How To Make The Most Of Your Garden In Autumn

The end of summer is only the beginning of making the most of the great outdoors, your garden included.

The leaves begin to change, new colours emerge, the days are shorter, and the nights are chillier. Autumn is a beautiful time of year to cosy up around an open campfire while the temperatures still allow you to get outside.

Aside from gardening jobs, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your garden in during the autumn season. It’s a real shame that these are often overlooked – but not anymore. Browse through and see how you can bring the autumn into your outdoor space in flourishing ways!

Scroll down to learn all about making the most of your garden in autumn.

Welcoming Autumn in Your Garden

Harris Garden Autumn Bank
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Autumn is often seen as the ‘end of the season’. Little do many know it’s the start of cosy fires, beautiful colours, and hearty meals.

Whether that’s around a fire pit, a dinner table, or even on the lawn, bring some “hygge into your garden. This is a Danish term that means spending time in snug places and relaxing with the people you love.

And there’s no better way to make the most of the season and your garden than that! Below are the fun ways to keep getting outside, enjoy your garden and keep you inspired in autumn while respecting and enjoying the season.

Watch out for wildlife

Hedgehog hidden among autumn leaves
Image Credit: Flickr

Your garden provides important habits for many wildlife. This includes birds, hedgehogs, ladybirds, and even earthworms. Take advantage of the season to get out animal spotting; it’s a good time to put out bird feeders, too. If you’re doing any landscaping, watch for hedgehogs preparing for hibernation.

Give them the habitat they need with a DIY house using a pile of leaves and logs. Speaking of hibernation, pile up leaves and other vegetation to make a compost heap. It provides the perfect spot for dormancy. What’s more, it’ll benefit insects, bacteria and even some mammals.

Another way you can do your bit is to let your backyard go a bit wild. Avoid pruning too harshly to offer the ideal environment for invertebrates in winter. Opt for a trim and leave plenty of foliage at the ground level. Not only will the insects and birds be grateful, but it may also protect new shoots from frosts.

Keep growing

Community garden
Image Credit: Flickr

Generally, autumn is the harvest time for vegetables grown either in your home, greenhouse, or allotment garden. But late August to early September can be a good time to sow some veggie seeds for wintertime.

So, even when it gets darker and cooler, keep the cultivation going and serve fresh greens on the table. After all, you won’t run out of growing options over the colder months. Here’s a range of veggies suitable for the season and are ready for your plate or storing by early winter:

  • Beetroot
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Leaks
  • Lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Turnips
  • Mustard leaf
  • Onion
  • Parsnip
  • Second cropping potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Spring onions
  • Swedes

Lucky for you, they require less maintenance. Watering is mostly needed over longer dry spells. Check out our Autumn or Winter planting calendar for more information.

Match the seasonal feel

Front garden with pumpkins on the stairs
Image Credit: Pxhere

Celebrate the season with a themed garden. Get creative and experiment with warm colours and gourd collections. A fresh way to do this is to create a display with candles, pumpkins, hay bales, and dried flowers. Incorporate some perennials into the mix, too, for a seasonal display. Bring all this together in charming arrangements in your front or backyard, patios, and so on.

A cabbage and ornamental kale in window boxes, for one, will be a stunner. Or a wreath with the colours and textures of autumn to brighten up a garden gate or decorate a potting shed. Gnomes and fairies can also grace your outdoor space with a touch of autumnal whimsy. Carve some pumpkins and create a mini villa out of it.

If the weather allows, the village can make a wonderful addition to a Halloween garden. But in the meantime, check these gnome garden ideas for more inspiration!

Keep the grill burning

Meats, sausages and skewers on the grill
Image Credit: Pxhere

Don’t let your outdoor kitchen, especially your BBQ station, go into hibernation. After all, the grilling season isn’t limited to summer! Grilling is a great way to get a hearty meal on the table during the week. Choose a quick and easy recipe and have a relaxing outdoor meal with your family.

Shy away from tradition and use your BBQ for more than just juicy steaks this season. Add a smoky char to some of these unbelievably tasty recipes:

  • Grilled pork chops with apple-bourbon glaze
  • Portobello mushroom burgers with carrot-cabbage slaw
  • Grilled apple salad
  • Grilled pumpkin with rosemary and sea salt
  • Pumpkin barbecue sauce

It’s also worth investing in a high-quality BBQ grill or a smoker for year-round use. And what better companion to have for your grill than a fire pit? Top off the evening with some autumnal drinks, such as a really rich hot chocolate.

Plan ahead for Christmas

Image Credit: Stockvault

A magical way to make the most of your garden this autumn is to prepare for the upcoming festive season. It could be gathering and preserving flowers, seed heads, and herbs for Christmas. Prepare the evergreen sprigs, colourful twigs and dried perennials. When the time comes, you can create a magical winter wonderland vibe in your own container gardens.

A Christmassy garden would also not be complete without a Poinsettia display. Known for their red & green foliage, they’re effortlessly perfect for the cheery season. Put a display on your patio, in vases for your dining table set up, or in flower beds to create a focal point. Want some more? These Christmas garden ideas will help you create a jolly outdoor space in no time!

Invest in a rattan garden furniture

Marbella 5 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table
Marbella 5 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table

Fall is not all doom, cold and gloom. There’s still warm and comfortable weather to enjoy. And to make the most of it, equip your patio with high-quality furniture. Investing in functional rattan garden furniture, specifically, ensures you’ll have comfortable autumns. 

As you already know, the season is often associated with lots of gardening work. After doing all that work, you’ll want to sit down to get some rest, admire your garden and enjoy the fresh air. The beauty of rattan furniture is as good as sitting on your patio on a summer day. Even with unpredictable autumn days, the furniture is low-maintenance. When it rains, you can shake the water off and give it a quick wipe dry with a cloth.

The same goes for any leaves, twigs or dust. As for the cushions, they can be kept inside or somewhere dry, like in this garden storage box. Take this Marbella rattan sofa set, for example. It won’t fail to impress once it is introduced to your home or garden.

The contemporary design and sophisticated minimalist colours add a whole new dimension to your garden. Make the most of it by throwing a final garden party to wave goodbye to summer and a welcoming the new season!

Bonus: Gardening Jobs for Autumn

Autumn gardening
Image Credit: Flickr

It pays to prepare before you get the ball rolling. Take these tasks step-by-step, and your garden will be in tip-top condition come autumn. An autumn-ready outdoor space means more time to enjoy the season. Here are some suggestions for autumn gardening jobs:

  • Brush your artificial grass to prevent moss and weeds – or mow your lawn if you have real grass.
  • Continue to feed and water pots
  • Deadhead and trim hedges
  • Don’t forget to weed
  • Feed your lawn (scarify, aerate and overseed, if necessary)
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs (check these spring garden ideas for more)
  • Rake the autumn leaves
  • Sweep patios and paths
  • Tidy up perennials
  • Top-up your pond

Doing all of these should provide more room in your garden. With much more outdoor space, you and your family will surely find lots of ways to make the most of it.


There are so many things to love about autumn, one of which is bringing the season into your garden. It’s a lovely time to spend outdoors as the weather is cool but still fairly light.

Let this guide help kickstart the season!