How to Watch the Olympics in Your Garden?

If you can’t attend this year’s Olympics, why not bring the fun and excitement to the comfort of your garden? With these tips and ideas, you can host a gold-winning outdoor watch party! Are you in?

1. Get a large screen and projector in your garden

Home theatre projection screen displaying a high-definition television image

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The first thing you need in order to watch the Olympics outside is a screen. You could simply move the living room television outdoors with a long extension cable, or you could go the extra mile and create an outdoor cinema.

The bigger the screen, the better, so we recommend choosing a huge-screen projector instead of a TV. The BBC’s Olympic commentary is brilliant, and a good speaker system will make up for it. Just don’t have it too loud!

Some projectors aren’t great for watching in a brightly lit setting, so you might need to wait until it has gone dark. Alternatively, put the screen inside a log cabin or summer house. That way, the lower light will make the screen more visible, and you can watch it either from inside the garden room or from just outside the doors. Garden buildings such as these, or even an insulated garden room, are also excellent options to still enjoy the garden party if the weather isn’t great.

Prepare comfortable low seating in front of the screen for the sports fanatics. Bean bags are great since they won’t block the view. Also, create a seat zone for those who want to be a little farther from the action but still within sight of the game. If the space allows, set up a garden bar to elevate the viewing experience.

We won’t go further into detail because that’s what our ‘Creating Your Dream Log Cabin Cinema’ guide is for. Make sure to read it for more ideas!

2. Decorate with Olympics-themed buntings and flags

An Olympics-themed cabin cinema wouldn’t be complete without bunting and flags. It’d be nice to display the flags of all the participating countries to celebrate this international sporting event. Or you could ask your guests to bring their own to show their support.

Another fun idea is to prepare a DIY corner where everyone can create their own flags. Hang all the finished artwork around the log cabin and present an award to the best artist. How does that sound?

3. Serve dishes and snacks inspired by different countries

A buffet table with various appetizers, each adorned with small toothpick flags of different countries, including Italy, Romania, Norway, and Greece.

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Celebrate the international spirit of the Olympics by adding variety to your menu. Encourage your guests to bring potluck dishes that represent their country or the one they’re supporting. 

For instance, a friend representing Japan might bring a tray of sushi, while burgers for the team USA. The list goes on that you could even create a themed buffet to enjoy international flavours!

Tip: Take your garden table with you (hopefully, it fits inside the cabin!) so that all the food is in one place.

4. Prepare the garden for post-game celebrations

Your garden must also have an Olympic vibe. Deck out your garden furniture and make your rattan dining set the focal point of the evening. Arrange the table with flag-themed decorations, and don’t miss the chance to add the classic Olympic rings to the plates.

Ensure no food goes to waste by bringing dishes from the cabin outside and incorporating them into the dinner menu. Have a BBQ? Barbecue would be a delightful addition. A selection of wines sounds good, too, as an alternative to the beer everyone enjoyed during the game.

5. Host a mini sports day

A girl and a woman are playing table tennis on a blue table in a garden.

(Image Credit: Flickr)

This event is a great opportunity for everyone to get competitive. Plan which sports you can hold in your log cabin and outdoor space. A portable table tennis set is a fantastic choice as you can easily move it indoors and outdoors as needed.

You could also set up a small goal in the garden for a football game. This would transform your backyard into a mini Parc des Princes! Don’t forget to prepare some medals or prizes for the winner.

Ready to follow the action live and bring friends and family together to experience the excitement? We hope these ideas can help you prepare your log cabin and garden for the Olympics.

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