The Studi: Out Our Brand New Fully-Insulated Garden Room

Over at Garden Buildings Direct, we’ve just launched our brand new Studi – a fully-insulated garden room and cabin suitable for use 365 days a year.

Keep scrolling to read more about the design insights, materials used, and ultimately, the change the Studi could make to your life and garden!

At a glance:

Giving your garden the ‘wow’ factor whilst transforming it into a place that can be used all year round – the Studi is Designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Made from composite cladding and structurally insulated panels (SIPs), it’s our most premium cabin to date.

The Studi – What’s It All About?

Insulated Garden Cabins

At Garden Buildings Direct, all of our cabins have a wide range of uses: from garden room, office space, home gym, art studio, home cinema and more!

What is a SIP?
A structural insulated panel (SIP) consists of an insulating foam core sandwiched in between interior and exterior cladding panels. SIP buildings are high-performance, offering increased energy efficiency, structural integrity, and even air quality.

And with the Studi we’ve utilised SIP construction to create a fully-insulated year-round building. Modern and advanced in their design, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are pre-insulated panels with a foam core sandwiched between two pieces of cladding.


They’re used as a building material for walls, floors and roof structures. SIP buildings are strong, exceptionally energy-efficient, cost-effective and easy to construct. 

EPS offers low and constant thermal conductivity across the roof and walls of your Studi insulated room to combat heat loss at the largest sites of your building’s thermal envelope. The SIPs also regulate temperature, meaning that your building will stay warm in winter but cool in summer whilst reducing CO2 emissions and energy usage.

Studi Design Insights

  • Fully Insulated – Instead of having to insulate your gardening building, the Studi comes with optimal thermal efficiency with double-skin insulated walls. With an insulated floor and roof, it’ll keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Easy Assembly – With a modular construction design, it’s super easy to build. Made up of pre-made and ready-insulated panels and support posts that have been measured and cut by our expert craftsmen.
  • Highly Secure – Multi-point locking mechanism ensures maximum security for your building and the content inside. Includes an anti-pick, bump and drill door locking cylinder to both the windows and doors.

  • Size – 14x8ft with eaves height of 2.2m.

Will this insulated garden room be warm enough to use in winter?With insulation is placed into all elements of the building; the floor, the walls and the ceiling to ensure excellent thermal retention - this building can be used 365 days a year.

The Studi – What’s It Made From?

  • Heavy-Duty Framing – Heavy-duty timber studs in between each SIP. Panels slot over 44x88mm studs where they meet with a pair of 44x44mm studs in each corner for increased structural integrity. Tongue and groove panels are used for the roof and flooring.
  • Pre Primed Interior Walls – Features pre-primed interior walls that are ready to be painted.
  • Double-Glazed uPVC Doors and Windows – Double glazed, energy-efficient uPVC doors and windows for peak energy efficiency. 27mm double-glazed doors and windows as standard with uPVC window and door frames.
  • Insulated Walls: 10mm pre-primed interior MDF walls in white that are ready to be painted
    45mm EPS foam insulation
    10mm waterproof composite cladding on the exterior for a stylish finish
How secure is this garden room?It's highly secure with tough, double-glazed glass windows and doors that feature a multi point locking system with security measures like anti pick, bump and drill door locking cylinder.
  • Fully-Insulated Roof – Features a pent roof with uPVC fascia boards. The roof frame consists of heavy-duty 100mm roof joists with 45mm foam roof insulation and 11mm tongue and groove timber roof boards. The roof is finished topped with an EPDM rubber roof cover.
  • Tongue and Groove Floor – Provided with 38x38mm pressure treated floor joists as standard. 19mm log floor foil insulated floor insulation also helps to combat “thermal drain”.

Do You Offer Finance?We offer a pay by finance option on any purchase over the value of £560. Our simple finance options allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 24, 36 or 48 months. Read more about our Pay by Finance option here.

What Else Do You Get?


Buying from Garden Buildings Direct means investing in a guarantee of quality with every purchase. The Studi garden building also comes with a minimum 10-year guarantee against rot for peace of mind. 

What is uPVC?
Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a highly durable and low-maintenance building material alternative to timber. It’s used around window and door frames.

uPVC Colour Options

To fully customise your bespoke garden office, we also offer a range of uPVC colour options on the Studi to add to the contemporary aesthetic.

No Planning Permission

We’ve designed this insulated garden room so that the base, eaves, and ridge measurements are compliant with UK planning regulations and will not require planning permission. Click on the extras tab to see a full guide to planning permission.

Easy Assembly

SIPs are strong, exceptionally energy-efficient, and most importantly – easy to construct. We don’t offer an installation service for this very reason. Your Studi will be delivered to you on your nominated day as pre-made SIPs and heavy-duty studs. Simply assemble the flooring and frame and slot the SIPs over the heavy-duty framing.


Simply enter your delivery address for fast and free* UK delivery and get your BillyOh garden building constructed ready for your next project.

What is EPDM?
Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a rubber material used in roofing. EPDM is both strong and weather-resistant whilst remaining flexible withstanding temperature variations. The EPDM rubber roofing contributes to the 10 year guarantee we offer on this building.

So if the Studi sounds like the right garden cabin for your needs, head over to our site to check it out in person via the button below.

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The BillyOh guarantee covers this building against:

  • rot
  • decay
  • insect infestation

For up to 10 years. Please note: The guarantee does not cover timber splits or warping which may occur naturally over time.

  • 65mm foam-insulated walls (including pre-primed interior MDF walls)
  • Heavy-duty 44x88mm and 44x44mm timber framing
  • uPVC 27mm Double Glazed Doors and Windows
  • 19mm foil-insulated log floor
  • 38x38mm pressure-treated bearers
  • 45mm foam roof insulation
  • 11mm T&G roof boards
  • EPDM rubber roof cover
  • Multi-point locking mechanism
  • All fixtures and fittings
  • Comprehensive assembly instructions

Because it's fully insulated it can be used all year round for a variety of uses including but not limited to, home gym, gaming room, salon, home office, gin bar or general family outdoor living.  Whatever you use it for, in winter you’re going to be cosy and cool in the summer thanks to the Multi-foil insulation.

  • 65mm EPS foam-insulated walls (including pre-primed interior MDF walls)
  • uPVC 27mm Double Glazed Doors and Windows
  • 19mm foil-insulated log floor
  • 45mm foam roof insulation

This building comes with pressure treated bearers as standard but can also be upgraded to our robust and simple to use EcoBase. This will provide you with a firm, long-lasting foundation with suitable drainage for your garden building. It’s quick and easy to install through the use of snap connectors that link the grids to each other.

All garden buildings should be assembled on a firm and level base. A base will ensure your building has a solid, long-lasting and well-drained foundation.

If you want to build your own base, from a sturdy material such as concrete or flagstones, you can find minimum dimensions for each size of this building in the tech specs. In order to protect your building from moisture, you should leave a 2ft gap around the exterior of your building, so remember to take this into consideration when laying any sort of base.

The weather-resistant composite cladding means that, unlike conventional wood, it's almost maintenance-free! Pressure-treated bearers protect your building from rot spreading through the floor by raising it off the ground. 

The Walls are coated with a rot-resistant composite finish, which only needs painting to be fully protected. And the waterproof EPDM roof covers means that it's protected at all points of construction. If you want to treat the wooden Tongue and Groove floor and roof boards we suggest doing so within 4 weeks of delivery and repeating annually.

This building is a single-storey building with an eaves height of 2.2.m and a 14x8ft floor plan. This means that it should not require planning permission, so long as:


  • It is not intended for permanent residential use
  • It does not take up more than 50% of your garden
  • It is not built past the foremost wall of your house


Planning permission rules can vary by area so we would strongly recommend checking your local council rules before purchasing a garden building from us.

We do not offer an installation service on any of our buildings, as they are designed to be easy and simple to assemble. 


Using the digital assembly instructions included in your order confirmation and a team of at least 2 people, the SIPs slot over the connecting studs of the included heavy-duty frame and are then screwed together to form a sturdy long-lasting structure for your building.


The UPVC fascia covers visible screw holes and all fixtures and fittings that are required to assemble the building are included.

It's delivered as handy modular floor and roof panels. The walls are made up of pre-assembled panels with pre-installed foam insulation. The modular construction is designed with panels that can be carried through your home if you don't have exterior access.