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BillyOh Outpost Insulated Garden Room

The BillyOh Outpost Insulated Building is perfect for year-round use as a office, relaxation space or garden studio. With EcoQuilt insulation in the roof, floor and walls and thick double glazing included, this garden cabin stays warm in winter and cool in the summer!

Size measured in feet

2. Select Treatment


Untreated is the standard option for Log Cabins. The log boards are delivered to you untreated, providing you with a natural wood appearance. This allows you to decide the treatment type and colour to suit your tastes and preferences. You will need to treat this annually and after assembly to protect your wood against rot or decay.

Pressure Treated

For an extra level of protection, you can opt for a pressure-treated building which is an effective way of keeping the wood long-lasting. This is an extra step in the manufacturing process where the wood is treated in a pressurised tank. Chemical preservatives are forced deep into the wood’s fibres to resist rot, decay and termites. When you upgrade to Pressure Treatment, the guarantee is extended from 10 to 15 years. The Pressure Treatment gives your building a slightly green hue, to begin with, but over time this will age and turn to a beautiful warm brown colour.

2. Customise

11mm Tongue and Groove

Our Standard flooring option which provides a durable, solid foundation and underfoot to the building. The 11mm option is ideal for less demanding and frequent usage, suitable for lighter intensity purposes like summer houses and other living spaces containing light furniture. The 11mm tongue and groove timber makes this a solid yet suitable, economical option.

19mm Tongue and Groove

1.7 times thicker than our standard 11mm flooring, our premium floor is the perfect choice for higher intensity usage. The construction uses thick 19mm Tongue and Groove timber, which gives you not only the strength, but better insulation against the cold weather. This specific floor is the perfect option if you’re planning on using the building as an everyday use office, gym or games room with heavy objects.

11mm Tongue and Groove

Our standard roof option, this interlocking roof provides a reliable covering for any building. The Tongue and Groove not only gives your building a stronger roof but also a premium look and feel. With both an 11mm interior and exterior, this is perfect for keeping your building warm all year round

19mm Tongue and Groove

Heavy-duty and long-lasting, our 19mm external cladding will provide you with extra insulation for those colder months of the year and is ideal for larger buildings. With 11mm internal boards and 19mm external boards, this is perfect for extra insulation and a sturdier long lasting roof

3. Add Extras

Complete your building with optional shelving, guttering, base options, assembly kits and more.

Do you need high quality padlocks, paint, silicone and assembly kits?

Eco Base

An alternative to using a concrete base or slabs. A grid system made from recycled plastic which can be filled with gravel to create a sturdy base for your building.

Keep rainwater away from the walls with one of our guttering systems. Protect your building from harsh weather conditions and water damage with these great yet simple solutions. Single sided guttering is great for smaller buildings or upgrade to dual gutters for increased protection on larger buildings. Collect the rainwater and use it to water your garden as a cheap and more economical option.
Transform your Log Cabin into your own bar with this garden bar unit


The Nightjar is designed to transform your Log Cabin into your own garden bar. With a classic L shaped design and room to sit 3-4 people, it’s the perfect place to enjoy drinks with friends and family.

This is a low cost, convenient solution, perfect if you don't already have your own tools. This kit includes: Hard point saw, Safety goggles, Paint brush, Pocket level, Claw hammer, Rigger gloves.

Optional Extras:
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  • Fully Insulated With High-performance Multi-foil Insulation
  • 14mm Double Glazed Windows For Year-Round Use
  • Thick 66mm Insulated Panel Construction
  • Optional Pressure Treatment For Longevity
  • 11mm Tongue And Groove Floor And Roof
  • Wide-Opening Double Doors For Ease of Access
  • Secure Mortice Lock System For Maximum Security
  • Complete With Felt, Fixtures And Fittings
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 2.48m (8ft2)
  • (B) Depth: 2.88m (9ft5)
  • (C) Eaves: 2.17m (7ft1)
  • (D) Ridge: 2.35m (7ft9)
Canvas Logo
Fully Insulated
Fully Insulated

Eco Quilt insulated roof, floor and walls create an all year round building

UK Manufactured
UK Manufactured

Over 20 years of experience in design and production

Versatile Building
Versatile Building

Ideal garden office, gym or home studio

10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee
10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

Protects the wood on your building against rot and decay

Outpost Insulated Garden Building

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Key Features

Easy Assembly with Modular Panels

Quicker and easier to build than a typical log cabin, the Outpost is delivered in handy pre-assembled panels.

Adaptable Configuration

You can configure the Outpost to suit your garden with moveable door and window panels thanks to its modular construction.

Opening Double Glazed Windows

Features opening windows with 14mm double glazing as standard, to both insulate and ventilate your building.

Double Skinned and Insulated Walls

44mm thick framing and reflective multi-foil insulation are sealed between two 11mm Tongue and Groove cladding layers to form 66mm thick fully-insulated panels.

11mm Tongue and Groove Throughout

Constructed using high-quality timber, the Tongue and Groove cladding offers a premium, weatherproof build with a stylish finish.

EcoQuilt Insulation

Multi-foil insulation in the walls, floor and roof keeps your building at an optimum temperature allowing you to use your building all year round.

Escape To Your Outpost

Get away from the stress, the noise, or the pressure and into the calm of your very own garden escape. The Outpost brings you solace and safety, a place to go when you need time for yourself, whether that’s to focus on important work - or to catch your breath and relax. The interior stays bright but offers privacy, while the thick panels and windows ensure complete separation from the outside world through natural soundproofing.
Escape To Your Outpost

Your Year-Round Refuge

Our innovative insulation features ensure that the Outpost is comfortable no matter the season and no matter the weather. High-performance multi-foil insulation, together with double glazing, creates a secure barrier that keeps heat transfer to a minimum - meaning it keeps the warmth in during winter and out in the summer. Plus, opening windows mean that, when you need ventilation, fresh air is only an open latch away.
Your Year-Round Refuge
1. 11mm Tongue and Groove Interior

A perfect base for you to decorate the interior of your building, ready primed to be painted or decorated however you prefer.

2. 27x44 Framing

Thick, durable framing adds extra strength to the walls and is designed to give you a robust and long-lasting building, and the added air gap enhances the insulation of your building.

3. Ecofoil Insulation

This 6-layer Multifoil blanket ensures your building is comfortable year-round, cool and relaxing in the summer, and warm and cosy through winter.

4. 11mm Tongue and Groove Exterior

Interlocking cladding offers a premium, weatherproof build with a stylish finish.

1. 11mm Tongue and Groove Boards

Provides an additional layer of insulation, and the thick Tongue and Groove floor offers a durable, solid foundation and underfoot to the building.

2. Ecofoil Insulation

Easy to install and protects against cold weather. Heat can easily be lost through the floor of your building, so our foil protects against this, making ita cosy space for all seasons.

3.28x28 Pressure Treated Bearers

Make for a sturdy base to assemble your building. Pressure treated as standard to protect your building against moisture and rot.

1. 11mm Tongue and Groove Interior

The tongue and Groove roof provides a durable and attractive internal ceiling.

2. 44mm Purlins

Thick, durable purlins are used to add extra strength to the roof and are designed to give you a robust and long-lasting building, with a significant air gap to enhance the insulation of the Ecofoil lining.

3. Ecofoil Insulation

This 6-layer Multifoil blanket ensures your building is comfortable year-round, cool and relaxing in the summer, and warm and cosy through winter.

4. 11mm Tongue and Groove Exterior

Tongue and Groove roof provides a durable, external roof - strong all year round, rain, wind or snow.

Frequently Asked Questions


The BillyOh guarantee covers this building against:

  • rot
  • decay
  • insect infestation

Please note: The guarantee does not cover timber splits or warping which may occur naturally over time.

Duration of Guarantee:

  • Tongue and Groove Buildings - up to 10 years
  • Log Cabins - up to 10 years
  • Pressure Treatment Buildings - up to 15 years

For more information about BillyOh Guarantee, please visit our terms and conditions

  • 11mm pre assembled, double layer panels.

  • 6 Layer Multifoil Insulation Blanket.

  • 11mm Tongue and Groove floor & roof.

  • Green mineral roof felt.

  • 4 x double glazed windows.

  • Double glazed floor to gable double doors.

  • Fixtures and fittings.

  • Comprehensive assembly instructions.

The insulation used on the Outpost is a Highly Reflective 6 Layer Multifoil Insulation Blanket. It is designed to insulate Roofs, Walls and Floors. It is 15mm thick and is equivalent to around 100mm of Glass Wool or 50mm of Rigid Board.
The Outpost Garden Building is fully insulated so can be used all year round for a variety of uses from a hobby room, home gym, work from home office or simply extra space to relax and retreat to. Whatever you use it for, in winter you’re going to be cosy and cool in the summer thanks to the Multi-foil insulation.

The Outpost can be delivered to you untreated, providing you with a natural wood appearance. You will need to treat this annually and after assembly to protect your wood against rot or decay.

For increased longevity, you can opt for pressure treatment for your building. Here, wood is treated with chemical preservatives in a vacuum to allow them to penetrate deep into the wood’s fibres to resist rot or decay. Upgrading to a Pressure Treated Outpost means you also get an extended 15-year guarantee.

All garden buildings should be assembled on a firm and level base. A base will ensure your building has a solid, long-lasting and well-drained foundation.

If you want to build your own base, from a sturdy material such as concrete or flagstones, you can find minimum dimensions for each size of this building in the tech specs. In order to protect your building from moisture, you should leave a 2ft gap around the exterior of your building, so remember to take this into consideration when laying any sort of base.

Our robust and simple to use EcoBase provides you with a firm, long-lasting foundation with suitable drainage for your garden building. It is quick and easy to install through the use of snap connectors that link the grids to each other.

We offer a range of roofing and flooring options, so depending on how you’re going to use your log cabin, you can choose the best one for you.

The Outpost comes with an 11mm Tongue and Groove Floor and Roof as standard. The interlocking roof and floor provides a reliable ceiling and a solid foundation and underfoot to the building. Tongue and Groove not only gives your building a stronger construction but also a premium look and feel.

With the option to upgrade to 19mm, you can opt for a more premium floor that’s also perfect for higher intensity usage. This specific floor is the perfect option if you’re planning on using the building as an everyday use office, gym or games room with heavy objects.

The Outpost has 14mm double glazing as standard to provide extra insulation. This is created from toughened glass and the extra thickness will provide better insulation and keep your building warmer in those colder months of the year.
The Outpost panels are 66mm thick, with 11mm Tongue and Groove Cladding on the exterior, thick heavy duty 27x44mm framing and 15mm of EcoQuilt insulation. Coupled with a large air gap to lock the heat in the building, this gives the same insulating properties as 100mm of Glass Wool or 50mm of Rigid Board. To finish we also use the same 11mm Tongue and Groove board to finish the interior and to ensure your building is sturdy and long-lasting.

If your building is shorter than 2.5m you should not require planning permission, (unless it’s more than 50% of your garden or will be placed in your front garden). Planning permission rules can vary by area so we would strongly recommend checking your local council rules before purchasing a garden building from us.

Quicker and easier to build than a typical log cabin, the Outpost is delivered in handy pre-assembled panels. During manufacturing our assemblers pre-cut the foil to size and install it ready into each panel. We also supply you with our strong 11mm Tongue and Groove boards that you can install on the inside of each panel to hide the insulation, strengthen your walls, and create an air gap that helps regulate the air inside your building throughout the year. We also include the same high-quality handy EcoQuilt insulation rolls that you can lay in the floor and roof to provide 360° insulation for your space!

Your order can be tracked through the account section on our website or by contacting us directly. You will be contacted after your order via your online account, email or text to provide updates on delivery dates.

We offer a pay by finance option on any purchase over the value of £560.

Our simple finance options allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 24, 36 or 48 months.Read more about our Pay by Finance option here.

BillyOh Outpost Insulated Building

The Outpost is the optimal garden building for year-round use. As a completely insulated building with double glazing as standard, you can be sure to stay warm and cosy within your garden room. The insulation is laid under the floorboards, between the dual-layered walls and within the double-skinned roofing section. The building is delivered as panels with the necessary insulation, making it simple to insulate and install, allowing you to construct the building within a day.

Contemporary Garden Offices

Our garden office buildings have become all the rage recently with so many people transitioning to work from home. So if it's a garden office you need, then the Outpost offers the perfect space. It won't just free up additional space in your garden, it's also the perfect garden building to use as a garden home office or to even run a small business from.

A garden office pod is the perfect design for this purpose, and the log cabin style with full insulation ensures that you can work comfortably year-round. Insulated garden offices can also be a significant value-booster to your property and garden space. So pick up your BillyOh bespoke garden office today.

Insulation Materials

For use in the colder months, and to generally improve the insulation properties of this building, we've included insulation materials to combat heat loss. These will also ensure thermal regulation at all points of this building's heat envelope.

Thermal Envelope

Your garden building's thermal envelope is essentially every point at which heat leaves. By insulating these areas we can reduce this heat loss but also ensure better thermal regulation. And one of the most significant areas for heat loss is the roof.

That's why the pent flat roof design of the Outpost is double-skinned with 11mm tongue and groove panels. It also features EcoQuilt insulation and tear-free roofing felt for added layers of protection against even harsh weather conditions.


Using 66mm thick insulated panel construction wall logs, the outpost features some of the thickest cladding available. This cladding thickness, combined with the constructions style, creates a tight seal against heat loss.

The walls are double skinned from an 11mm tongue and groove panel and internal cladding, which sandwiches the quality insulation. With the Outpost, an 11mm tongue and groove roof and floor are included as standard, along with roofing felt to complete your building. Both the roof and floor can be upgraded independently to 19mm thick tongue and groove, which is more robust and is excellent for heavier uses such as heavy furniture, desk areas or items such as office chairs.


Using high-quality European sourced timber, the Outpost comes out as a fully insulated garden. Tongue and groove cladding used in the floor, roof, and walls interlocks to add structural stability and reduce gaps where heat might be lost. You can even upgrade the floor and roof cladding thickness to 19mm as optional extras.

Double Doors

But a fully-insulated garden isn't just about surviving the colder months! Wide-opening double doors mean that you can allow cool air flow in the warmer months. Plus, the fully-glazed doors allow for loads of natural light to enter your office.


EcoQuilt floor insulation goes underneath the tongue and groove flooring to combat both heat loss and rising damp. You can purchase an optional Ecobase or construct your Outpost on any level base including timber bearers, pavers, or ideally - a concrete base.

Double Glazing

Double-glazed windows and glass on the doors mean create a vacuum between indoor and outdoor temperature. Thus, glazed windows reduce the possibility of condensation forming and help to regulate heat at one of the largest parts of your thermal envelope.

The Outpost comes with double glazing on all of the included windows and doors. This building comes with tall double doors and four opening windows, giving your building a beautiful interior with lots of natural light and fresh air, making it a great space to work and relax. The Outpost is a versatile building that works incredibly as a family room, garden office, summerhouse or home gym, keeping everyone happy and comfortable all year round.

Pressure Treatment

The Outpost comes with optional pressure treatment to help extend the life of your garden building. By treating timber with wood preservatives in a vacuum, more comprehensive cover is ensured. That's why we can offer our BillyOh 15-year guarantee against insect infestation, decay, and rot on our pressure-treated buildings.

Otherwise, we suggested purchasing wood treatment and applying to all outdoor buildings annually to protect against harsh weather conditions.

Planning Permission

Our insulated garden offices will fall under what's called 'permitted development' and won't require planning permission, so long as they:

  • Are single-storey
  • Aren't intended for permanent residential use
  • Don't exceed a max eaves height of 2.5m (The Outpost measures 2.17m)
  • Don't exceed an overall height of 4m (dual-pitched roof like an apex or -reverse apex) or 3m (any other type of roof, like a pent). (The Outpost measures 2.35m)
  • Don't take up more than 50% of your garden area
  • Aren't build past the front wall of your house

That's why our BillyOh Outpost is built with these height measurements in mind. Planning permission may vary with your local council, however, and you can always check with them for further planning regulations.


If you want to see how other Garden Buildings Direct customers got on with their purchases, check out our customer stories.

How does my building arrive?

Log cabins are delivered via kerbside delivery as stacks of pre-assembled panels that require fitting together. All panels are designed to be smaller enough to fit down side entrances and even for transport through houses.

Garden Buildings Direct Assembly, Delivery & Installation

BillyOh buildings don't come with installation services and will be delivered as panels of pre-cut timber. You'll also be provided with comprehensive assembly instructions to create your office space.

At Garden Buildings Direct, our fast and free delivery service to most of mainland UK means we can have your Outpost with you in just 2 - 5 weeks! Just enter your delivery postcode to get started, or get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Dimensions 8ft x 8ft 12ft x 8ft 14ft x 8ft
Width 248cm 395cm 424cm
Depth 288cm 288cm 288cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 217cm 217cm 217cm
Eaves Height (Excl Floor) 214cm 214cm 214cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 235cm 235cm 235cm
Ridge Height (Excl Floor) 232cm 232cm 232cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 156cm x 185cm 156cm x 185cm 156cm x 185cm
Door Width 77.4cm 77.4cm 77.4cm
Door Height 187cm 187cm 187cm
Width (Internal) 235cm 382cm 411cm
Depth (Internal) 235cm 235cm 235cm
Window Dimensions 65.6cm x 121.1cm 65.6cm x 121.1cm 65.6cm x 121.1cm
Glazing Thickness 14cm 14cm 14mm
Minimum Base Width 248cm 395cm 424cm
Minimum Base Length 250cm 250cm 250cm
Materials 8ft x 8ft 12ft x 8ft 14ft x 8ft
Glazing Material Double Glazed (Glass) Double Glazed (Glass) Double Glazed (Glass)
Features 8ft x 8ft 12ft x 8ft 14ft x 8ft
Veranda Available? No No No
Door Style Double Doors Double Doors Double Doors
Windows 1 opening windows 2 opening windows 4 opening windows
Factory Basecoat Treatment Optional - Non Treated or Pressure Treated Optional - Non Treated or Pressure Treated Optional - Non Treated or Pressure Treated
Overhang Style Pent Pent Pent
Material Wood Wood Wood
Roof Style Pent Pent Pent
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.