Keter Store It Out Max Review

Ever felt overwhelmed by household clutter and short on time to tidy up? You’re not alone. You might have felt frustrated juggling a busy schedule while trying to keep things tidy. And maybe you’ve hesitated to store stuff outside because of security worries. Here’s where the Keter Store It Out Max shines! This durable plastic outdoor storage solution could make all the difference. Check out our detailed guide and customer reviews to decide if this is the right choice for you.

Keter Store It Out Max Detailed Review

Store It Out Max Keter Outdoor Garden Storage...
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Store It Out Max Keter Outdoor Garden Storage...
  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for garden tools,...
  • Elegant wood affect panels with a piston-assisted...
  • Heavy-duty floor with main door bolt and secondary...

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Exploring the Keter Store It Out Max

Keter is an Israeli brand renowned for high-quality household and garden products. The company crafts its products from durable resin. It has been around for 60 years, and they’ve achieved many awards since then. All thanks to their excellent quality offerings!

Now, let’s delve into how these features can transform your storage solutions, shall we?

Product dimensions

Product Dimensions

 Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)

Made from durable resin, Keter’s garden sheds ensure longevity and weather resistance. The Keter Store It Out Max, measuring 145.5 x 82 x 125 cm, offers ample storage, supporting up to 1,200 kg. Its wide-opening doors facilitate easy access. Perfect for anyone looking for a small and easy-to-move shed, it’s a great choice in the lineup.

Storage capacity

The Keter Store It Out Max is perfect for housing your garden tools, kids outdoor toys, and more. With interior dimensions of 132 x 76 x 110 cm (L x W x H), there’s ample space for your belongings.

It can accommodate two 63g wheelie bins discreetly if you prefer them out of sight. It’s just right for medium-sized storage needs, with a maximum capacity of 1,200 kg.


Despite being plastic, this garden shed boasts remarkable longevity. It requires virtually zero maintenance and is immune to rust. Moreover, it features wide doors and a lid supported by a hydraulic piston. This ensures safe storage without damage. Overall, it offers a dry, well-ventilated, and weather-resistant storage solution.


Built from versatile resin, the Keter Store It Out Max combines form and function. Its earthy brown and beige tones give it the appearance of a wooden shed. This design ensures it complements rather than clashes with your garden’s aesthetic.

Featuring a sloped threshold and two wide-opening doors, this garden shed prioritises convenience. Storing items, whether alone or with help – bulky or something small, is easy.


The Store It Out Max prioritises your peace of mind with dual locking mechanisms. The main doors feature one lock, while another is situated at the base—a unique “Step on Lock” design. With this robust security system, your belongings remain safeguarded within the shed.

Keter Store It Out Max Garden Shed

Reviews on the Keter Store It Out Max

“Before buying my Keter Store It Out Max, I checked reviews to make sure it was a good choice. Reading various sum-ups got me excited about getting the product.”

  • The assembly was straightforward, with clear instructions.
  • The storage shed’s thick material suggests durability.
  • It offers great value for its price point.

“Upon damaging the product, received a free replacement after contacting the company. A pleasant surprise!”

“I depend on recent reviews to judge product quality. Luckily, reviews for the Keter Store It Out Max have stayed positive. This confirmed my decision to purchase.”

The Bottom Line

The Keter Store It Out Max is a great outdoor storage shed. It’s made of strong material, has lots of space inside, and comes with locks to keep your stuff safe. People who’ve used it say good things about it, so you can trust that it’s a good buy.

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