Ways to Decorate the Inside of Your Log Cabin

From the forests deep to finding their place in many home gardens, log cabins are everywhere. Known for their rustic charm, they take you out of the busy city life and bring you into the calm idyll of the woods.

The catch is you get to experience this without stepping out of your property. Instead, it’s in the solace of your outdoor space. And to make the most of your stay, the interior needs to spice up.

If you’ve recently invested in one, you might be looking for ways to style the inside of your garden building. Regarding the design, the focus can be more than pine furniture pieces and sheepskin rugs.

This post offers a curated exploration of log cabin interior and decor ideas. Read on for inspiration for your design journey!

Log Cabin Decor Ideas: Interior

Elements that incorporate a touch of Mother Nature are a log home interior’s signature. This approach introduces the natural beauty of the outdoors into the cabin’s core.

The wooden walls alone from modish cabins set the warmth into place. But when styled with the right decorative elements, they pay tribute to nature in the most modern way.

If you’re still after more bits of inspiration, explore these top log cabin interiors below:

1. Steel and wood symphony

Industrial living room interior

(Image Credit: Flickr)

This concept introduces a contemporary twist to traditional log cabin interiors. To modernise your garden room retreat, focus on juxtaposing dark and light elements.

The idea is to emphasise dark wood-stained beams and log walls against light tones, such as beige plaster on the ceilings. Opt for overstuffed white sofas adorned with throw pillows for added brightness. This simple approach enhances visual appeal and creates a balanced, inviting atmosphere.

2. Gypsy hideaway

Bohemian living room interior

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Embrace Bohemian elegance and create a carefree and airy environment within your cabin. It’s a style that thrives on a lack of structure purposefully.

Introduce layers of pattern, texture, and vibrant colours with enough garden seat cushions and blankets. Incorporate eclectic styles and mix them with organic elements. Metals with woods; animal hides with travel trinkets. A white backdrop can showcase saturated Boho colours such as light wood, cream, and green. Add fringe, crochet, and macramé details. Illuminate the space with ambient, understated lighting.

3. Metropolitan escape

Urban modern interior style

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Transform your contemporary log cabin with the popular urban modern style. This design concept strikes a perfect balance between warmth and spaciousness. It fuses modern and industrial elements for a trendy ambience.

Opt for stylish, larger furniture and indoor lighting in lighter tones with subtle darker accents. Unlike Bohemian style layering, maintain a clean look. Enhance the aesthetic by blending modern and antique pieces. For instance, a wooden coffee table or accent chairs. Suppose it’s a garden office, style with a light wooden desk, a warm-toned lamp, and vibrant plants for added colour.

4. Cottage cosiness

Shabby chic shed interior

(Image Credit: Flickr)

This log cabin interior theme blends vintage and modern elements for weathered charm. Ideal for those seeking a timeless and environmentally conscious cabin retreat.

Soft hues like whites, pale pink, powder blue, lavender, and beige infuse a romantic, country-cottage feel. Craft a worn ambience on walls, emphasising attention to detail. Opt for aged-looking furniture and furnishings that exude character. Illuminate the space with understated warmth. Invest in vintage chandeliers, antique cage-style lamps, or ceiling lights. For a DIY approach, repurpose scratched or worn-down furniture.

5. Cabin by the coast

Nautical themed hut kitchen

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Ocean-inspired colours can create a tranquil beach house vibe in your outdoor cabin. Blended with neutral tones with luminescent turquoise completes the picture. Glass jars filled with seashells or white sand can also add character to your space. Enhance storage with a large treasure-box-style bin. This nautical theme is especially rewarding if you’re blessed with an ocean or lake view.

6. Open to nature

Most log cabins feature large windows, and if yours have this added perk, leaving them bare. Unadorned windows invite the outdoors in – in essence, skip the curtains. They bathe your space in natural light while offering expansive views of nature’s beauty. This design choice enhances your cabin’s airy and open feel. It can create a seamless connection between the interior and the garden.

7. Textile magic

Warm up the log with colourful and patterned throws, blankets, and pillows. Textiles not only add visual appeal but also provide tactile comfort. Opt for rich, plush fabrics like wool and fleece to create a snug ambience. Drape textured curtains for a touch of elegance, and area rugs help soften wooden floors.

8. Bold in red

Red accents are a striking choice that beautifully complements warm wood tones. Infuse cherry elements such as throw pillows, rugs, or wall art. This bold hue adds visual interest and intensifies the cosy ambience. To punctuate your cabin interior, consider red accent furniture or statement pieces. The interplay of crimson and wood tones brings vitality and homely warmth to your cabin.

9. A touch of reclaimed timber

Old wood, new warmth. Salvaged from aged structures, reclaimed wood brings history and sustainability to your space. Opt for reclaimed wood cabinetry to infuse rustic charm and embrace eco-friendly design. Each knot and imperfection tells a story, adding depth to your cabin interior. The weathered patina creates a warm, inviting ambience. In return, it makes your garden cabin feel like a cherished retreat.

10. Embrace Western style

(Image Credit: Rawpixel)

Western-style interiors evoke rugged elegance and are loaded with authenticity and handmade details. Often, they marry the warmth of wood with timeless leather craftsmanship. To anchor your space, opt for rich, weathered leather club chairs. Complement the rustic vibe with handcrafted scones for soft, ambient log cabin lighting. And to achieve that authentic Western palette, go for earthy tones, such as warm browns and deep reds.


In concluding our log cabin interior journey, we’ve explored diverse themes and decor. Each choice adds a unique charm to your garden room sanctuary. But remember, your log cabin is a canvas for personal expression. So make sure that it reflects your style and welcomes you home.

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Use mirrors and paint the walls a bright colour, these will both help reflect and enhance the natural light flowing in.

Start by finding the best style for you, then incorporate all of the furnishings you need into your log cabin to create your perfect space.

There are a few ways to brighten up a dark outdoor building.

  • Add LED lights
  • Paint your walls white
  • Add in bright furniture
  • Find a spot for your log cabin with a source of light naturally coming in

Yes, you can paint the inside of your garden building. You don't have to but it also won't cause any problems to your log cabin.

The perfect way to modernise your log cabin is to introduce the bohemian or urban modern style mentioned above. Keep your log cabin minimalistic and clear whilst adding in some neutral tones.