Customer Spotlight: Charli’s Peardrop Playhouse

We love to catch up with our customers to see how they’re getting on with their garden buildings. So we decided to get in touch with Charli, and discover how just how much her family were enjoying their new Peardrop Playhouse!

Charli needed a place where her children could be themselves, have fun outdoors, and give them a place to put all their toys! But they couldn’t just get any old playhouse. She needed one big enough to accommodate the play-kitchen set that her kids already loved.

This search for a playhouse naturally led her in our direction, and on our website she found the spacious and colourful Peardrop Playhouse.

With a variety of sizes, ranging from the super large to our cosy small designs, as well as a variety of paint colours, Charli knew instantly that the Peardrop would be ideal for her children.

“GBD had plenty of options for us and the one that we eventually chose was the perfect size for our needs.”

BillyOh Peardrop Junior Playhouse

Once she’d found the the Peardrop playhouse, Charli knew she was on to a winner. She immediately ordered the playhouse using her phone, and organised a quick and efficient delivery to her house. We got the playhouse to her within a week.

Once it arrived, Charli didn’t waste a moment in building and manoeuvering the playhouse. Due to our easy instructions, it only took her and her husband a couple of hours to build it and move it into it’s new home.

Charli ordered her playhouse in pastel blue, but added some extra special touches – like painting her flower boxes bright pink! We love to see our customers coming up with new and creative ways to make our beloved buildings beautiful! 

Take a quick look at Charli’s playhouse below:

Pink peardrop playhouse in a cosy garden

Charli ordered her peardrop playhouse from us last year, and it is more than standing the test of time. Her children love it and use it as much as they can.

“If someone asked me if I recommended Garden Buildings Direct, I would say yes – absolutely.”

Peardrop Junior Playhouse Banner

If you’ve been inspired by Charli’s work, and would love a magical playhouse for your family, shop our fantastic range of playhouses using the button below. Or check out some other customer stories here!

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