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BillyOh Upton Apex Metal Shed

Find strength and security in storage with the Upton Apex Metal Shed, available in three sizes. Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel with a zinc-steel frame, the Upton is completely weatherproof and provides easy access and space for bulky objects with its ramp and double doors. A polycarbonate window provides natural light inside, which is kept ventilated with four wall vents. An attractive modern horizontal slatted exterior means the Upton ticks all the boxes for a functional shed.
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  • Tall, bright, gorgeous design with horizontal slat exterior
  • Large interior space for multi-purpose storage
  • Apex roof provides easy water run-off and classic silhouette
  • Two in-built vents keep interior space ventilated and condensation-free
  • A single polycarbonate window provides natural light and brightness
  • Two extra large doors with additional ramp allow access for bulkiest of objects
  • Horizontal panels make the shed more stable and stronger
  • Metal-reinforcement on all columns offers additional structural strength
  • Corner protectors ensure shed integrity
  • Clad with 0.25mm hot-dipped galvanized steel panels
  • Interior 0.5-0.8mm hot-dipped galvanized zinc steel frame
  • Extra tall wall height 183cm/72.05” ensures the best walk-in experience even for verytall users
  • Three sizes available (11x10.5ft, 9x6ft & 7x4ft), each with a different colour
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 2.03m (6ft8)
  • (B) Depth: 1.17m (3ft10)
  • (C) Eaves: 1.81m (5ft11)
  • (D) Ridge: 2.13m (7ft)
Upton Apex Metal Shed
Apex Roof
Apex Roof

A sloping roof allows quick drainage of rain and snow

Easy Assembly
Easy Assembly

Comprehensive instructions provided

Secure Design
Secure Design

Robust exterior and small window enhance privacy

Weatherproof Design
Weatherproof Design

Steel exterior repels water and UV rays

Upton Apex Metal Shed

Upton Apex Metal Shed

Key Features

Tall Height

The tall height of the shed allows for seamless walk-in experience, even for very tall users. It offers ample headroom and comfortable clearance, accommodating individuals of varying heights with ease.

4 Patented Vents

The vents are strategically placed to optimise airflow and prevent condensation, ensuring a comfortable and moisture-free interior.

Clear Fixed PC Window

The clear fixed polycarbonate (PC) window allows for ample natural lighting during the daytime, reducing the need for artificial lighting inside the shed.

Lockable Door Handles

The door handles are designed to be lockable, providing an added layer of security to protect the contents of the shed.

Door Ramp

The ramp is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide a smooth and sturdy entry point for large objects, making it convenient for moving equipment or bulky items.

Wide Sliding Doors

The wide doors provide easy access for bulk objects, such as gardening tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, and more.

Up To Any Job

Up To Any Job

Introducing the Upton Apex Metal Shed, engineered for durability and functionality. With its robust horizontal slat exterior and weather-resistant hot-dipped galvanised steel, this shed is up to any task, whether storing gardening equipment, tools, or outdoor gear. Its spacious interior and easy access door ramp make organising effortless. Built to withstand the elements, it ensures your belongings stay safe and secure year-round.
Smart and Secure

Smart and Secure

The Upton is a cutting-edge metal shed, combining intelligence with security. Designed with patented ventilation to promote airflow and prevent moisture buildup, it safeguards your belongings from damage. Enjoy plenty of natural light through the fixed polycarbonate window, illuminating the spacious interior for easy organisation. With door handles designed to be lockable, this shed ensures your items are protected at all times. Upgrade to our metal shed—smart, secure, and designed for your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are a number of advantages that can be attributed to metal sheds:

Superb security: Metal sheds can provide extra protection against thieves, as they feature reinforced hinges that prevent forced entry. Similarly, the doors and walls offer thick steel panels which cannot be easily broken into.

Maintenance-free: The amount of time spent maintaining a metal shed is almost non-existent. Courtesy of galvanised steel, the metal is protected from the elements, preventing the formation of rust.

Very affordable: Metal sheds represent a cheaper option than the wooden alternative. So, if space is most important to you, then a metal shed offers a sizable garden storage option that won’t break the bank.

If the building is shorter than 2.5m tall at the eaves you should not require planning permission (unless it takes up more than 50% of your garden or to be put in your front garden). Planning permission rules can vary by area, so we strongly recommend checking your local council rules before ordering from us.

We suggest that all garden buildings be constructed on suitable bases and flat, level ground. While a base isn’t needed to prevent rotting or rust over time in a plastic shed, good foundations can prevent your shed from sinking into the ground. Moreover, if your lawn isn’t level, building a shed of any material on top of it can lead to major issues concerning structural integrity in the future - something which a base can comfortably tackle. This building includes a foundation kit to provide a solid base for your shed and increase its structural stability.

We do not offer an installation service on any of our buildings, our buildings are designed & manufactured to be easy and simple to assemble. Using the assembly instruction included and with a team of just 2 people and a bit of DIY knowledge you can expect to have your BillyOh building up within a day, or as little as 3-4 hours with some of our smaller buildings.

We do offer delivery on all our sheds and buildings. Delivery is available across the entirety of the mainland UK, meaning you can get a shed no matter where you live. Additionally, delivery to most postcodes in England and Wales is absolutely free. For more information, visit our delivery page.

We offer a pay by finance option on any purchase over the value of £560.

Our simple finance options allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 24, 36 or 48 months.Read more about our Pay by Finance option here.

More about the Upton Apex Metal Shed

The BillyOh Upton Apex Metal Shed offers a robust and secure storage solution, available in three different sizes to suit your needs. Crafted from hot-dipped galvanized steel with a zinc-steel frame, this shed is built to withstand the elements, providing a weatherproof and durable storage space.

Horizontal Slat Exterior

This Apex Metal Shed features a modern and attractive design with a horizontal slat exterior. This not only adds visual appeal to your outdoor space but also enhances the stability and strength of the shed. The horizontal panels make the shed more stable, ensuring its long-lasting durability.

Multi-purpose Storage

With its spacious interior, this Large Metal Shed offers ample room for versatile storage. Whether you need to store gardening tools, equipment, bicycles, or other bulky garden items, this shed provides the space you need to keep your garden organised.

Classic Apex Roof

The apex roof design of the Upton allows for quick drainage of rain (and sleet or snow), keeping your shed and its contents protected from water damage. Additionally, the sloping roof creates a classic silhouette that brings the look of a classic shed to your outdoor space.

Ventilated Interior

To ensure proper airflow and prevent condensation, the Upton is equipped with four strategically placed wall vents. These vents help regulate the temperature inside the shed, maintaining a comfortable and condensation-free environment.

Polycarbonate Window for Natural Light

Enjoy a well-lit interior space with the Upton Metal Shed's clear fixed polycarbonate (PC) window. This window allows ample natural light to enter the shed, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the daytime.

Large, Accessible Doors with Ramp

The Upton Metal Shed features two wide sliding doors, providing easy and convenient access for large and bulky objects such as bicycles and lawnmowers. The additional ramp ensures a smooth and sturdy entry point, capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Choice of Sizes

Choose from three different sizes of the Upton Metal Shed (11x10.5ft, 9x6ft, and 7x4ft), each available in a unique colour option. Experience strength, security, and style with the BillyOh Upton Apex Metal Shed. Order yours today and enjoy a practical and durable storage solution for your outdoor space.

Dimensions 7x4 9x6 11x10.5
Width 203cm 330cm 330cm
Depth 117cm 309cm 309cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 181cm 181cm 181cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 213cm 221cm 229cm
Door Height 181cm 181cm 181cm
Door Width 96cm 138cm 138cm
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.