Brett's BillyOh Storer T&G Apex Shed
Brett’s BillyOh Storer T&G Apex Shed
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Brett’s BillyOh Storer T&G Apex Shed

Thank God the sun is out! The snow last late Feb was a bit too much. Anyway, it’s that time of the year again! Shed building season is just around the corner.

I guess we will never get used to the ever-changing weather. But not BillyOh. Brett searched the internet to find the shed company that offers the best value for money. It is not surprising to see that he found his way here and happen to choose the BillyOh Storer Tongue and Groove Apex Shed.

We ask Brett…


What made you purchase your building from Garden Buildings Direct?

“I looked at a number of different sites and found Garden Buildings Direct seemed to be the best value for the price.” says, Brett.


Brett's BillyOh Storer Apex Shed


Why did you choose this building?

“I felt that it was better to buy the tongue and groove as hopefully last longer and justified paying more. he says.


How was your customer experience?

“Everything went better than expected buying online, delivery, and the building had helped to put first two panels together and attach door the rest I did by myself.” he narrates.



Brett's BillyOh Storer Apex Shed


How are you finding the building now?

Beaming with a smile, he answered, “Well happy with the shed as that part of the garden was an eyesore before.”


Would you recommend buying from us?

“I would certainly recommend Garden Buildings Direct.”



Brett's BillyOh Storer Apex Shed


How did you decorate it and what paint did you use?

“The only thing I would have done differently is to buy the paint etc from them. I have a water repellent golden brown paint and will do it when the weather gets better.”


The Storer T&G Shed makes a great addition to any garden that is tight for space. This great value unit will provide you with an inexpensive storage solution that has been designed to provide you with a strong and reliable space to store all of your garden items.

You don’t need to worry about your garden tools or garden furniture getting wet or damaged in bad weather. The Storer T&G Shed offers a sheltered space to keep all your garden items dry and secure.




Inspired by Brett’s story?

You can have your own shed and customise the way you like it. Check out our wide range of shed that will definitely fit all types of garden.


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