Garden Storage Solutions – Top Tips and Tricks

Last modified: December 19, 2023

Garden Storage Solutions – Top Tips and Tricks

Garden Storage Solutions – Top Tips and Tricks


Garden Storage Solutions – Top Tips and Tricks

5.4m x 3.6m

Few things feel quite as quintessentially British as the traditional garden shed. So many of us have fond childhood memories of the earthy wooden scent inside a shed on a mid-summer day. Aside from evoking memories of summers gone, a garden shed is still an incredibly useful way to increase the usable space on your property without the expense of a building project. 

With today’s options, the world of garden storage goes way beyond the traditional wooden shed. Innovations in storage designs, materials, and durability give us a surprising amount of options to choose from. 

Adding some durable and attractive garden storage is often on our to-do lists, but getting to the DIY shop to make it all happen is another thing altogether. Fortunately, a handy hack exists to get the job done with minimal time and expense. 

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The Classic Appeal of Traditional Garden Sheds

Adding more space to your property without building an extension or an outbuilding is a game changer. Whether it’s for extra storage, seasonal gardening, or a solitary retreat away from the house, a garden shed has been a homeowner’s best friend for generations. 

The traditional wooden shed, with its no-nonsense design, unassuming looks, and affordable price, is classically British. 

Exploring Savvy Alternatives for Garden Storage

Even though many of us grew up with traditional sheds, they are not always the best options for what we really need in our garden. 

Today there are several options for outdoor storage besides traditional wooden sheds to meet different needs for durability, weatherproofing, maintenance, stylish looks, and a wider variety of uses of the space. 

Here are some popular options for garden storage beyond:


Summerhouses: A Modern Twist

The summer house is a definitively relaxing choice for garden storage. Usually housing comfortable chairs for a calming summer retreat space, a summerhouse tends to be focused on enjoying time in the garden, rather than working extensively in it. 

Pretty designs evocative of the country cottage lifestyle make these quaint structures perfect for people looking to enjoy their space. The benefit of the summerhouse is that you can even enjoy sitting comfortably outside during a rain or wind. 

A summerhouse encourages outdoor time even when the weather does not. Use your summer house for:

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Log Cabins: Elegance Meets Functionality

No one can deny the cosy appeal of a rustic-looking log cabin. Enhancing your garden with the styling of the Swiss Alps or Canadian Rockies turns the ordinary into something beautiful. As versatile as a traditional shed for storage, gardening, or enjoying some garden retreat time, log cabins are the ultimate choice for blending form and function. 

Turn your log cabin into:


Metal Sheds: Built to Last

Traditional wooden garden sheds have a huge nostalgia factor, but also come with a need for maintenance and a shorter lifespan. The summer garden days are not as fun when you need to spend it repairing any winter weather damage to your old shed. 

People are increasingly turning to metal storage sheds for:

This more secure option lets you store some more pricey items, like bikes, tools, and lawnmowers with confidence. 

The Key Considerations for Purchasing Garden Storage

Everyone has a unique set of needs for their outdoor garden storage. A few things need to be considered when making the right choice for you and your home. 


The right garden storage option for you depends on what you plan to use it for. If you need to store more expensive items, the security of a metal shed might be a priority. Should you want to spend a lot of time reading in your little garden retreat, maybe a summer house or relaxing log cabin would be a better fit. 

Planning and Measurement

By planning ahead for the ideal storage size you need, you can avoid the disappointment of trying to squeeze three people into a summerhouse built for one, or the realisation that your room-sized shed is too big for your lawn mower. 

Planning out what you need to store or use your space for, and measuring your outside area correctly, helps your new garden space project go a lot smoother. 

Weather resistance and durability

Honestly, anywhere in Britain, we should expect a good amount of rain, cold, and damp each year. But in recent years, extreme temperatures with both freezing snow storms and prolonged summer heatwaves changed what we need to plan for when installing storage outside. 

If we want our garden shed to last as long as possible, it’s vital to be aware of the lifespan of the materials. When we need them to last a long time, we can instead consider more durable options like metal structures.

Understanding Permissions

Before jumping into the addition of a large shed, cabin, or summer house, it is important to make sure you stay on the right side of the local council rules. Most areas will make information easily available about how large a structure on your property can be before you would need planning permission. 

If your project is large enough to need permissions, just be sure to get them before you have your new shed show up on your doorstep. 

The Garden Storage Loophole Revealed

Gaining garden storage or living space no longer has to be the long and arduous process it used to be. The increase of direct-to-consumer brands of garden storage solutions like cuts out the middleman, which makes getting your new garden space a much easier and cheaper experience. 

By buying your garden storage directly online, you can:


If you desperately need, or simply wish for extra space for living or storage, your garden is an ideal place to make your expansion dreams a reality without building expensive and red-tape-laden extensions. 

Shopping directly with garden storage experts like Garden Buildings Direct can make your dreams a reality quickly and at an affordable direct-to-consumer price.

With so many options available for garden space and storage, there has never been a better time to increase the size of your usable space by adding a shed, garden cabin, summerhouse, or metal storage solution. Your tidy garden storage or personal retreat space awaits!

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