Top Tips on How To Have a Staycation in Your Own Garden

Amidst the current global coronavirus pandemic, travel bans have been imposed and authorities are encouraging people to stay home to prevent the disease from spreading further. So why not spend a quality garden staycation at home with the family instead, with these few helpful tips!

1. Prepare your space


In wanting to create a relaxing space for a staycation, you need to prepare your garden and keep it clean. During this time when a global pandemic is present, it is best to begin cleaning your space by disinfecting it. You can clean surfaces with soap and water and use household disinfectants or a diluted bleach solution to spray on the area.

Then, you can start clearing out any clutter, cleaning your outdoor furniture, pruning your plants, and mowing your lawn. You should also keep all your garden furniture in the garage or garden shed.

2. Choose a theme


Before starting to decorate your garden, think of how you want your space to look or how you intend to use it for a staycation. If you have a garden pool, you can create a resort-style space and add some chaise lounge chairs, rattan furniture, decorative umbrellas, and colourful throw pillows.

You can also opt for a summer camp theme and get crafty with camping tents, BBQ grills, and a fire pit or bonfire. Re-creating a vacation home is also possible with a cosy summerhouse or log cabin.

3. Decorate


The next step to preparing your outdoor space for a garden staycation is to decorate it according to your theme and resources. You may need to spend some amount so it’s also important to determine your budget and plan accordingly.

Here are some of the items you can invest on in your garden staycation:

Outdoor furniture – Since you will be spending time with family, opt for comfort and functionality. If you already have a set of outdoor furniture at home, you can simply add up some covering or throw pillows for a cosy feel. If not, it’s best to go for the modern rattan garden furniture that is durable, stylish, and maintenance-free.

Garden building – Investing in a log cabin or summerhouse for your garden can go a long way towards making your outdoor space functional. It can serve as an extension to your indoor living space as well as a garden staycation room all year round.

Lighting – Aside from creating a stylish space, outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your garden staycation after dark. You can invest in solar lights that are classy and inexpensive. Backlighting and uplighting can also highlight your favourite spots in the garden.

FirepitFirepits do not only warm up an outdoor space but also adds to its cosy and comforting vibe. You can either opt for the vintage or contemporary styles for your garden staycation.

BBQ or outdoor kitchen – Since your staycation can include some cooking and food, you can re-create a simple kitchen outdoors or put out your BBQ. You could even throw a BBQ party for family and friends!

4. Disconnect


Allow your garden staycation to serve its purpose and focus on putting your mind at peace for the duration of it. Turn off your phone or just check it once in a while for important messages and notifications. Leave distractions and stressful things behind for a few hours or days and indulge in relaxation and rest.

5. Play a vacation soundtrack


To feel the vacation vibe despite merely being in your garden, play some soundtracks as if you are going on a trip. Listen to some beach music, tropical tunes, classic songs, or even popular music you can sing along to.

6. Enjoy your staycation


Lastly, the key to experiencing a garden staycation is to enjoy your favourite activities with the family. You can indulge in a vacation-reading binge — picking your most comfortable outdoor furniture, enjoying a tall glass of your favourite beverage, and having enough lighting.

A fancy picnic is also a great idea. Put out your checkered blanket, pack up some finger foods, and get a cute basket for a fun bonding moment with your family.

A movie night can serve as an intimate staycation moment too. You can set up a projector screen in your garden or log cabin and play some movies or even a good series to binge-watch. Don’t forget the popcorn and cold drinks!

Spend your time at home with a fun and relaxing garden staycation with these few helpful tips! Check out our wide selection of log cabins, summerhouses, and garden sheds to add up to a great vacation vibe in the garden.