Log Cabin With Side Shed: Why Buy a Cabin With a Side Store?

Garden log cabins boast a classic alpine style with a modern twist, which sets them apart from the rest. Made with thicker log cladding, they offer enhanced durability and year-round comfort. The prevalence of living in a log cabin in the UK comes as no surprise.

But what about adding a side shed to the equation? In the next few minutes, we’ll weigh the pros and cons to help you make informed choices. Keep reading!

2-in-1: Log Cabin Sheds

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store
BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

The idea of a log cabin with a side shed is to provide efficiency and versatility in one outdoor building. In essence, investing in one means getting two functions in one space. It’s a smart choice, if you ask because building separate structures takes up more room in your garden space. Instead, you save space in terms of the structure’s physical area. Even better, you also avoid the need for extra space around them. With a combined log cabin and side shed, you get the benefits of both without wasting any space. It’s a practical solution, especially if you don’t need a large shed.

And the advantages don’t end here! If you’re keen on investing in one soon, here’s what awaits:

1. Space optimisation

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store
BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

A log cabin with side shed extends beyond the typical role of a shed cabin. While the two may seem the same, this combo isn’t solely confined to serving as an outdoor garden storage. Rather, they merge the functionality of a standard log cabin with the practicality of a shed. When combined, they create a versatile space that can be more than just a mere space for stashing tools.

Think of having a cosy living space and a handy storage area all in one place. You get two functions without taking up extra room — a single, well-utilised space. Picture hosting a BBQ party where guests can rest inside the cabin. As for your grilling essentials, they find a home in the side shed after a day of use.

Overall, this setup turns your area into a flexible space that maximises practicality.

2. Cost-effective solution

Investing in a log cabin with side shed isn’t just about space — it’s a smart move for your wallet, too. With a single unit that serves both living and storage space, you’re saving big on construction costs. This makes it a cost-effective solution when it comes to building and maintenance.

Save big on construction and upkeep costs by opting for this money-smart choice. It not only maximises your space but also keeps your budget in excellent shape.

3. Efficient use of outdoor area

Owning a log cabin with side store brings a double win to your garden. To start, there’s no need for extra pathways or access space between structures. You get to use every inch without wasted areas.

Next, the streamlined design enhances your outdoor haven’s beauty. It’s like having one stylish and connected space for living and storage house. Overall, this setup makes your garden both practical and nice to look at. It’s a simple choice that adds a lot of value to your outdoor experience.

4. Year-round versatility

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store
BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

Another perk you’ll get is year-round comfort in the great outdoors. Thanks to good log cabin insulation, these structures stay cosy in any weather. Imagine feeling just as comfortable in winter as you do in summer!

This cosy vibe isn’t limited to the living space alone; it extends to the attached side storage shed. Your belongings are shielded from the elements, keeping them safe and sound. You can relax knowing your cabin and stored items are well-protected. Whether it’s scorching heat, chilly winter winds, or pouring rain, you name it.

5. Convenient access

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store
BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

With a log cabin and attached side shed, access becomes a breeze. No need to step outside or battle bad weather – your stored items are right at your fingertips. You can have everything you need under one roof, how’s that?

The side shed acts like an extra room, making your log cabin space even more versatile. Whether gardening tools, outdoor gear, or anything else you want to keep handy, it’s all right there. On top of convenience, it creates a hassle-free setup that makes daily tasks easier.

Potential Considerations

Before committing to a log cabin with side shed, it helps to consider potential drawbacks. While it offers numerous benefits, a balanced decision involves understanding the limitations. Below are a few common disadvantages and practical solutions:

Limited customisation

  • Drawback: It may have limited customisation options compared to building separate structures.
  • Solution: Opt for customisable designs or pre-designed models that align with your needs. Many providers offer flexibility in design elements. This ensures your combined structure suits your requirements.

Space constraints

  • Drawback: Combining a log cabin with a side shed may lead to space constraints. This is especially the case if you have a small garden.
  • Solution: Prioritise efficient organisation and consider decluttering to maximise the available space. Explore compact storage solutions and ensure the layout is optimised for functionality.

Complex construction

  • Drawback: Building one may involve more complex construction.
  • Solution: Engage professionals or choose modular options that simplify the construction process. Many providers offer easy-to-assemble kits, reducing the complexity and time required for installation. This ensures a smoother construction process, even for those without extensive building experience.


Choosing a log cabin with a side shed is a clever idea. It gives you a cosy space to live in and a handy area for storage. While there are a few things to consider, there are solutions for these. It’s all about finding the right balance for your needs. With this setup, you get a convenient and comfortable space, making it a smart investment.

Looking for both an outdoor storage solution and a log cabin retreat? Your search ends at Garden Buildings Direct. Up next on your reading list: The Benefits of Buying a Log Cabin Shed

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Log cabins will fall under what's called 'permitted development' and won't require planning permission, so long as they:


  • Are single-storey
  • Aren't intended for permanent residential use
  • Don't exceed a max eaves height of 2.5m
  • Don't exceed an overall height of 4m (dual-pitched roof like an apex or -reverse apex) or 3m (any other type of roof, like a pent)
  • Don't take up more than 50% of your garden area
  • Aren't build past the front wall of your house


That's why our BillyOh log cabins are built with these height measurements in mind. For more information, you can always talk to our customer service team.


Yes - especially when opting for thicker cladding you could create a bespoke garden building that's liveable. However, this is likely to require planning permission and you may want to consider installing utilities. For more, check out this post we wrote on this very same question.


Our BillyOh log cabin kits are your building, pre-measured and cut by our craftsmen and delivered as easy-to-assemble panels. They just require an extra pair of hands and some basic tools for you to follow the instructions. This way we can save you money on installation costs while still offering a premium outdoor building.