Practical and Functional Bike Storage Ideas

Like garages for cars, bikes need somewhere safe when not in use. You’ll want to ensure they’re secure so you won’t end up losing your two wheels to theft or have them clutter up the house. This is where bike storage shed ideas come in. Browse through these inspirations below:

1. Keep them safe in a bike shed

Let a garden bike shed keep your and your kids’ bicycles safe and secure no matter the weather. Depending on your preference, you can choose from wooden, plastic, or metal materials.

Take this BillyOh Mini Master Tongue and Groove Pent Store Shed, for instance. It is compact and has a windowless design for extra security. The extra-wide double door makes it easy to access.

Lotus 6′x6′ Bicycle Store Anthracite Grey
Lotus 6′x6′ Bicycle Store Anthracite Grey

2. One with a green roof

Thanks to the plant-covered roof, this concept has a positive environmental impact. It also protects the bike store from freezing temperatures and sun damage. It’s a great bespoke design worth trying.

Bike shed with green roof
Image Credit: Flickr

3. Vertical wall mount approach

A garage that lacks floor space can still be of use for storing bikes. The secret is to install vertical wall mounts, which hang the frame vertically. Note that enough floor-to-ceiling space is required. This technique is ideal for larger garden sheds.

Vertical wall mount bike storage
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. On the ceiling

Free up valuable floor space in your shed by using ceiling racks for bike storage. By suspending bikes from above, these racks keep them out of the way while allowing you to store more items. This maximises space utilisation and keeps your garden room organised.

Bike suspended on the ceiling with hooks
Image Credit: Flickr

5. Go freestanding

A freestanding rack can store two bikes horizontally without causing any wall damage. It can also be easily moved anytime, making it ideal for indoor and garage use. Enjoy the convenience of an organised bike storage shed with hassle-free installation!

Bikes on freestanding racks
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

6. Storage pole alternative

For a less obtrusive alternative to the freestanding rack, consider a storage pole. Make sure the pole is supported with two rubber ends from floor to ceiling. It should also be snugged and stable before mounting the bikes on the hooks.

7. Invest in a motorbike store

This storage solution will best meet your needs if you own two or more bicycles and/or a motorbike. This compact yet spacious motorbike shed can accommodate multiple bikes and a motorbike. Even better, it provides ample room for storing helmets and other accessories. Enhanced security features such as wide-opening, lockable doors ensure peace of mind.

BillyOh 28mm Premium Motorbike Store
BillyOh 28mm Premium Motorbike Store

8. Made from sturdy PVC

A PVC rack is another cheap and easy-to-build bike storage shed solution. Simply take a large PVC pipe and cut it down at an angle using a cutting tool like a handsaw. Smooth down the edges with sandpaper so they don’t scratch your bike, then attach to the wall.

9. Hang them upside down with hooks

For this, you’ll need not just ordinary hooks but heavy-duty ones. Opt for galvanised steel with a soft, non-marring, non-slip coated finish. Install them on the ceiling, and you’re good to go!

Upside down bike on hooks
Image Credit: Flickr

10. Multipurpose wall pallet storage

How about a hanging wall storage using pallets and turning them into a multipurpose rack? Install hooks to support your bikes and optimise vertical space utilisation securely. Add shelving units for added functionality and for storing accessories and tools. This creative and budget-friendly approach maximises storage capacity while maintaining a clutter-free environment.

11. Consider a gravity stand

Most gravity stand bikes are made of industrial-grade powder-coated steel. On top of its promising quality, the look is sleek and modern and an ultimate floor space-saver. Lean the rack against a wall, and gravity will keep your bikes secured.

12. Floor parking stand

This type of bike rack is known for its quick and easy “push-in” system rather than lifting it. It offers extra stability, making it an excellent option for heavier mountain bikes. The stand works wonders for a variety of bike styles, as seen in the photo.

Bike parked on a floor stand
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

13. The pulley method

When there’s nowhere to go with your bike but up, a pulley system is worth trying. It takes up your two wheels in the air easily and safely. Best used in garden sheds or garages with ceilings up to 12 feet.

14. A shelf and hooks bike rack

A DIY shelf can extend across the full length of your garage, holding up to 12 bikes. Use heavy-duty hooks and use the shelf above to store other items.

Bike and bookshelf
Image Credit: Pxhere

15. Cost-effective exercise bike stand

This DIY stationary bike stand is a money-saver and a clever way to exercise on a bike. Adding one to your bike storage shed lets you easily switch between storing your two wheels and working out indoors.

Indoor bike trainer makeshift
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


There are countless bike storage shed ideas to maximise any available space. But an important factor is that your bikes should be secure, quick and easy to access. With our list, we’re confident you’ll find something you may not have considered yet.

If you’re considering investing in one, consider its size and how it fits into your available space. Factors such as budget, security features, durability, and maintenance requirements are also crucial. Check out our range of bike storage sheds for more options!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01909 768840. Up next on your reading list: Top Wooden Sheds for Storage