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BEACON STAR Tiled Coffee Table + Fire Pit + BBQ + Spark Guard + Weather Cover

One of our most popular items, the 'Beacon Star' is a fantastic space-saving idea for those who want a fire pit, but don't want to give up the space to a fire pit exclusively, combining a beautiful coffee table with a fire pit /barbecue. Simply remove the pull-out section of the tile-top coffee table and then start up your fire!

Supplied with safety mesh cover to retain any sparks from the fire.

This item is manufactured from steel and may suffer rust discolouration after exposure to moisture. To alleviate this issue, a fully waterproof weather cover is supplied with this product. This cover will protect and extend the life of the product if applied whenever the item is not in use. Please be absolutely sure the item has completely cooled after each use (which will take several hours) before applying the weather cover.