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Tongue and groove is a type of cladding whereby wooden panels are designed in order to be slotted together in a seamless manner. On each board, there’s a tongue (a thin extended lip) and a groove (a thin cut-out in the wood). The panels are joined together by slipping the tongue of one board into the groove of the next. This makes our BillyOh tongue and groove sheds easy to assemble with just you and a friend.

For more information on tongue and groove cladding, check out this guide.

The price of tongue and groove cladding can vary, but generally, it costs around £10-20 per square metre, which is a more premium price range than other cladding types such as overlap and shiplap.

For example, our BillyOh sentry box starts at just £209 and makes for an excellent storage solution. Larger tongue and groove sheds that can be used as workshops start from £469.

Tongue and groove boards lock into each other and the boards are held together and in place naturally by the two boards either side, like a jigsaw puzzle. Overlap boards go on top of each other to create a panel effect and need to be nailed into one another.

Because of these differences in cladding, tongue and groove sheds are generally more durable, sturdier, and the more weather-resistant choice of the two.

Tongue and groove sheds definitely offer a tighter seal and better weather resistance than overlap sheds. Overlap sheds allow for very good runoff and are great for things like bike storage sheds. Tongue and groove sheds will also generally have thicker walls and are the preferred cladding if you plan on spending any time in your shed.

Of course! Tongue and groove panelling is absolutely designed for outdoor use due to its strong interlocking design and weather resistant properties. That’s why most of our BillyOh range utilises tongue and groove cladding to prove a weather-resistant seal that prevents water ingress.

Technically, shiplap cladding is a type of tongue and groove. The answer is: it depends on your budget and what you’re building. For example, shiplap cladding can be extremely weather-resistant and work well as a cladding style for larger commercial properties. However, for its benefits it’s more expensive.

That’s why, to find a suitable middle ground, most of our BillyOh sheds utilise tongue and groove cladding. It’s just as good as shiplap and offers the same properties like sturdy construction, tight seal, and weather-resistance, but it comes at a much more accessible price.

With our tongue and groove floor for sheds, simply lay it on top of your shed’s foundation and build your shed up around it. Tongue and groove flooring works much the same as cladding with interlocking panels that slot together.