Alan's Hobbyist "Tall" Garden Shed
Alan’s Hobbyist “Tall” Garden Shed
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Alan’s Hobbyist “Tall” Garden Shed


One of the best things about individualism is privacy. There would always be a place we would go to whenever we need a break. That place, literally or figuratively, gives us the priceless feeling of freedom. That place is mostly realisations and bright ideas are born. That moment of peace whilst in that place opens up our minds to endless possibilities.

A handyman like Alan found the Hobbyist ‘Tall’ Apex Wooden Garden Shed Double Door perfect for his needs. He needed a place to safekeep his motorbike, gym equipment, and tool sets.


What made you purchase your building from Garden Buildings Direct?

“Best quality i found on the net with greatest choice of upgrades a a very reasonable price” he says.


The man cave Alan built perfectly blends with nature in this unedited photograph.


Man would always find something to work with their hands. The need to roll up our sleeves and get crafty and dirty seems to be ingrained in our DNAs.


Why did you choose this building?

“I wanted a large shed workshop for my motorbike and gym equipment.” he adds.


Alan’s gym equipment, motorbike, and tool sets.



How was your customer experience?

“Excellent service! Delivery within 10 days is fantastic.”  he narrates.


It can’t get more organised than this.


How are you finding the building now?

“Excellent! I can workout without having to move anything around. The upgraded floor 19mm is perfect for the weights and the motorbike.” he explains.


The upgraded floor holds everything up effortlessly.





How did you decorate it? What paint did you use?

“Painted grey cuprinol the underside of the floor i treated with creucote.”





Would you recommend buying from us?

“Yes. I already have.” he said.


Now, Alan can workout and tweak his motorcycle to his heart’s content all year round regardless of the season thanks to his extra spacious yet cozy garden shed. Establish your own privacy. Create your sanctuary. You are one click away from other buildings styles. With our endless range of log cabins, summerhouses, metal sheds, storages, and workshops, it would be almost impossible not to find one of your own.



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