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Metal Garden Sheds

Although to many, an apex roof is a traditional staple piece to and outdoor building, especially a garden shed, the apex roof of our metal sheds are not your ordinary apex roof. The metal used to construct the apex roof is coated with a protective layer of zinc. This slight twist on the apex roof will mean you will no longer need to worry about the possibility of your metal shed beginning to rust. This is as zinz is an element that is able to repel rust.

Most often, our larger deluxe apex metal garden shed will have the option of an additional steel foundation kit. This is ideal when wanting an easy assembly as the pre-cut foundation kit can ensure you are creating a perfect square base. This kit can be used on any level surface, for instance on soil, concrete or paving slabs.

Additionally, with our metal sheds we opted for a windowless design. This is as by not having windows you are automatically increasing the security of the shed, as the items stored inside, no matter if expensive or rubbish, are safely hidden out of sight. However, the elimination of windows may come as a concern to some of you. Especially where air circulation is concerned. That is why we supply air vents on our metal outdoor buildings to ensure there is a suitable amount of air circulation when inside the building. Because of course, air ventilation is essential for thermal comfort and dehumidification.

Although a 10x8 metal shed is a large shed, you do not need to be put off ordering one because of the size. This is as for a stress-free and easy delivery the shed itself is supplied in flat pack panels. This means they can easily fit through a standard door and should not pose as a problem if they need to be carried through your house in order to get to the garden. Additionally, for easy installation we provide a comprehensive manual. This manual aids you in the installing process of the metal shed, and should make it as easy as possible.