8 – £365.00
  • 4×10 – £395.00
  • Green or Grey frame colour

Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses #2: BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden (Price: £315.00)

best polycarbonate greenhouses

Perfect for growing plants, flowers and veggies, the BillyOh Lincoln Polycarbonate Greenhouse is an attractive, traditional looking and extremely spacious greenhouse that can be your gardening companion throughout the year.

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we offer optional extras for this unit to help you further improve the structure of your greenhouse. A base is available to provide a sturdy foundation, shelving can be used for organising plants and tools inside the greenhouse, and guttering helps to collect rainwater which can then be used when watering your plants.

You also want to check the Lincoln design insights below to see just how versatile and practical a greenhouse this is:

  • Spacious and Durable Wooden Greenhouse
  • Polycarbonate Twin Glazing Windows
  • Strong and Durable Framing for a Strong Structure
  • Wide Opening Double Doors for Easy Access
  • Easy assembly for Stress Free Installation
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit

Sizes available, including their prices:

  • 3×6 – £315.00
  • 6×6 – £405.00
  • 9×6 – £550.00
  • 12×6 – £650.00

Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses #3: BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Wooden with Opening Roof Vent (Price: £365.00)

best polycarbonate greenhouses

What makes this greenhouse unit unique compared to the one above is that it features an adjustable roof vent on the roof. The opening roof vent allows you to better control the ventilation and air circulation inside your greenhouse, helping you to effectively grow your plants.

What’s more, the vent lets you regulate the temperature, so you can prevent overheating and help your plants to grow healthily. The additional ventilation and resulting air flow will benefit your plants in the long run, thanks to optimal growing conditions which are achieved as a result.

To know more about the BillyOh Lincoln Greenhouse with Opening Roof Vent, here are the rest of the features to look out for:

  • Spacious and Durable Wooden Greenhouse
  • Polycarbonate Twin Glazing Windows
  • Strong and Durable Framing for a Secure Structure
  • Opening Roof Vent for Air Circulation and Better Ventilation
  • Wide Opening Double Doors for Easy Access
  • Easy Assembly for Stress-free Installation

As for the sizes, this model is available in:

  • 3×6 – £365.00
  • 6×6 – £460.00
  • 9×6 – £560.00
  • 12×6 – £680.00

Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses #4: BillyOh Rosette Hobby Aluminium (Price: £479.00)

best polycarbonate greenhouses

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned gardener, you’ll surely find the BillyOh Rosette Greenhouse to be a wonderful sanctuary for your plants. In fact, this greenhouse has the potential to grow vast amounts of leafy greens, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, roses, orchids, and anything else you choose to turn your attention towards, thanks to it containing plenty of internal space.

The Rosette is also perfect in any small to medium-sized garden. So if you’re interested in taking up gardening as a new hobby, this unit will be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space and will make growing plants easy!

Thanks to its 4mm polycarbonate glazing, heat and light are balanced and kept in control for the benefit of plants within, allowing even a novice gardener to grow plants like a pro!

If you want to know more about this metal framed greenhouse, then check out the design insights below and be amazed at how carefully built and well-planned out this garden building is!

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Solid Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Glazing
  • Tough rust free aluminium framing with additional wall and roof struts for increased stability
  • Galvanised Steel Base
  • Water Gutters for Drainage
  • Roof Vent for Air Circulation and Ventilation
  • Galvanised Steel Base
  • Sliding door for ease of use
  • Includes all fixtures, fittings and instructions

Sizes available, including their prices:

  • 6×6 – £429.00
  • 6×8 – £479.00
  • 6×10 – £549.00

Best Polycarbonate Greenhouses #5:  BillyOh Harvester Walk-In Aluminium (Price: £689.00)

best polycarbonate greenhouses

The twin-wall polycarbonate glazing is what makes the BillyOh Harvester Greenhouse a perfect addition to your garden! The glazing diffuses sunlight and spreads it around the interior, protecting your plants from excessive levels of heat. At the same time, this helps your plants to avoid any harm from adverse conditions which may negatively impact their growth.

The polycarbonate glazing also has a UV coating, contributing to the protection of the plants, while also improving the durability and strength of the glazing. 

Not only that, but this greenhouse unit also boasts another key feature – this being two opening vents that are installed in the roof of the greenhouse. The two roof vents have been strategically placed on top of the building for even distribution of the airflow and humidity regulation to protect your plants.

The Harvester is available in 8×12. This offers a lot of interior space for you to grow lots of plants, vegetables and more! The greenhouse frame is also rust-free, which allows you to focus on pursuing your gardening hobby, as opposed to wasting time with menial maintenance tasks.

But wait, there’s more! This greenhouse structure also comes with the following:

  • Extra Tall Walk In Design
  • Green Metal Structure
  •  Galvanised Steel Base Included
  • Sliding Double Door Entrance – The double doors create a wide expanse, making it easy for you to get in and out of the greenhouse, as well as lessening the burden when transporting bulky items in and out.

Available in one size:

  • 8×2 – £689.00

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Because of this, we like to think that we know a thing or two about greenhouses, and feel confident in saying that the above polycarbonate greenhouses are our very best – so are absolutely worth checking out!