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Not all of your vegetables, fruits or plants have to planted at ground level in the soil. Planters are a popular alternative that take some of the pressure off your body during gardening, while bringing colour and a new dimension to the space. Our wooden barrel planter is designed to help you grow a vast array of greenery, while adding something unique to the garden.

The benefits of using a raised planter are many, from keeping your crops protected from potential pests and wild animals, to relieving pressure from your knees and back as you won’t have to bend down so far. You can place this planter box anywhere you want in the garden, its dimensions of 61cm (H) x 107cm (L) x 71.5cm (W) and 14kg making it ideal.

Inside of our planter trough you’ll find a black non-woven membrane that ensures your plants or flowers can still enjoy much need moisture and nutrients in the soil. It’s made from natural timber and has a solid construction, and with the right selection of flowers will look simply amazing on a porch or patio right throughout the year.

Our small planter is also great for patios and compact gardens that may not offer a lot of space. It means you can create your very own garden inside the planter, if your garden doesn’t give you too many options. Plant new flowers, plants, herbs or vegetable whenever you need and enjoy watching your little treasures grow to full bloom.