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Advanced Guide to Garden Sheds

Advanced Guide to Garden Sheds

If you’ve just purchased a garden shed or are looking to buy a new one, our advanced guide to garden sheds is the perfect tool for you to learn everything you need to know. Find out how to build a shed base, all about insulation and so much more!


What are sheds?

Typically, a shed is a single-storey unit that most homeowners will have in their back gardens. Sheds can vary in style, design, size and construction. From small metal structures to large wooden buildings with shingled roofs, you can pretty much find any shed to suit your garden and lifestyle. The main materials used for garden sheds are metal, wooden and plastic.

These have different properties and are suited for different purposes. Wooden sheds are what spring to mind when you think of a garden shed, however, metal and plastic sheds are becoming more increasingly popular over time. Read our Shed Buying Guide for a detailed guide on choosing the right shed for your garden.

Metal: The strongest and most durable material for sheds. Made from galvanised steel, metal sheds are a great choice if you want a secure unit for storage. Not as attractive as their wooden counterparts, they still make a good choice due to the fact they are resistant to rot and fire. Metal sheds are more lightweight than wooden sheds so can be moved more easily.

Plastic: Often less expensive than metal sheds, plastic sheds are a great choice for anyone who wants a garden shed that is low maintenance. Strong but also lightweight, they can be easily moved around the garden into your preferred position. Some plastic sheds are also UV resistant which means they won’t fade in the sun and provide the perfect store for your gardening items.

Wooden: Wooden sheds complement any garden and come in modern and traditional styles. Without treatment wooden sheds can be vulnerable to rot, rust and mildew so it’s important to apply a treatment or a wood preservative when purchasing a new wooden shed. Unlike other sheds, wooden sheds can be easily customised or painted to suit your garden style.

What are garden sheds used for?

Most garden sheds are used for storing gardening equipment and tools. However, there are many purposes for the humble garden shed which you might not be as familiar with.

Bike storage: Sheds offer the perfect shelter for bikes, garden bike stores are usually wooden units which don’t take up too much space in your garden but will protect your bikes from any harsh weather which would otherwise damage the bikes if they were left out in all conditions. There are traditional apex bike storage sheds which are perfect for traditional gardens, as well as more modern styles such as Pent stores.

Garden storage: The main use of a shed is ultimately for storage purposes. A shed provides any garden with a great place to keep all gardening tools and equipment safe, as well as garden furniture during bad weather. With so many styles and designs available, if you are looking for a garden storage shed there is definitely the perfect garden store for you.

Home Gym: A more alternative shed use is the garden gym. If you enjoy working out but don’t want to pay a monthly gym membership or don’t have the time to go to the gym in the evening, a shed can easily become a home gym in your very own back garden.

Garden Office/ Workshop: Your garden can offer the perfect environment for peace and quiet while working or studying. No matter what kind of work you do, a garden shed can be turned into a convenient workspace by adding wifi, a desk, chair, and a few home comforts. If you need somewhere for DIY projects, add in a workbench and tool rack instead.

Home Spa: Treat yourself to a spa break and a dip in a hot tub, relaxing, unwinding and recharging your batteries in your very own garden spa built into your garden shed.

Backyard Bar Shed: Garden parties are made a lot more fun with the addition of a bar shed. Perfect for warm summer nights, you can entertain family and friends by showing off your cocktail making skills! Add in a makeshift bar, all your pub memorabilia stored in the loft, your drinks of choice and you’ve got yourself a private bar that you don’t have to queue at to get served.

Overwintering plants: For green-fingered individuals, making sure your plants stay protected all year round is important. Garden sheds can offer the perfect place to store less hardy plants over winter and you could fit your shed with heating and light too.

Can I build a shed myself?

Yes, you can. If you need a detailed explanation of how to build a shed, read our detailed article here. Alternatively, you can watch our video guide below. Building a shed is straightforward if you know how.

However, if you plan on building a shed from scratch, it can be a lot more complex. Start off by deciding how big or small you would like your shed to be. Then you can source the amount of timber you will need to build the shed.

There are lots of garden sheds made from metal, plastic and wood which can be used for all kinds of purposes and uses. From cheaper garden stores to large workshops, a garden shed is a great addition to any garden. Shop our fantastic range of garden sheds and find a garden building which is perfect for your garden and lifestyle!


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