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It’s more important than ever to be environmentally aware and to reduce wastage wherever possible. Gardeners in particular always try to make the most of the materials they have to hand our Garden Outdoor Compost Bin is an essential accessory for any home with a garden. You can store you household and garden waste safely in one place to recycle as and when you need.

Place your fruit and vegetable scraps, dried leaves, grass cuttings, crushed egg shells and more inside to let them decompose safely so they can be reused in the garden at a later date. It also ensures your garden isn’t taken over by the powerful decomposing smell and remains out of the way until you need to access it at a later date.

This Garden Composter can hold up to 300 litres of wastage so will take quite some time to fill up. It features a stable hinged lid so you can access the inside easily and features a hatch door that closes perfectly into place. Assembly couldn’t be easier, relying on a click and connect system that isn’t complicated at all.

Made from strong and durable plastic, this Garden Outdoor Compost Bin can stand up to testing weather conditions and is perfect for any outdoor environment. If you are struggling to find ways to recycle at home so you can reuse materials without causing too much of mess, this product will give you the organisation you need in the garden.