The Advanced Garden Shed Guide

The process of buying a garden shed requires thorough research and a lot of thought. Sheds can be expensive, so you want to make sure you get the right one.

But what size do you need? What material should it be made from? There are questions to answer when it comes to buying a garden shed.

So whether you’re looking to get a new one, or you’re a first time buyer, it is essential you’re aware of everything you need to know about garden sheds. With our advanced guide, you can ensure you’re making the best choice for your garden.

At Garden Buildings Direct, we sell loads of different types of sheds. We pride ourselves on quality and low prices. You can find all of our sheds here. But before that, you’ll need to decide which one suits you the most.

To make sure you know everything you need to know before purchasing, we’ve put together this helpful guide to garden sheds as the perfect answer to all your questions. We’ve aimed to cover every possible query about all things shed-based, to make sure you know which garden shed is right for you.

What Are Sheds?

Typically, a shed is a single-storey indoor compartment, commonly found in British back gardens. Sheds vary in style, design, size and construction. From small, metal structures to large wooden buildings with shingled roofs, you can pretty much find any shed to suit your requirements. Garden sheds are traditionally made of metal, wood or plastic.

Each potential building material has it’s own unique properties. In this way, they’re all suited for different purposes. A wooden sheds will be what springs to mind when you think of a garden shed. The sleek, modern designs of metal sheds and plastic sheds, however, are becoming increasingly popular over time.

Types of Garden Sheds

Metal Sheds

The BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed

Metal is the strongest and most durable material for sheds. Made from galvanised steel, metal sheds are a great choice if you want a secure unit for storage. While they don’t look like a traditional shed, they boast a load of features and qualities that wooden sheds don’t have. They’re completely resistant to rot and fire, and are more lightweight, so can be moved easily.

Plastic Sheds

BillyOh Ashford Plastic Garden Storage Shed Inc Foundation Kit Grey

Often cheaper than metal sheds, plastic sheds are a great choice for anyone who wants a garden shed that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Strong but also lightweight, they can be easily transported if you need to change locations. Some plastic sheds are also UV resistant, which means they won’t fade in the sun. Plastic sheds provide the perfect storage space for any gardening item.

Wooden Sheds

BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Pent Shed

Wooden sheds complement any garden with their traditional design and are often are available in both modern and traditional styles. If not treated properly, wooden sheds are vulnerable to rot and mildew growth – so it’s critical that you opt for our pressure treatment option, or apply your own wood preservative upon installation. A big bonus of wooden sheds is that they can be easily customised or painted to suit your taste – metal and plastic sheds cannot.

Advanced Guide to Garden Sheds

Our Advanced Guide to Garden Sheds gives you all the needed information to help you buy the perfect shed for your garden:

  1. Why buy a garden shed?
  2. Where should I put my garden shed?
  3. What are garden sheds used for?
  4. What’s with Garden Buildings Direct’s Garden Sheds?
  5. Garden Shed Maintenance Tips
  6. Can I Build a Shed Myself?
  7. How Can I Order a Garden Buildings Direct Garden Shed?

Why Buy a Garden Shed?

Garden sheds are versatile and suit most outdoors spaces. They can be used to store and protect garden equipment and tools as potting shed to grow plants, or as an outdoor hobby shack.It can also act as a handy alternative to a garage, for storing old garden furniture, lawnmowers and bikes. There are a multitude of reasons to buy. 

Where Shall I Install My Garden Shed?

When positioning your garden shed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Whether it’s being used as storage for your gardening essentials, or as a place to grow plants and vegetables, it is important to position your outdoor building wisely as to not risk inconveniencing yourself later down the line.

Choosing an easily accessible spot in the garden is crucial, especially if you plan to keep large, heavy items in the shed. Make sure to take note of the following:

  • Closeness to boundaries
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Proximity to the house
  • Ground reliability
  • The direction of the sun
  • Accessibility

We wrote a full article on this topic. You can check that out here, if you need more information.

What Are Garden Sheds Used For?

The most conventional, traditional usage of a garden shed is the storage of gardening equipment and tools.  Saying this, there are many other potential purposes for your humble backyard abode which you might not’ve considered.

Below is a list of the most common uses for garden sheds.

Bike Storage

BillyOh Mini Master Tongue and Groove Pent Store Shed

Need a place to store your bikes? A garden shed could be your best bet! We sell specifically made garden bike storage, but you can use any wooden shed. Not only will it take up minimal space in your garden, but it also guarantees protection of the bike against any harsh weather.

In addition, sheds have the option of either windowed or windowless. With that, you can easily know if the bikes are safely stored away or not.

At Garden Buildings Direct, we offer a variety of sizes of shed, so you can choose one suited to the number of bikes you have. We stock traditional apex bike storage sheds which are ideal for traditional gardens, as well as more modern styles with pent roofs.

Garden Storage

BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Apex Shed

Traditionally, garden sheds were used for storing garden tools, such as trowels, plant pots, hosepipes and shovels. While these days people use them for almost anything, due to their adaptability, a garden shed is still as equally as capable of doing it’s original job as it ever was.

Declutter your house and move anything that’s clogging up space indoors to your shed. You can sort it all out and get rid of what you don’t need during the transportation process. We offer many of our sheds with shelving, so you can keep your shed tidy all the time. Invest in some plastic or cardboard containers and label them individually for optimised organisation.

In addition, garden storage sheds are a great place to store garden furniture, especially during the wetter seasons. A shed big enough for garden furniture is ideal for keeping garden tables, chairs and cushions in tip top condition all year round.

With so many different styles and designs available, if you’re looking for a place to store your stuff, a shed is definitely the choice for you.

Home Gym

A more left-field, modern way you can purpose your shed by turning it into a garden gym. With gyms having been closed for a significant portion of time throughout the past year, home gyms have boomed in popularity. Get your lifts in without having to leave home.

A home gym offers many benefits – not least the absolutely fantastic fact that you’ll no longer have to pay for a monthly membership.

With a home gym, you’re likely to work out more often. After a long day at work, knowing you’ve got to trek the miles across town in order to workout can be a massive downer. On some occasions, it leads to us skipping the gym altogether. You know the feeling! We’re humans after all – and we’re lazy by nature.

Cut all that out and you’ll be exercising with no fuss every single day. Stay in shape right where you are. A home gym cuts out the need to travel and brings the gym to your doorstep.

Garden Office

One thing you may not’ve considered is the idea that your garden can provide a perfect, peaceful environment for work or study. No matter whether it’s office work, personal training, online zoom lessons or writing books, a garden shed can be turned into a convenient workspace in just a few simple steps.

With just a desk, a comfy chair and a few home comforts, your plain garden shed could be the garden office of your dreams in no time. Garden sheds converted into home offices are perfect for people working at home or for workaholics who never want to switch off, even when they get back from the office.

In addition to boosting work ethic, they’re also great for the budget-conscious too. Having a home office cuts out the cost of journeying to and from work. Once you’re up in the morning, all you’ve got to do is trod out to the garden (and get some fresh air while you’re at it!) to get to work.

Home offices save money in the long run for the people who work for themselves. Although there will be a certain initial cost involved in order to set up the home office, you’ll be able to save money over time by not having to rent a building.


BillyOh Traditional Log Cabin Workshop

In a similar fashion to the idea that you can transform a garden shed into a home office, our garden sheds also suffice as amazing workshops for DIY enthusiasts!

Whether you’re painting, sawing, drilling or drawing, doing it in the house can end badly. A garden workshop in your shed provides you a place where anything goes, and mess is welcome. With a simple workbench and a tool rack, you’ll have the perfect place to do it yourself, whether it be house chores like fixing a lightbulb, or a hobby like painting a guitar.

Home workshops are a sensible choice for families with young children. Keep all the dangerous stuff in one place. You can add a secure lock at checkout for most of our buildings. That way, you’ll minimise the risk of any trapped fingers, or someone getting their hands on a chainsaw.

Home Spa

Let’s be honest. Everyone needs a moment to relax every now and then.

If it’s a struggle getting some time alone, or if you just enjoy relaxing regularly, treat yourself to a spa break and a dip in a hot tub from the comfort of your own garden shed. Relaxing, unwinding and recharging your batteries is easy with your very own garden spa. It’s possible!

Add a of a few houseplants, some relaxing music and whatever else helps you summon your inner zen; your garden shed will be your own personal heaven in no time.

Backyard Bar Shed

We think garden parties are a whole lot more fun with an indoor area that you can customise for your needs on the night. Whether it’s to store food and drink, to show off your new tricks, or for somewhere to shelter from the rain, a backyard bar is a possibility with a shed from Garden Buildings Direct. It’s a great idea for a warm summer night when you fancy entertaining your family and friends with your cocktail making skills!

Set up a counter on your work bench, dig out all the pub memorabilia you’ve got in the loft, stock up on your drinks of choice, and you’ve got yourself a private bar that you don’t have to queue at to get served.

Note: Make sure you check out the laws regarding alcohol licenses in your region before bringing the pub to your back door. Serving booze can be a tetchy subject!

Overwintering Plants

For us green-fingered individuals, making sure our plants stay healthy and well all year round is important.

A garden shed can be the perfect place to store less hardy plants over winter. Installing heating and lighting in your shed can be beneficial to the lifespan of your plants too.

What’s with Garden Buildings Direct’s Garden Sheds?

BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Workshop

Massive Size and Build Options

Our best selling shed is the BillyOh Expert Reverse Apex Workshop. It’s available in 10 impressive size options including 8×8, 10×8, 12×8, 16×8, 20×8 to 8×10, 10×10, 12×10, 16×10, and 20×10. With so many sizes available, you’re bound to find one ideal for your garden.

The Expert also comes with the option of having windows or no windows. We figured you might prefer to keep eyes out of the shed if you’re storing expensive valuables inside – but there’s the choice of windows too, which provide ample light for any DIY project you might be doing.

Heavy Duty Wooden Shed

Our tongue and groove panels are one of the Expert’s standout features. Tongue and groove is a method of construction whereby the timber is locked together through the joining of a ‘tongue’ (a protruding strip of wood) and a groove (an indent within the corresponding panel). This interlocking method makes tongue and groove a much more reliable option than overlap or shiplap cladding when it comes to resistance to bugs and water.

For extra protection, we offer pressure treatment on our T&G buildings. This is great for people who haven’t got the time or money to maintain their shed annually, as our industrial method of infusing the wood with liquid preservatives will keep bugs and rot at bay for years.

Customisable Floor Options

We offer two flooring options on the Reverse Apex: 11mm and 19mm. Both are constructed with tongue and groove panels. 11mm T&G is a perfect choice if you’re not planning to be in there often. Contrarily, if you’re intending to store heavier, more substantial items in the workshop, or spend long periods of time in there, you might be better opting for the premium 19mm option. This provides optimal sturdiness and resistance to weight.

Both floors come with the option of pressure treatment. It works in the same way, providing unmatched durability and rot resistance.

Customisable Roof Options

For the roof, you can choose between 8mm solid sheet, 11mm tongue and groove and heavy duty tongue and groove.

Fixtures and fittings

We provide sand or mineral roof felt, hinges, turn buttons for the door, and all necessary fixtures and fittings as standard within the price of any of our sheds.

Simple Garden Shed Maintenance Tips

Clean and Inspect Regularly

We recommended that you inspect your garden shed regularly. The smallest holes can appear over long periods of time and without regular inspection, can escape your notice. If not filled with sealant or caulk,  rainwater can easily seep through gaps and cause damp inside your shed.

An easy way to make sure you inspect the shed regularly is to clean it. Cleaning the shed thoroughly at regular intervals should allow you stumble across any apparent issues within your shed that you might not’ve noticed otherwise. You should deep clean your shed at least once a year.


Keeping your shed warm and comfortable is important if you’re planning to spend time in there. In that case, insulating your shed might be something you consider.

There are multiple ways to insulate a shed, including using bubble wrap, rock wool and fibreglass. The advantages and disadvantages of each are detailed in our guide to insulating a wooden shed, linked above.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal insulation material, there are a few steps you should take prior to installation.

When insulating the walls, it is essential to ensure the wood is protected with anti-fungal treatment. This is as once applied, the insulatory material will cover the walls, meaning you will be unable to re-apply it.

In addition, make sure you measure each wall before you cut the material size. It’s important to ensure you have the correct lengths of foil or wrap to ensure you don’t waste any. You can use a wall panel as a template to cut out the material. This is especially useful as it allows you to take the size and indent of the windows into account.

For floor insulation, one of the easiest and most effective methods of insulation is to lay down a water resistant membrane under your carpet. Insulating the floor allegedly prevents 40% of the building’s heat being lost.

If you don’t want to put a membrane down, it’s crucial to regularly check underneath the carpet to make sure there’s no damp or rot starting to appear.

Can I Build a Shed Myself?

Building a shed is straightforward if you know how.

But if you plan on building a shed completely from scratch and you’re an amateur, it can be a bit more complex. It’ll require a good knowledge of mathematics and a host of different materials that you may end up sourcing from a bunch of different places.

At Garden Buildings Direct, we cut out the need for you to do anything other than easily assemble your shed. We’ve got a plethora of sheds for sale, made of metal, plastic and wood – all of which can be used for all kinds of purposes. From cheaper garden stores to larger workshops, a garden shed is a great addition to any garden. Shop our fantastic range of garden sheds and find a garden building which is perfect for you!

How to Order a Garden Buildings Direct Garden Shed?

Whether it’s a shed, a log cabin or a summerhouse, Garden Buildings Direct likely stocks the ideal outdoor building to suit your garden. We also offer garden furniture, water features and BBQs to supplement your perfect summer.

You can order now online by clicking here, or by picking up the phone and ringing us on 01909768840. Our sales advisors will be happy to help you pick your ideal shed from our range.

Happy shed hunting!