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BillyOh Upton Apex Metal Shed

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Metal sheds are a great option if you’re planning to convert your shed into a workshop or to use it for garden storage. If you’re looking to use your shed as a home office, or spend time in it overnight, then you might prefer something like a garden log cabin.

The advantages of metal sheds are:

  • They provide excellent security - Metal sheds can provide extra protection against thieves, due to featuring reinforced hinges which assist in preventing forced entry. Similarly, the doors and walls offer thick, steel panels which cannot be easily broken into. There are no real points of access except the door which can be secured with a heavy-duty lock.
  • Maintenance free - The amount of time spent on maintaining a metal shed is almost non-existent. Courtesy of galvanised steel, the metal is protected from the elements, preventing the formation of rust.

Very affordable - Metal sheds often represent a cheaper option than the wooden alternative. So, if space is important to you, then metal sheds offer a budget-friendly option.

We suggest that all garden buildings have a base. Depending on what flooring your choose for your shed, a concrete base (or at least pavers) is the best option for a metal shed. The larger your metal shed, the more likely it is to require a concrete slab. This will also help to form a barrier against condensation which, if not protected against, can cause a problem in metal sheds. With a concrete base you can also anchor your shed down and then seal around bolt holes.

Although metal is a good conductor of heat, even on the hottest day in the UK it won’t get worse than a bit warm inside. Keeping the door open and allowing for constant airflow will help keep your metal shed. Plus, our BillyOh metal sheds designed for working in feature apex roofs and vents as standard to help with airflow.

Unlike wooden sheds, it’s a bit harder to insulate a metal shed. This is partly because metal sheds are largely designed for either storage purposes or as workshops so less people use them, say, overnight. Because metal sheds are made from sheet steel, they also don’t have studs or the opportunity to add a plaster wall to hold insulation batts in place. That being say, you can install things like Celotex insulation boards under a subfloor and caulk or spray insulating foam along the underside of your metal shed’s roof.

If not properly positioned and sealed, a metal shed can leak. But by positioning your metal shed away from damp ground or areas of sitting groundwater, you can help to combat this. All our BillyOh metal sheds feature either apex or pent roofs to allow for adequate water runoff. In addition, you can build your metal shed in an area that gets good sunlight to dry ground moisture. You can also bolt your metal shed to a concrete base and caulk and seal around the base and bolt holes. You can then apply sealant to the underside of your roof along the joins.

Condensation is a common problem in metal sheds, but not which should put you off.

Condensation occurs in a metal shed when the surface temperature inside your shed rises, trapping moisture-rich air. Then, when the outside temperature cools, this vapour forms as water droplets. This is due to metal being a good conductor of heat. These droplets can form on the underside of your metal shed’s roof and around windows (if you have any), causing your shed to ‘sweat’.

The good news is that our BillyOh metal sheds tackle this problem at the source, and all have air vents as standard. This allows for sufficient airflow and temperature regulation even when you’re not using your metal shed. You can also aerate your shed by opening doors, or installing a ground membrane before you build your shed base.

All our BillyOh metal sheds come with assembly instructions. Using the assembly instruction included and with a team of just 2 people and a bit of DIY knowledge you can expect to have your BillyOh building up within a day, or as little as 3-4 hours with some of our smaller buildings.

What makes a good metal shed relies on many things like durability, aesthetics, and price. For example, here are four of our favourites from our BillyOh range:

The Ranger Apex is a great storage solution for any garden, available in a range of size and colour options, to suit your needs. The Ranger also has double sliding doors, gable vents and a foundation kit included giving you a strong and sturdy building with great access and air circulation.

The BillyOh Cargo Pent Shed is ideal for stylish, low maintenance storage which will look great in any garden space. With strong galvanised steel walls it is tough and durable.

The partner apex metal shed comes with Galvanised Steel Panels to keep your building protected from harsh conditions, its windowless design makes it a strong and secure building to protect your belongings.

If you already own tools, have access to budget materials, and have some time and expertise on your hand, it could be cheaper to build a shed. What you won’t get, however, is any guarantee of longevity and quality of materials. And bear in mind it’ll take you a lot longer than simply assembling a BillyOh garden building. For a more in-depth look at this question, check out this post.

Steel sheds start at a lower price than most wooden sheds and are ideal for storage or use as workshops. They can be longer lasting and lower maintenance but may not be as aesthetically traditional. They can be secured to a concrete base and offer high levels of security.

Our BillyOh metal sheds are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets. This offers a weather-resistant finish which is also rust- and corrosion-resistant on a sturdy and durable build.

Metal Sheds For Sale

At Garden Buildings Direct, we sell a diverse range of metal shed models to suit every and any purpose. Whether you need a simple-yet-secure bin store, a multipurpose storage shed, a small storage box, or even a whole new garage - we’ve got what you’re looking for. Better yet, all our metal sheds are available in a variety of sizes.

All our BillyOh and Lotus metal sheds are designed to be fully weather resistant. Made from galvanised steel, our sheds need minimal maintenance and upkeep. They’re also fully secure and look the part too - and all for incredibly cheap prices! What are you waiting for - get yours today!

Are Metal Sheds Worth It?

Modern metal sheds are not only cheaper than their wooden counterparts, but they’re also more resilient and secure. A metal shed can easily repel the rain and keep out intruders for a lower cost than wooden or plastic sheds - and they don’t lack anything in the looks department either!

Long gone are the days of unattractive, corrugated metal sheds. Our modern metal sheds not only provide fantastic storage, but their stylish designs mean they look great in any garden. For a shed that does it all at a price you can’t beat, check out our metal shed selection.