7 Best Small Log Cabins For All Garden Sizes (2021)

How to choose a log cabin? Nothing says cosy winter hideaway quite like a log cabin. And from traditional to contemporary styles, their thick log cladding is built to last and look good. Perfect as anything from a garden office to a games room, log cabins are the in thing.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down the best small log cabins that Garden Buildings Direct has to offer. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to choose the perfect small log cabin for your garden!

7 Best Small Log Cabins For All Garden Sizes (2021)

#1: BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin (Price: £2,759)

BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin
BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin

Let’s start off with one of our best-selling log cabins – the BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin! Featuring a modern pent room with an overhang, this would be the perfect place to sit out and enjoy your gorgeous garden throughout the year.

This log cabin also comes with full-length double doors and shatterproof SAN glazed windows (with the option to upgrade to double-glazed), allowing plenty of natural light in, unlike some windowless models. Creating a cosy environment, the Freya could just as easily be put to use as a children’s play area as it could a garden office.

What’s more, this log cabin is designed with thick and durable tongue and groove boards throughout. Built from high-quality European sourced timber, this small log cabin is designed ensure dependable quality.

And here at Garden Buildings Direct, we’ve got a great selection of windows, roofing and T&G flooring options to customise your Fraya to suit your individual tastes and needs.

This Fraya Pent log cabin features:

  • Full-length double doors for natural light
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • Shatterproof single glazed windows
  • 11mm tongue and groove floor and roof
  • Choice of 28mm or 44mm wall cladding
  • Complete with felt, fixtures, and fittings

The BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin is available in:

4m x 2.5m (Best for small gardens)£2,759
4m x 3m £3,129
4.5m x 3m£3,409
5m x 3m £3,659
4.5m x 3.5m £4,415
5m x 4m£5,195

Why buy a log cabin? Check out the video below!

#2: BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summer House (Price: £1,825)

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store
BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store

Get a cool place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life with the BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summer House!

One of our best selling log cabins, the Tianna now comes with tongue & groove flooring and felt included as standard. The Tianna can be your log cabin, a summer house and storage area all at once, thanks to its side store. So for a storage solution that doesn’t skimp on style, check out our Tianna log cabin.

Exuding a modern and stylish design, this log cabin summer house has a lovely pent roof design with long windows which look fantastic in any contemporary garden setting. So whether you want that dream extension without the planning permission and costs, or a garden office, the Tianna can provide.

Here are some of the Tianna’s awesome features:

  • European sourced timber – Our carefully sourced timber is selected to ensure dependable quality.
  • Galvanised ironmongery – Making your cabin last longer by adding extra structural integrity
  • 28mm or 44mm tongue and groove log thickness
  • 11mm tongue and groove floor and roof
  • Single glazing windows 
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity

The Tianna log cabin with side store comes in:

12 x 8ft£1,825
14 x 8ft£2,079

#3: BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse (Price: £1,889)

BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse
BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse

Possessing a charming yet sophisticated aesthetic is a must for a truly desirable log cabin. If this is what you’re after, then look no further. You’re going to love the BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin!

Ideal as a family room, an entertainment room, or a place to welcome guests and family, the Carmen is an affordable and quality cabin which comes with a number of perks, including optional 19mm or 28mm wall cladding, as well as tongue and groove construction for added structural rigidity.

Featuring a pent design, this log cabin will effortlessly compliment any garden setting.  The long windows makes the structure feel light and airy as they invite more sunlight in – providing your outdoor living space with natural lighting, whilst creating a hugely spacious feel.

If you plan to use it as a garden office, the Carmen can offer a quiet spot which is ideal for creating a much needed work-life balance.

The Carmen offers a number of fantastic features, including:

  • Full length door and window for natural light
  • Single glazing windows
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • Floor and roof included as standard
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

The Carmen log cabin summerhouse is available in:

12 x 8ft£1,889
14 x 8ft£2,145

Check out how easy it is to assemble a BillyOh log cabin, below:

#4: BillyOh Mia Log Cabin (Price: £1,515)

BillyOh Mia Log Cabin
BillyOh Mia Log Cabin

Creating a garden office allows you to better separate your work and home life while being able to give both the attention they deserve.

And log cabins are more than just an outdoor retreat; they can create a relaxing yet productive working environment – and the BillyOh Mia Log Cabin is no exception! Inspired by a new way of working, our cabins provide a contemporary and dedicated space where you can work (or relax!) in comfort and style.

With a modern pent roof, this log cabin has been specially designed to operate to look at home whether it’s being used as a tranquil garden office, games room, or even a home gym.

The Mia is a practical, adaptable, and convenient garden room. It’s perfect as a home studio for creatives, or office space for freelancing professionals!

And if you’re interested in the Mia, here’s a list of the cabin’s exclusive features:

  • European sourced timber
  • Shatter-proof glazing
  • Floor to gable window and door
  • 19mm T&G logs walls
  • 11mm tongue and groove roof and floor
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • Green mineral felt roof covering included
  • Complete with fixtures and fittings

The Mia Log Cabin is available in the W3.0m x D2.5m.

#5: BillyOh Darcy Log Cabin Summerhouse (Price: £1,918)

BillyOh Darcy Log Cabin Summerhouse
BillyOh Darcy Log Cabin Summerhouse

With a stylish reverse apex roof and tall opening windows, the Darcy log cabin summerhouse gives you the perfect space to relax in style, all in the comfort of your own garden. 

Designed to complement any garden setting, you can enhance time spent with friends and family in the garden with this gorgeous garden cabin. And just like the BillyOh Tianna, this log cabin summerhouse can turn your dream home extension into a reality without all the hassle!

This garden building creates a room that’s bright and airy, thanks to the modern windows and central double-door. The Darcy offers tongue and groove cladding, which provides high-quality weather protection as well as galvanised ironmongery which increases structural integrity.

But there’s more!

  • Central glazed door and tall front windows
  • Floor and roof included as standard
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings
  • High-quality European sourced timber

The Darcy log cabin summerhouse is available in:

10 x 8f (19mm)£1,918
10 x 8f (28mm)£2,158
12 x 8f (19mm)£2,188
12 x 8ft (28mm)£2,424
12 x 10ft (19mm)£2,430
14 x 10ft (19mm)£2,684
12 x 10ft (28mm)£2,800
14 x 10ft (28mm)£3,100

#6: BillyOh Travis Log Cabin (Price: £6,334)

BillyOh Travis Log Cabin
BillyOh Travis Log Cabin

The BillyOh Travis Pent Log Cabin features dual-use with its integrated storage and a strong, secure side-door. With its modern pent design and double doors, the Travis also offers easy access, making it ideal for entertaining. 

With customisable shelving and guttering options, as well as paint colour schemes, you can make your Travis log cabin truly your own. This design is ideal for those who want to add space, value, and character to their property.

With the ability for you to both store and relax in the Travis log cabin, it’s ideal for home gyms, cinemas, and for keeping garden furniture safe over the winter. With its countless options, you’ll never run out of ways to make use of this versatile building.

Features of the Travis Log Cabin include:

  • 2 in 1 log cabin with handy side store
  • 44mm thick T&G log walls
  • Tongue and groove roof and floor included
  • Single or double glazing available
  • Complete with fixtures and fittings
  • Green mineral roof felt included

The BillyOh Travis log cabin comes in a W5m x D4m model.

See how to build a log cabin in the video below.

#7: BillyOh Sasha Log Cabin Summerhouse (Price: £1,889)

best small log cabins

If you want to enjoy views of your garden while relaxing during the warmer months, then the BillyOh Sasha Log Cabin Summerhouse will make a great addition to your garden!

Boasting a bright and airy single room, this log cabin is a modern take on a beautiful traditional style. With a traditional apex roof and large windows, the Sasha is perfect for relaxing inside or outside on the deck. And, with 19mm or 28mm cladding available, you can use your Sasha year-round.

Here’s a list of features that the Sasha offers:

  • Modern apex style design
  • Wide-opening double doors
  • Strong tongue and groove construction
  • Option of 19mm and 28mm wall cladding
  • Floor and roof included as standard
  • Complete with felt, fixtures, and fittings
12 x 8ft£1,889
14 x 8ft£2,145

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We invest huge amounts of time and manpower into ensuring our products are the very best they can be, whilst maintaining prices that give our customers the best value and quality available. Even within our small log cabin range, there are loads of sizes like 5x3m cabins.

And, as we like to think that we know a thing or two about log cabins, we feel confident in saying that the above small log cabins are our very best. So check them out yourself via the button below!

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This is partially dependent on the type of treatment you applied to your log cabin. For example, choosing the add-on of pressure-treated timber means your garden cabin will require far less maintenance in the long run. But no, log cabins aren’t particularly any more high maintenance than any garden building. You get out what you put in. Just make sure to keep your roof clear of debris, maintain a healthy airflow to prevent damp, and sand, prime, and treat your timber as necessary.

For more, read our guide on preventing damp in your garden building.

There are a number of different ways in which log cabin wood can be treated. They include:


  • Water-based treatments - This requires no primer and can be applied directly onto wood, after first removing any grease, wax or dirt from your cabin’s exterior. This treatment should be applied every year.
  • Solvent/spirit-based treatments - This is an effective form of treatment which involves a gentle application to ensure it is smooth with an even coating. It is recommended to apply this every three or so years.
  • Oil-based treatment - The UV-protection ensures that this is a long lasting treatment type, only requiring retouching every five or so years. The treatment soaks into timber, providing strong weather protection.
  • Pressure treatment - This introduces wood preservatives deep into pre-cut timber in a vacuum, ensuring excellent protection against harsh weather conditions. Pressure-treated wood requires little maintenance and can save you money in the long run. That’s why we offer it as an option on many of our garden buildings.

Our BillyOh small log cabins are made with high-quality materials and designed to be easy and simple to assemble. Simply follow the digital assembly instructions included in your order confirmation. With a team of at least 2 people, you can fit the interlocking tongue and groove logs together and have your log cabin up in no time! 

Yes, you definitely can, although with a small log cabin it’ll depend on the amount of free space you have. With some planning and either the know-how or hiring a plumber, you can install a variety of bathroom options in your garden building.

Just remember that converting your log cabin into permanent living quarters may require planning permission. So check with your local council. Otherwise, check out our quick guide to installing utilities in your garden building.