Classic Outdoor Games & Fun Activities for Kids of All Ages

Outdoor games are one of the highlights of the summer season. Thanks to the cloud-free days, families can enjoy playing some fun activities in their backyard, or in the play areas of parks, beaches, or even in the comfort of their very own playhouse.

We know your family will want to spend most of the day outdoors, so we have put together some classic, fun activities that will surely have your kids rushing out the door and never wanting to come back in!

Most of these games can be done both indoors and outdoors. But they are best done outside with a group of friends. Prepare your garden for some exciting games!

13 Classic Outdoor Games and Fun Activities Ideas

1. Giant Pick-up Sticks

An outdoor gathering during the summertime would not be complete without a game of giant pick-up sticks. 

If you think you have good hands in playing with the smaller version, let’s find out how better you’ll become with the bigger version.

Whether it is in the comfort of your backyard, in picnic grounds or public parks, this DIY classic outdoor game is sure to bring excitement and amusement for the whole family. What’s more, you may even draw a crowd and create a new alliance as you play this game.

There is no need to purchase these giant sticks at your local play store or online. In fact, you can do them on your own or with your children!

2. Glow in the Dark Night Bowling

Sure, bowling is a fun game. But have you thought about playing it in the dark? If you’re looking for a fun twist on an evening with your children, this DIY outdoor game is a great choice!

A perfect entertainment for an extended summer BBQ party, you can turn the warm summer night a bit extra and engaging by setting-up a glow in the dark bowling in your garden area.

Take a barbecue and blue lemonade break, and challenge someone for some night time bowling. Toss the ball down the ‘lawn’ lane and see how many glowing pins you and your opponent can knock down.

Before you throw that ball, knock things down and get a high score, make sure you all have the necessary materials to create a glow in the dark bowling set.

3. Giant Jenga

Do you remember how you held your breath whilst playing Jenga? If you thought this game was fun, then wait until you play Giant Jenga! It’s time to make it bigger and better, and more serious.

Although creating a giant version of this yard game will take you some time, the end result is going to be worth it. No table is needed to play this game and they’re easy to see. What’s more, you have all the space in your backyard to move and find the perfect angle to move that one giant stick easily.

4. Cornhole Boards

No lazy summer days, barbecue parties, or just casual gatherings outdoors would be complete without this classic yard game. If you want to spice up your family get together, then a corn hole board is a must-have.

Not only this outdoor game is perfect on lawns, but also in parking lots or even by the beach. As long as you have a nice flat surface, a corn hole board game sounds like a plan! Even better, this one is fairly easy to build.

5. Slide and Toss

One thing we like about this game is that you do not have to book for some beach trips to splash through the summer. You also do not need a pool or invest one to beat the heat.

Just head out into your outdoor space and play some water games like this famous slide and toss! Trust us; this is a brilliant way to lure your kids from playing video games and get the rest of the family to engage in some water activity even without leaving your home premises.

What’s summertime fun without making your own version of the slide and toss? In addition to being easy to make, unlike the store-bought slip and slides, you can make this DIY version as big as you want!

6. Bean Bag Toss

If there’s an activity that can be carried out without any constructions, a bean bag toss is your best bet! 

Did you know that most younger children find this yard game more convenient than holding and tossing an actual ball? This is because bean bags make use of fun and inexpensive props like fabric pieces and some cushions, which make the bag lightweight.

And since beanbags cannot roll away, this makes a perfect game for children who need to develop their gross motor skills.

Are you ready to make your own bean bags? All you need to do is get some clay saucers and decorate it, then stick the scoring points inside. It’s much easier to do than building a corn hole set. 

7. Ring Toss

We cannot find any reason why this classic carnival game of ring toss cannot be played right at home. Not only are the rules easy enough that families of all ages can play, but also this fun outdoor game can suit any party theme.

Birthday party? Barbecue party? Family dinner? You can name it all! Ring toss is one of the easiest outdoor games that can be played by the whole family in the garden.

With just empty soda or water bottles and with a bit of paint, you can now bring this traditional carnival game in your backyard.

8. Mini-Golf Course

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own course play all year round both inside and outside of your home? There is no need for a vacation-week treat to challenge someone from your family member and confirm who is the best player.

Building a mini golf course is the key! Whether or not your family is fond of sports, they’ll surely enjoy the challenge of building and designing a mini-golf course in your backyard, so be sure to work together when assembling.

In addition, this mini outdoor activity is easy for children and entertaining for all ages. Plus, everyone will enjoy the friendly competition that goes along with a rousing game of golf.

9. Water Balloon Pinata

Who says wearing swimwear are just for people going to the beach? Playing water balloon pinata is a great excuse for the whole family to wear swimsuits in the garden and to cool down on a hot summer day.

All you have to do is fill up the balloons with some water, hang them and start whacking. What a fun way to beat the summer heat!

You can create a bat out of cardboard, making the game a lot safer for kids to play. Just roll the cardboard and tape it with duct tape. 

10. Going on A Scavenger Hunt

The idea of scavenger hunting for children is fun, exciting, and beneficial. This kind of outdoor activity can help them develop important life skills such as problem-solving, building teamwork, reading, enhancing their observation skills, and getting good exercise for the body and mind.

Challenge them to hunt for different colours or textures, or even season signs such as spring blossoms in your garden. Help them to look out for some clues on how many tiny natural objects they have to find to fit inside a matchbox or a shoebox.

11. Paper Plane Competition

They say there are tons of skills a father should pass on to their children, such as play a specific sport, how to ride a bike, including how to make a paper aeroplane. Paper planes are everyone’s childhood, so be sure your little ones get to experience it!

To make the most out of your self-isolation at home, challenge your children with a paper aeroplane competition. It’s time for you to teach them the art of making a plane that can truly go the distance.

To make the game fair, compare each design and see how well they fly and land.

12. Dance Challenge

In times like this, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your children’s health. With a little bit of physical activity such as dancing, this can keep them busy, entertained, and active throughout the day.

You can pick a song for a choreography challenge and work together with your children to create a random dance routine and see if you can all remember it!

13. Fun Circuit Training

Another great and fun way to get your children involved in physical fitness is to introduce them to circuit training. You don’t have to be an expert fitness coach to guide them throughout the exercise routine. 

To ensure your children won’t miss out the summer fun, there are more exciting activities for you and your little ones to enjoy together you can find online, whether at home or in your garden. We hope these classic outdoor game and fun activities ideas that will surely help you and your family be entertained and keep the summer fun going!

Bonus: building a wooden playhouse is also a fun outdoor activity for the whole family! The kids may even find their love for building things and make their own mini golf course. Who knows!