Customer Spotlight: Malcolm’s Storer Overlap Shed

We love to catch up with our customers to see how they’re getting on with their garden buildings and products. That’s why getting in touch with Malcolm, who is extremely satisfied with his Storer Overlap Shed, was no different!

Gardening expert Malcolm has a garden that is already busy with decoration, panelling, and paving. But he still lacked a place to store and organise all his valuables. Malcolm knew that another shed would be the best solution – but he didn’t want to spend too much on it.

A quick search led him to Garden Buildings Direct and our extensive range of smart storage sheds.

Malcolm chose the Storer Overlap 4×6 Shed as it fit perfectly into the space in his garden while blending in with the rustic overlap panels that surround it. But the most important factor for him was the cost.

“I brought the Storer Overlap as it was good value for money.” 

BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed
BillyOh Keeper Overlap Apex Shed

Malcolm quickly built his new storage shed and was pleased to find it fit perfectly into the corner of his garden. He fitted it out with everything he needed to meet his storage needs before adding a security padlock to ensure that all his valuables would be safe.

Buying was easy and delivery was above and beyond.”

The Storer overlap is designed to be a compact storage solution that can fit anywhere while still offering extensive storing options. Malcolm said his Storer is fulfilling that job perfectly and protecting everything he has put in it.

Take a look at some pictures he took below.

Small storage shed in a tight paved garden

Small storage shed in a tight paved garden

Malcolm says he recommends the product so much that he is even thinking of buying one for his daughter!

Do you need to organize some valuables like Malcolm, want a workshop space, or simply need a place to store your bike? Check out our wide variety of sheds using the button below and find the ideal shed for your needs!

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