The Top 10 Garden Log Cabins

Adding a Log Cabin to your garden is an easy way to add loads of extra space to your house and give you new ways to live! Give yourself a whole new workspace, a home gym, an impressive new room to entertain in or just a place to sit back and relax. If used correctly, the benefits of a cabin can be endless, and this is of course amplified 

The only thing standing in the way is finding a Log Cabin that works for you. That’s why we’ve assembled this impressive new list of some of the Best Log Cabins we have available. No more hanging around – let’s take a look at them!

Why Buy a Log Cabin?

There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re getting the most out of your house and your life. A brand new Log Cabin could help you do just that – whether it’s adding a new space where the stresses of life can just float away, a dedicated workspace where you can get in the zone, or an art of crafts studio where you can let your creativity off the leash.

Choosing a cabin can be difficult. To help you find one that works for you, we’ve selected five of the best Cabins from our popular range below.

The 10 Best Log Cabins

Fraya Log Cabin with one door open in a modern paved garden

BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin

If you’re on the lookout for a modern log cabin to use and adapt however you want, then the Fraya is just what you’ve been looking for. 

Designed to complement any contemporary garden, the Fraya features a stylish front overhang that is both practical and good-looking by supplying shade during the summer months and shelter during the rainier parts of the year. The large-windowed design offers fantastic amounts of natural light and an airy feel to the interior while complementing the modern aesthetic.

This cabin stands out, not only because it looks superb, but because it does so while giving you a cosy, adaptable indoor space that you can use as you please. The ideal place to relax or let your creative instincts free, the interior of the Fraya provides you with a comfortable space in the confines of an attractive building.

Design Insights of the BillyOh Fraya

  • All Year Round Family Room
  • Extra High Double Door For Easier Access
  • Choice of 28 or 44mm Tongue & Groove walls
  • Optional Pressure Treatment
  • Floor and roof included as standard
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

Available in 6 sizes: 13x8ft (4.0×2.5m), 13x10ft (4.0×3.0m), 15x10ft (4.5×3.0m), 15x11ft (4.5×3.5m), 16x10ft (5.0×3.0m), 16x13ft (5.0×4.0m).

Winchester Log Cabin with alpine design in a grassy garden in the sunshine

BillyOh Winchester Log Cabin

Bring the beautiful finish of an alpine home into your own garden with the BillyOh Winchester Log Cabin. A versatile cabin with a spacious interior but a classic swiss-styled exterior, the Winchester is a lovely addition to any garden with a classic decoration theme.

Enjoy the traditional aesthetic of the Winchester with its iconic overhanging apex roof and relaxing veranda area as well as the thick log cladding that looks like it’s straight out of the alps! Despite this design, the Winchester has some great modern aspects to it, such as the fully-glazed double doors, spacious windows, and the comfortable interior room with its airy feel.

The Winchester stands out first and foremost thanks to this wonderful design. If you take great care with how you style your garden and want something that’s less modern than other cabins, then the Winchester fits the bill.

Winchester Design Insights

  • Choice of 28 or 44mm Tongue & Groove walls
  • Stylish Front Overhanging Veranda
  • Single or Double Glazed Doors and Windows
  • Pressure Treated options available
  • Floor and roof included as standard
  • Complete with Fixtures, Fittings and Felt

Available in 6 sizes: 13x8ft (4.0×2.5m), 13x10ft (4.0×3.0m), 15x10ft (4.5×3.0m), 15x11ft (4.5×3.5m), 16x10ft (5.0×3.0m), 16x13ft (5.0×4.0m).

Kent Garden Office Cabin on a paved base outfitted as an office space

BillyOh Kent Garden Office

The ideal Log Cabin for those who have made – or want to make – the full transition to working from home, the Kent Garden Office offers a huge, comfortable space that you can transform into a fully-fledged workspace.

The Kent is designed to provide a spacious interior, split into two separate rooms in our larger models, as well as an attractive, traditional design. Enjoy the classic look of this cabin with its reverse apex roof, the overhanging protected porch area, the traditionally sized windows, and the glazed double doors which provide easy access in and out of the cabin. 

What makes the Kent so unique is its ability to be the ideal Garden Office. With a selection of huge sizes that facilitate a versatile and functional office space for one or more people. If you’re looking to outfit your garden with an office pod with lots of space to work, the Kent is just what you need. 

Design Insights of the BillyOh Kent

  • Internal wall included on the 2 larger sizes
  • 28mm or 44mm Tongue & Groove log walls
  • Ideal for home working with room for multiple desks
  • Choose your style – Modern or Georgian Windows
  • Floor and roof included as standard
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

Available in 4 sizes: 13x10ft (4.0×3.0m), 13x13ft (4.0×4.0m), 16x13ft (5.0×4.0m), 18x16ft (5.5×5.0m).

Tianna Log Cabin with doors open in a grassy garde

BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summer House

Get the best of both worlds with our unique Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with its versatile side store. Not only does this cabin have the functional multipurpose living space you expect from a garden cabin, but it also features an integrated side store that you can use to bring a bit of extra organisation to your home or garden.

Sporting a stylish, modern design, the Tianna has an attractive pent roof and tall windows which fit seamlessly into contemporary garden settings. 

What makes this Cabin stand out is its one-of-a-kind versatility provided by the side store – which you can move to create your preferred divide of spaces. Get the function of three garden buildings in one with the indoor room of a log cabin or summerhouse combined with the storage area you might expect from a wooden shed.

Design Insights of the Tianna Cabin

  • Full-length double doors for natural light.
  • 19mm or 28mm Tongue and Groove Log Thickness.
  • Movable interior wall design.
  • 11mm Tongue and Groove Floor and Roof.
  • Single-glazing windows built in for peace of mind.
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity.
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

Available in two sizes: 12x8ft and 14x8ft

Outpost Insulated Log Cabin on a paved brick base in a furnished modern garden

BillyOh Outpost Insulated Building

If you’re looking for a log cabin that’s right at the top of our range, with all the features and comforts you could look for, then the Outpost could be everything you’re searching for.

This isn’t just a log cabin, the Outpost is a fully insulated building. This means that the whole building is built, top to bottom, to be insulated. This includes double-glazed windows and doors, double-skinned walls, extra thick cladding, and eco-quilt foil insulation in the roof, walls, and even the floor. The combination of these creates a super comfortable interior room – and that’s without even mentioning the modern design and pent roof of the building itself!

Standing out is easy for the Outpost with it’s fully-insulated design, modern features, and flexible interior room which stays warm and comfortable all year round – meaning you can use however you’d like.

BillyOh Outpost Design Insights

  • Fully Insulated With High-performance Multi-foil Insulation
  • 14mm Double Glazed Windows For Year-Round Use
  • Thick 66mm Insulated Panel Construction
  • Optional Pressure Treatment For Longevity
  • 11mm Tongue And Groove Floor And Roof
  • Wide-Opening Double Doors For Ease of Access
  • Secure Mortice Lock System For Maximum Security
  • Complete With Felt, Fixtures And Fittings

Available in three sizes: 8x8ft, 12x8ft and 14x8ft.

BillyOh Mia Log Cabin Exterior

BillyOh Mia Log Cabin

Compact and affordable, but brimming with potential, the Mia Log Cabin is the ideal cabin for a small, personalised space that you can tailor perfectly to your needs.

Don’t be fooled by its small size – the Mia is built to provide the ideal individual space for you, whether that’s a personal office space or a space to stretch out and relax for you and your partner. The Mia is also great if you have a small garden, as it’s size gives you great value for the space it takes up, especially with its incredibly affordable price point. Complementing a modern garden with its pent roof, the interior of the Mia is provided loads of natural light thanks to its roof-to-floor window and fully glazed door.

The Mia is one-of-a-kind with the utility it provides at such a low price and small size – get the personal space you’ve been looking for with this fantastic garden cabin.

Design Insights for the Mia Log Cabin:

  • Full length door and window for natural light
  • 19mm T&G wall log
  • 11mm Tongue and Groove Roof and Floor
  • Single glazing windows built in for peace of mind
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • Green Mineral Felt roof covering included
  • Complete with fixtures and fittings

Available in one size: 10x8ft.

A Dorset Log Cabin with one door open on a plain white background

BillyOh Dorset Log Cabin

Stay traditional with the Dorset Log Cabin and its classic appearance. An adaptable Log Cabin available in a great variety of sizes, meaning there’s a model that fits in your garden, the Dorset is a fantastic addition to any garden.

Add the traditional look of the Dorset’s reverse apex roof to your garden with this versatile cabin that can be used as a place to relax, work, or play! With easy access provided by the glazed double doors, and lots of natural light and airflow with the two opening windows, the Dorset functions as a whole new room outside your house.

This modern log cabin stands out thanks to its reverse apex roof, the multitude of sizes to choose from, and its reliable versatility! You simply can’t go wrong with a Dorset.

Dorset Design Insights

  • 28mm or 44mm thick timber log walls
  • Reverse apex roof provides plenty of headroom
  • High strength SAN styrene glazed opening windows
  • Double doors with secure locking system
  • High quality roofing felt
  • 11mm floor and roof included as standard
  • 10-year anti-rot guarantee

Available in five sizes: 4.0×2.5m (14x8ft), 4.0×3.0m (14x10ft), 4.5×3.0m (15x10ft), 4.5×3.5m (15x12ft), 5.0×3.0m (16x10ft).

Canvas Insulated Building with open doors and windows

BillyOh Canvas Insulated Log Cabin

Bring a touch of modernity into your home with the Canvas Insulated Building, one of our newest additions to the cabin range here at Garden Buildings Direct. Ideal if you need a comfortable garden room which can also act as a garden centrepiece.

Much like the Outpost, the Canvas is a fully-insulated garden building with multi-foil insulation lined inside the strong tongue and groove cladding which, at 15mm width, is the thicket panel we have! The Canvas is also equipped with attractive uPVC windows and doors which add to the contemporary aesthetic of this insulated building.

The Canvas stands out thanks to its contemporary features – but also thanks to its customisability! With adaptable door and window placement, you’ll have loads of freedom when it comes to building your own cabin.

Design Insights of the Canvas Insulated Building

  • Insulated With High-Performance Multi-Foil Insulation
  • Fully Customisable Modular Garden Room
  • 15mm Insulated Panel Construction – Our Thickest Panel!
  • 15mm Tongue And Groove Floor And Roof
  • Premium 27x44mm Interior Framing
  • 14mm Double Glazed Windows For Year-Round Use
  • White Or Anthracite uPVC Glazing Upgrade Available
  • Wide-Opening Double Doors For Ease Of Access
  • Optional Side Window For Additional Natural Light
  • Optional Pressure Treatment For Longevity
  • High-Security Multi-Point Locking System
  • Complete With Felt, Fixtures And Fittings

Available in three sizes: 10x8ft, 12x8ft, and 14x8ft (biggest two sizes also available with an extra window).

Large Devon Max Log Cabin on a paved garden section

BillyOh Devon Max Log Cabin

If you’re looking for something that really takes the cake for size, then the Devon Max Cabin is sure to fit the bill. A truly massive cabin building available in a selection of large sizes, the Devon Max gives you unrivalled space.

Featuring a long, airy design and a huge interior room, the Devon is yours to fit out as you please. Whether you want a cabin that fulfils one purpose or one that can do three things at once, the Devon Max delivers when it comes to usability. Despite all this space, you’ll still receive lots of natural light thanks to its set of spacious windows – which you can upgrade to have SAN double glazing.

You may have already guessed what makes the Devon stand out, and you’d be right – it’s the size. For those in need of a huge cabin to really make the most of their garden space, the Devon Max is the biggest of all our cabins.

Devon Max Design Insights

  • Made from Premium 44mm Log Boards
  • Long and Spacious Design
  • Airy Windows in an Asymmetrical Layout
  • Secure-locking, Tall Double Doors for Easy Access
  • Reverse Apex Roof provides lots of headroom
  • Strong SAN Styrene Glazed Glass
  • High-quality Green Roofing Relt
  • 10-year Anti Rot Guarantee

Available in five sizes: 23x10ft, 23x10ft, 26x10ft, 23x13ft, and 30x10ft.

Carmen Log Cabin Summerhouse with door open in modern garden

BillyOh Carmen Log Cabin

Last but certainly not least is our amazing Carmen Cabin. Modern, affordable, and designed specifically to provide a wonderful space in which you can relax, the Carmen hits a log cabin sweet spot thanks to its great price point and contemporary design.

A Log Cabin Summerhouse by design, the Carmen is ideal at the end of a garden as a place to go and relax when the sun is out and beaming. Featuring a refined, modern design with an attractive pent roof, your Carmen cabin gives you space to unwind at a price point that won’t stress you out!

Carmen Cabin Design Insights

  • Modern Pent Design
  • Full length doors and windows for natural light
  • Modern Central Door and Front Windows
  • Strong Tongue and Groove Construction
  • 19mm or 28mm wall logs thickness
  • Optional pressure treatment for longevity
  • 11mm Tongue and Groove Floor and Roof
  • Complete with felt, fixtures and fittings

Available in two sizes: 12x8ft and 14x8ft.

Log Cabin interior with comfortable modern furnishings

The Perks of Buying a Log Cabin from Garden Buildings Direct

There are all kinds of benefits to garden cabins – especially those available here at Garden Buildings Direct.

Strong and Secure Tongue & Groove Log Cabins

Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we take pride in our quality buildings and log cabins that are finished with Tongue & Groove panels, available in 28mm or 44mm wall thicknesses. 

The panels interlock, creating a strong and secure board for the walls of the cabin, ensuring a sturdy structure which has been built to last. This also creates a smooth finish which further enhances the style and aesthetic of the log cabin.

If you opt for a log cabin with 44mm thickness, it guarantees to provide more warmth during the winter months, whilst offering further protection and a more secure structure. Nevertheless, all garden buildings made of T&G construction are sure to last longer.

Pressure Treatment Option

For ultimate protection and longevity, we recommend opting for pressure treatment. Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we offer both untreated and pressure-treated garden buildings. Pressure treatment works by immersing timber into a tank. Air is removed to create a vacuum and chemical preservatives are then added to the wood which helps to preserve and protect it.

A pressure-treated garden building can comfortably stand up against any harsh weather conditions while at the same time, extending its lifespan compared to its untreated counterpart. Therefore, pressure treatment can offer heaps of amazing benefits!

You’ll be left with a log cabin that is cost-effective. Thanks to reduced maintenance, you may even save money and time in the long run!

Fraya cabin viewed from the front with doors closed decorated with flower pots

A Log Cabin For You

Finding a log cabin that suits you and what you need isn’t always an easy task. But with the selection of these five fantastic cabins, we’ve no doubt you’ve narrowed your options down. If you’re still struggling to find a favourite, then don’t fret – we have a huge range of cabin buildings that you can browse. To get a look at our entire range, simply click the button below and find a log cabin for sale that is right for you!

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